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   Chapter 38 Start Dating

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After saying that, she squinted her eyes. "Do you think she will be happy if she could go back to the company?"

"Why do you say so?"

Sam was surprised how Emily came to this conclusion. He raised his eyebrows and said, "She has been depressed too much, so she is not happy."

"You are right." Emily nodded, but she couldn't solve the problem. She had to say, "I'll try my best to make her happy."

"Okay." Sam stood up and looked at the beautiful moon. "Would you like to take a walk with me?" he asked in a low voice.

"Of course." With her eyes shining, Emily wanted to rush to the front of Sam, but she controlled herself well. She stood up, walked slowly to the side of Sam, and asked softly, "Where are we going for a walk?"

"Just take a walk."

There was a park downstairs of the café. Emily seldom went to such a place, so did Sam.

The place where the two people walked was full of strong fragrance. Emily couldn't help but shout, "Wow, it smells so good. There must be many flowers in this place."

"Well, look over there." Sam noticed the flowers at a single glance, while pointing at the parterre not far away. He felt much better then.

"It's so beautiful." Emily was attracted by the colorful flowers. Even at night, these flowers were blooming proudly, showing their unique charm.

She bent over to smell the flowers, smiling like a flower.

While Sam seeing her so happy, Sam was also in a good mood. When he was about to say something, his phone rang again.

Sam took out his phone and looked at the caller ID. It was his mother.

Maybe his mother was urging him to go home, or to go on a blind date. Sam frowned and put the phone back to his pocket. He was not going to answer it.

His phone kept ringing in his pocket. Emily stood up and looked at him in confusion. "Why don't you answer the phone?"

"It's okay. It's my mother." Then Sam turned around and walked on.

Emily followed him and said, "Since it's your mother, why don't you answer the phone?"

Sam should be a filial person. It was not like what he did!

Sam stopped and said in a soft voice. "She must be urging me to go back. It doesn't matter if I explain to her later."

"Really?" Emily nodded, but she still added, "Is it about dating again?"

Sam nodded in agreement. He didn't like to talk about it with others. But fortunately, Emily was not that kind of gossip woman. He also treated her as a friend, and she had known about it, so he did not intend to hide it from her.

"Do you need any help?" Emily raised her head to look at him. Every time she saw his calm appearance, her heart would be filled with joy. Especially what happened then made her a little excited.

Sam looked at her with confusion, "How can you help me?"

"I can pretend to be your girlfriend and go home with you!"

A girl's ca

back now. It was really a happy news.

"You're back? When did you come back? "

"Of course not long after I came back. I wanted to call you when I got off the plane!" Obviously, Ruth blamed Cherry, "Well, look at you, who don't seem to remember me at all."

"Of course not! I will never forget you! "

How could Cherry not remember Ruth? In the past, the two of them always went shopping together and enjoyed the life of fair ladies.

Of course, the greatest pleasure between them was not only shopping, but also looking for fun. Bullying Anne was their greatest pleasure.

"That's good." Ruth smiled and seemed to be in a good mood. "By the way, I heard that Anne married Kevin?"

Cherry got angry at the mention of this. She said in a low voice, "Yes, you are well-informed!"

"So what? My brother told me. I didn't expect that." Ruth felt sorry for Cherry and said, "Although my brother said that Kevin still likes you, why did he marry someone else?"

"Well, you just came back. Let's not talk about her." Cherry changed the topic, "Are you free tomorrow? Let's meet?"

"Of course. See you tomorrow!"

After hanging up the phone, Cherry narrowed her eyes and gave an evil smile.

"Anne, I will make you lose miserably this time!"

The two of them were in a shopping mall. When she first saw Ruth, Cherry almost didn't recognize her.

"Ruth, you are becoming more and more beautiful!"

Ruth appeared in the mall on time. She stood not far away gracefully, with her hair naturally coiled into a bun. Her profile was crystal clear, and her long eyelashes trembled slightly. She looked small and lovely.

The slim white dress made her look very pure, and the LV handbag in her hand showed her noble identity.

When she saw Cherry, she was naturally very happy.

"So do you, Cherry. You are getting more and more beautiful. No, you are always beautiful!"

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