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   Chapter 36 Making Trouble

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She looked up at the side face of Kevin, who was expressionlessly glancing at the wooden hammer in the host's hand, calm and quiet.

Cherry's heart sank. Sometimes, she didn't understand what was on Kevin's mind.

He had always been so unpredictable that she couldn't understand his actions at all. In her conception, Kevin didn't need to spend so much money to get this project, but he paid such a high price as soon as he appeared.

She couldn't understand, but she also knew that the man beside her was born to be a mystery.

"The third out of fifty million --"

"Fifty million and ten thousand!"

Ryan's cold voice reached everyone's ears. He held the signage in his hand with an indifferent expression. Everyone looked in the direction of Ryan and sighed.

Someone dared to compete with Kevin for the project. It seemed that this person had a strong background.

Cherry looked at the source of the voice and frowned when she saw Ryan again. She bent down and whispered in Kevin's ear, "It's him again, Kevin."

"Sixty million."

Kevin continued to raise the price. The atmosphere was so hot that the host had never expected such a lively scene that night.

"Sixty million and ten thousand."

Ryan didn't step back. He held the signage calmly with a smile on his face.

Some people dared to bid with Kevin at a price of more than 10000 per time. The atmosphere at the scene was naturally getting hotter and hotter, and there were also people in the crowd who began to talk about the background and strength of Ryan.

"Who is this man? How dare he compete with Kevin Fu? "

"You don't even know him? It's Ryan. I heard that he came back from abroad. He is very powerful! "


The voices of the people around them became louder and louder, but the two people seemed to have nothing happened.

"Seventy million!"

The price had risen to seventy million. Everyone held their breath to see if Ryan would continue to fight.

Ryan was about to raise his hand when Charlie said, "That's enough."

"Really?" Ryan glanced at the card in his hand. It was time for him to leave since the game was almost over. "Okay, let's go."

Then he stood up and walked out of the hotel.

Charlie stood up and followed him. At that moment, he didn't forget to look back at Kevin. He was still sitting there, without any response even if he didn't hear Ryan's bid.

"Seventy million first, seventy million second, seventy million last chance! Deal! "

Everyone stood up and applauded for Kevin.

At the moment when the wooden hammer hit down, Cherry felt that she was fooled. She grabbed Kevin's hand nervously and asked anxiously, "Kevin, you've spent twenty million more now. Obviously, that person didn't want to bid just now!"

Kevin stood up and said in a low voice, "I know."

'Ryan, one day, I will make you have no foothold in this city!'

When they

? "

It was still early, and she didn't want to go home at all. If only she could ask Sam out to have a talk at that time.

There was no response from the other side of the phone for a long time. Emily was anxious and immediately asked, "Hello? Sam, are you still here? "

"Yes, I am." Sam nodded. "Okay. See you in a quarter of an hour."

Then he hung up the phone. However, Emily, who was leaning against the wall, was not so calm. She jumped up and shouted excitedly, "Ah! ! !"

In the cold room, only Anne was left. She was lying on the sofa, with a light blue blanket covering her knees.

Almost all the lights in the room were turned off, and only a table lamp beside the sofa was left.

Looking at the dancing shadows of the TV, Anne felt bitter in her heart.

It was late, but Kevin didn't come back. She didn't know where he was then. In fact, she shouldn't have expected Kevin to come back. She wouldn't have lived such a comfortable life after he came back.

But if he didn't come back, she would feel sad alone.

She knew that Kevin went to accompany Cherry today. She heard them clearly on the phone.

Kevin said that he would go to accompany her cousin today.

So, the two must be flirting somewhere. But she was watching TV alone here. Anne didn't even have a friend to confide in.

The TV was playing boring news. At this moment, Anne picked up the remote control at hand and was about to turn off the TV. She was about to go to bed early when she was just sleepy.

But when she was about to turn off the TV, a familiar figure suddenly appeared on the big screen.

It was Kevin.

He sat there quietly and domineeringly. Cherry was sitting next to him, holding his arm intimately. Anne could feel the endless happiness from her side face.

While, Kevin would occasionally look back at Cherry's flawless face. The tenderness in his eyes was something Anne had never seen on his face.

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