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   Chapter 35 Ulterior Motive

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"Mr. Fu, are you interested in tonight's project?"

"I heard that AN Group is determined to get this project. Is that true?"

"Can you tell me why you are here tonight?"

"Mr. Fu!"

The surroundings were in a mess, but Kevin didn't look up at the people around him. His angular face was always cold, and his deep eyes were always emotionless.

He stood firmly and extended his fair and slender right hand to the direction of the car. Soon, a bright figure appeared in the eyes of the people in the world.

At that night, Cherry was extraordinarily beautiful. She was wearing a white evening dress, which was inlaid with many diamonds. She was in a bun, with light make-up on her delicate and beautiful feature.

She stood beside Kevin and smiled at him quietly.

What was called unparalleled beauty? What was called a match made in heaven?

All the reporters and guests present seemed to understand the meaning of such sayings.

Cherry liked this feeling very much. She raised her head arrogantly, put her left hand into the palm of Kevin, and smiled at him.

Cherry was beautiful and the Ye Clan had always been wealthy. How could she not attract everyone's attention as long as she wore a suitable makeup and decent clothes.

What's more, she had such an excellent man by her side at that moment.

How could she not be the focus tonight?

When the two entered the banquet hall, they naturally attracted everyone's attention. Kevin soon chatted with celebrities and politicians around him, and many ladies from the upper class came to accost him.

"Oh my God, Miss Ye. How big those diamonds on you are! Where did you get this dress? "

A woman cried beside her. Although her voice was a little fussy, it made Cherry strangely happy.

She smiled gracefully, looked down at the dress on her and said gently, "Thank you for your praise. This dress was given to me by Kevin. I don't know which designer designed it."

Then she added.

"After all, Kevin never let me worry about that."

"Oh my God, I really envy you." After a while, Cherry was surrounded by a group of women. "Although Mr. Fu is married, he still loves you very much."

"What are you talking about?"

The woman next to her accidentally said something wrong. Cherry's face immediately turned cold, but the person who spoke did not notice that. It was not until someone pushed her that she came to her senses and said, "I mean, Mr. Fu's heart obviously belongs to you. Miss Ye is really happy."

Cherry took a deep breath and said with a smile, "Thank you. Kevin will always love me, or I won't be here today. Do you think so?"

Although Cherry still smiled when she said this, there was still a faint aura in her tone.

Those women knew that Cherry was unhappy, so they didn't dare to say anything more. They had to change the topic

ed impulse should mean what he had done to Kevin. He was just cursing a few words, and it was not impulsive at all.

Charlie, of course, knew what Ryan was thinking. He sighed and said, "I've told you before I went out. Mr. Fu is a cold-blooded man. You can't afford to offend him."

Ryan knew that Charlie did this for his own good, but every time Kevin talked about Anne in that tone, he felt inexplicably angry and sad.

"I know." Ryan nodded and said in a much calmer tone, "I just don't like his appearance."

"But you should also know the consequences of doing so." Charlie shook his head helplessly. "You have no idea what he will do."

"Really?" With a sneer, Ryan straightened his body and said, "Then let him have a try."

"You!" Charlie said with a look of disappointment, "Do you still want to compete for the project tonight?"

Ryan nodded and narrowed his eyes, "This project is under Kevin's control. We are just stirring up some trouble."

"Oh, I see. We are supporting roles." Charlie smiled evilly and patted Ryan on the shoulder. "Well, let's go inside now. It's starting."

"Don't worry. Have another drink."

After drinking up the champagne in his hand, Ryan's eyes fell on the crowd in the hall. At the last moment, he would enter the hall again, which was the right choice.

"Fifty million. Mr. Fu is offering fifty million. Is there anyone else who wants to bid?"

The host held the hammer in his hand and raised it in the air with excitement. He knew that as long as Kevin appeared, the price of this project would not be low.

But he didn't expect Kevin to bid so high. As soon as Kevin bid, there was almost no sound around him.

"Fifty million and one times, fifty million and two times."

The host's voice echoed in the air of the whole hotel hall. Cherry nervously held Kevin's hand, only to find that his hand was as cold as an ice.

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