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   Chapter 34 Conflict Began

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Emily nodded and entered the room with things in her hand. She asked in confusion, "Yes, I have. What's wrong?"

"Give me your phone." Anne closed the door, reach out to Emily and said, "I want to call Ryan."

"No." Emily refused decisively, "Last time you went to see him, Mr. Fu was very angry. You can't call him now."

Emily had no idea what was on Anne's mind. She frowned and continued, "Besides, he just set you free. Anne, you can't contact him."

Anne twisted her eyebrows, looked at Emily and said, "Emily, I really have something urgent to deal with. Don't worry. I won't see him this time, okay?"

Emily looked at Anne worriedly and didn't know whether she should agree or not.

She had heard from Kevin that Anne was free and she was happy for her boss. However, Kevin didn't expect that Anne would contact Ryan again. If he knew that they were in touch, then Anne would be in trouble again.

No, no! Emily shook her head and replied firmly, "No! I can't give you my phone. Anne, I bought breakfast for you. Have some. Then I'll go shopping with you. What do you think? "

How could Anne have the mood to eat now? She raised her head and looked at Emily quietly.

"Emily, don't you even want to help me? Even for such a small favor?"

The most unbearable thing for Emily was the look from Anne, which was irresistible. She sighed and gave the phone to Anne.

"Here you are. But you can only call him for one minute. You can't talk too much or meet him."

"Don't worry." She took the phone from Emily and dialed the number he remembered.

It was a sunny day. Ryan sat on a chair in the courtyard and had a cup of coffee. Everything around was quiet.

The mellow taste of the coffee lingered between his lips and teeth. Ryan took a sip of the coffee expressionlessly and finally calmed down.


The phone in his pocket rang inappropriately. Ryan put down the coffee in his hand and reached for the phone.

It was an unknown number. Ryan leaned over to check the phone, and finally answered it.


"It's me. Where are you now?"

It was Anne's voice. Ryan stood up quickly and said excitedly, "Anne, where are you now? How have you been? I heard that you were locked up by Kevin. Is that true? "

"Yes, but I'm fine now. I'm calling to tell you that you have to wait for me for a while. I'm afraid I can't contact you recently. "

Anne held the phone tightly and said calmly.

Hearing from Anne, Ryan felt relieved. "Okay, I know. Be careful and take good care of yourself."

"Okay, bye."

After hanging up the phone, Anne returned it to Emily. Seeing that Anne hung up the phone in less than a minute, Emily couldn't help blaming herself.

"Anne, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said that t

n held Cherry's hand tightly and said softly, "Wherever you want to go today, I'll go with you."

Cherry nodded with an undisguised smile, "It's up to you. I can do whatever you want."

"Well, don't run around today. There is a banquet tonight, and you two must attend it."

Kevin hadn't dealt with the business for a long time, so he even didn't know the cocktail party.

He frowned and asked in confusion, "What party?"

"You've been so busy with your own business recently. How could you care about the business of the company?" Selma stood up and explained, "Our company is going to bid for a new project recently. You must attend."

Kevin didn't refuse and bowed his head obediently.

And Cherry, of course, was very happy. Every time she showed up in public with Kevin, she enjoyed it the most.

Only at that time would Cherry comfort herself that everything she had suffered then was worth it. One day, she would stand where she should stand.

She would become the real Young Hostess of the Fu Family. At that time, she would trample on Anne, who was a concubine despised by all.

Time passed quickly, and the day was over. After flirting with Cherry at home for a day, Kevin finally went out dressed up.

Finally, they arrived at the party, the most luxurious banquet hall in the city.

As soon as Kevin's car arrived in front of the hotel, countless flashlights lit up.

No one could shake Kevin's position in this city. Everyone knew his power and financial resources. His arrival tonight was undoubtedly adding fuel to the banquet.

AN Group was determined to get this project.

The door was opened, and a pair of slender legs wrapped in suit pants got off on the ground. The moment he got off the ground, countless reporters rushed over, wanting to interview the business tycoon in front of them.

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