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   Chapter 15 Without The Company Of Her Husband

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"Ahem..." Cherry Ye immediately stood up from the sofa and coughed before she could speak.

Her face was very pale. When she coughed with her hands covering her mouth, her shoulders trembled. She looked so delicate that needed protection.

Kevin immediately walked over and anxiously held her shoulder to let her sit down. He frowned and asked in a heavy voice, "Why did you cough? Have you caught a cold?"

He immediately put his hand on Cherry's forehead to feel the temperature.

Cherry pouted with dissatisfaction, took his hand off and said, "I don't catch a cold, but... Ahem, this is the soup I made in the early morning. Drink it while it's still hot. "

Looking at her pale face, Kevin frowned more tightly and said in a louder voice, "Just let the cooking lady do this. Why do you get up so early and get yourself injured?"

"I'm worried about your health." Cherry said in a pitiful voice. She looked at Kevin with her big watery eyes, as if she was the one who was wronged.

Kevin couldn't bear to blame her anymore and sighed, "I'll send you to the hospital."

"You know I hate hospitals the most..." Cherry let go of Kevin's hand and lowered her head sadly.

Kevin felt bad. He grabbed her hand and said firmly, "I'll go to the hospital with you."

He knew that Cherry didn't like to go to the hospital, as her mother died in the hospital.

At that time, Cherry's mother had an accident for the sake of saving Kevin. He had responsibility for Cherry.

It was rare for Anne to relax, but she was not used to it. Looking at the scenery outside the window retreating, she always felt uncomfortable.

What was Kevin hiding in his dream last night? She was curious.

The car soon arrived at the private hospital of the Feng Family. There were several trees planted on both sides of the private hospital, making it look more like a dignified school than a hospital that made patients nervous.

The outpatient department was very big. Even so, there were still many patients waiting in line.

Fearing that the people passing by might bump into Anne, both Emily and Sam stood guard for her quietly and carefully.

They were so nervous that Anne wanted to laugh. She was really not used to being treated like this.

"Honey, slow down." When she went upstairs, Anne saw a man carefully taking care of his pregnant wife.

The woman's abdomen was very big, but Anne couldn't tell how many months she had been pregnant. But judging from the smile on her face, she was very happy to be a mother.

All of a sudden, she couldn't take her eyes off, because Anne saw that Kevin was protecting Cherry as the woman in his arms was all in all to him. The affection in his eyes was obvious.

It was ridiculous that her husband came to the hospital with a mistress instead of accompanying her for the prenatal checkups.

A few seconds later, she looked away coldly.

"Anne... Ahem... " Anne had planned to walk past these two with a cold face as if she hadn't seen them.

However, things didn't go as she wished. Cherry called Anne when Anne was about to

eople were far away from her, Sam and Emily were still very nervous, afraid that others would run into Anne.

"Mom, this car is so beautiful. Ask dad to buy one too!" A little boy walked towards them. He held a lady's hand and spoke in a sweet and childish voice.

His sweet smile attracted Anne's attention.

He put his little hand into the woman's hand, and the woman held his hand firmly. With a doting and happy expression on her face, she said, "Okay, let me buy you one."

Anne's heart suddenly ached. Could she hold her son's hand like this in the future?

Her son would call another woman mom in the future. Thinking of this, she suddenly felt her eyes sore and something was about to flow out.

She raised her head and quickened her pace.

Seeing that Anne left in a hurry, Emily asked, "Are you hungry, Anne? You can't walk so fast. Be careful in the first three months. "

"I'm hungry. I have a stomachache." Anne could only find such an excuse.

Walking silently aside, Sam seemed to have sensed something wrong. A strange emotion flashed through his dark eyes.

But he didn't unravel Anne. He followed her into the car and handed her the food he had prepared.

Holding the bowl in her hands, Anne couldn't eat it after only two bites.

Sam cooked seafood porridge with good taste and color, but she only ate two bites.

The seafood porridge cooked by Sam was no fishy smell at all. He was good at cooking, but there was something unsettled in Anne's heart that she really had no appetite.

"Anne, don't you want to have any?" Emily was sitting next to Anne. After seeing that Anne had no appetite, Emily couldn't stand it anymore and persuaded, "Although you don't want to eat, the little baby need it. My mother said that even if you can't eat anymore, you need to eat some by force. "

"Don't listen to her." Sam said four words in a low but authoritative voice.

When he was about to continue, his phone rang in his pocket.

He took it out and had a look. Anger and impatience could be seen in his dark eyes.

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