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   Chapter 14 I Will Die If I Don't Love You

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All of a sudden, Anne felt a sharp pain in her heart.

"Now that you have seen him, you can leave now," she said coldly, Then she turned and pushed the door closed.

The harder she fought, the more he hung on. He would not admit defeat.

Kevin was consumed by the burning fury inside his heart. He reached out angrily to stop her from closing the door.

He stared at her fiercely and said, "My son hasn't asked me to leave yet. Why have you?"

The child couldn't even speak yet. Anne was so angry that she found it hard to breathe. Her mind went blank for a moment. She took a deep breath and slowly came to her senses.

Obviously, Kevin came here to make her feel bad. But she had never been submissive.

She just glared at him. When she was about to try harder to slam the door, Sam decisively pulled Kevin away.

"If you continue to anger her, it will only be bad for the child." His voice was very calm, with a hint of warning.

Kevin couldn't think of a thing to say in reply.

Well, he put up with her for the sake of the child, anyway!

Before leaving, he gave a domineering glance at Anne, declaring victory.

Anne closed the door without a second glance at him. She was not happy.

Kevin felt irritated by her ignorance, and the fire that had been extinguished inside him was ignited once more.

He was not convinced and wanted to kick down the door to Anne's room, but Sam held him back. Try as he might, he couldn't break free, as if he were held in place by iron chains.

Sam said coldly, "Don't you love your child at all? Are you even listening to me? If you go against my advice again I won't let you into the house next time."

Kevin cursed Sam in his heart.

After her confrontation with Kevin, Anne found it harder to fall asleep.

No wonder she dreamed of their high school days. When she woke up from the dream, she found the cold, hard reality was much worse. She preferred the dream.

She stood beside the glass door and looked out at the city that was lit up in a vain attempt to stave off the night. Her mind was all abuzz and she couldn't focus on anything.

Did people get stupid after pregnancy? Was that true that a pregnant woman would be silly for three years? Anne frowned in dissatisfaction.

There was a knock on the door behind her, followed by Sam's voice. "Anne."

Anne didn't want to talk now, but looked out of the window quietly.

Once again, she heard Sam talking through the door. "Are you asleep?"

She said nothing. It was quiet at night, so if she made a sound he'd figure out she was awake. She even slowed her breathing, hoping he'd go away.

She waited a few moments. She heard nothing. Had he finally given up? No such luck. "Don't be angry," Sam reminded her. "It's not good for the child. Try to adjust your mood, restrain it and control it. You won't lose the power to control your emotions just because a little life exists within you."

The three words "a little life" suddenly lit up her mind. She focused herself once more.

She raised the corners of her mouth and smiled, but the next second, the smile disappeared.

She reached out and touched her belly. The baby was still with her, but what about ten months from now?

She suddenly felt a little irritable. She hadn't even seen the kid yet, and she was afraid of having it taken away?

'Don't think about that, Anne. It's not good for the baby if you do that.'

She took a few deep breaths to calm herself down. Finally, she said to the baby in her mind, 'Mommy will love you forever.'

In a villa near a mountain, Cherry sat in front of the French window. Behind her were only the night lights, dim and dark. The lights in the yard were the same, making the place look desolate and gloomy.

She sat there for three hours and didn't move. She kept looking at the night outside. But her mind was wondering somewhere else.

She knew that Kevin had gone to see Anne. He also sent her a message saying he was really busy at the office and wouldn't be back till late. He was afraid he would disturb her, so he let her take care of herself.

Cherry knew that if he loved her, he would come back no matter how late it was. She was afraid that Kevin was all about Anne now.

Sam said the woman was pregnant, but that was just his opinion.

Thinking of this, Cherry suddenly stood up from the chair and dialed Selma's number.

The phone rang for a few seconds before it was picked up. She smiled and apologized. "Aunt Selma, did I disturb you?"

"It's still early. Why did you call me?" Selma asked.

"It's about Anne."

Cherry's voice came crisp and clear. But when she said this, her worries were laid bare for Selma to see.

"I can't sleep. Kevin is busy today. I don't want to bug him, so I'm calling you."

Hearing her words, Selma stopped smiling, confused and worried. "What's wrong with Anne?"

"She's fine. Don't worry, auntie." Cherry explained immediately, "I don't think Sam is right about Anne. I'm afraid that her symptoms aren't pregnancy, but something else entirely. Remember when the daughter-in-law of the Zhang Family suddenly fainted? They thought she was pregnant, too, and it turned out it was brain cancer. I'm worried that something like that is going on here."

Selma's heart sank. She knew the tale well. That woman fainted, and they said she was pregnant, and she had brain cancer. This didn't bode well for Anne.

Selma was a little nervous and said, "I'll ask Sam to take her to the hospital tomorrow."

If the

re were something wrong with her body, it could be difficult for her to give birth. The Fu Family wanted a kid. And they wanted someone with her blood type. Her blood type wasn't unique, but incredibly rare. There was more than one person in the world with this blood type, but they hadn't found another one yet.

Now, nothing could happen to her.

"Happy to hear it, auntie. You know what Anne thinks of me. I'm afraid if I tell her, she'll think I'm being a bitch." Cherry showed her fragility at the right time.

"I know how she is! Don't worry. I'll ask Sam to take her to the hospital tomorrow."

After exchanging few more words with Selma, Cherry hung up the phone. She felt much better.

'Anne, pregnant or not, I won't believe you until I see some medical proof.'

If she were pregnant, she would give birth to the baby as soon as possible so Kevin would dump her.

When she got up in the morning, Anne's breasts were swollen and painful.

Was it because she didn't sleep well last night? Sam said she needed to sleep as much as she could. She planned to ask Sam. He would know if there was anything wrong.

She went to the bathroom to brush her teeth. As soon as she put the toothbrush in her mouth, she felt sick to her stomach.

"EW..." She knew she couldn't make it to the toilet, so she heaved right into the sink.

But nothing came up. She put her hands on the wash basin weakly.

After dry heaving for a few minutes, she felt that the nausea went away.

She looked at herself in the mirror and her face was a little pale.

Pregnant people often had morning sickness, and it was the first time she had this reaction.

After a while, she brushed her teeth and walked out of the room. The pain in her breasts was all but forgotten. But for the sake of the child's health, she still had to ask Sam.

"Sam." But it was pretty embarrassing to bring that up.

She fully intended to take advantage of his expertise, but since when did a woman talk about her breasts to a guy?

But Sam stopped and looked at her seriously. "What's wrong?"

"Can I... Can I consult a female doctor?" Anne felt a little uncomfortable.

Hearing her talk, Sam became a little concerned. "Is there something wrong?"

"Maybe. I just want to ask you some questions." When Anne was about to get some water, Emily poured a glass of warm water for her.

Anne nodded to thank Emily.

Seeing her hemming and hawing, Sam became more nervous. But he seldom smiled. And his normal expression made it look like he was angry.

Right now Anne was regretting ever bringing it up. She should go to see a gynecologist, or get Emily to take her.

After all, it was easier to tell a woman than a man.

"I'm a doctor. You know I treat both men and women. You can tell me what's wrong. No one knows you and Kevin better than I do."

Hearing what he said, Anne calmed down.

Indeed, no one knew more about her and Kevin than he did. Their blood type was very special, and only she could give birth to Kevin's child. But because of the special blood type, she had to be very careful when she was pregnant.

Others didn't know the special blood type she shared with Kevin. It was a Fu Family secret.

As the family doctor of the Fu Family, as well as Kevin's cousin, Sam knew Kevin pretty well.

When she thought about it, Anne pushed all her feelings of embarrassment aside.

She said indifferently, "My breasts are swollen. They hurt, too. I don't know if it's because I didn't sleep well last night."

Sam also knew her situation very well. He arranged everything for her, and kept track of it all; that included when her period came, when she had sex with Kevin, what she ate each day, all of it.

It shouldn't be a big deal to ask these questions.

After a moment of silence, Sam felt relieved. He got his cool back, and he felt a lot better. "Oh, that. That's just your body changing. It has nothing to do with lack of sleep. I'll give you a blood test to confirm whether you're pregnant or not. But not now."

Her eyes widened in surprise, but the feeling subsided. Now, she was nervous. However, she looked very calm. "Okay."

Sam seldom made mistakes in his diagnosis, but Selma needed solid proof, not just Sam's word. She figured an official pregnancy test would be good enough.

Sam agreed. It would create less drama for Anne.

He didn't tell Anne that Selma and Master Carl Fu had called him, but said, "This will just prove what I already know. But at least it will be official. Then granduncle and Aunt Selma will be relieved."

"Okay," said Anne lightly. As smart as she was, she didn't say more but asked, "Can I eat anything before the test?"

"It's best not to. The car is waiting downstairs. I talked to the hospital and you can eat in half an hour."

Anne nodded.

Cherry got up very early to make some soup and took it to Kevin's office. Before entering the office, she asked his secretary not to inform Kevin. She wanted to surprise him.

The secretary made an OK sign with her fingers.

Twenty minutes later, someone pushed the door to Kevin's office open. In a sonorous and powerful voice, Kevin said, "Let's bring this meeting to order. Have you prepared the materials for GMS?"

He was wearing a white customized shirt and black trousers, dignified and impressive. He was followed by his elite team, and everyone looked serious.

The moment he walked in, everyone straightened up.

"Cherry?" Seeing Cherry, Kevin raised his eyebrows in surprise.

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