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   Chapter 12 Indirect Accusation

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Ruth was forced to leave Anne's villa. Even though she was resentful, she still kept an apologetic smile on her face when she left.

Cherry taught her how to target other's weakness aggressively and belittle others while degrading herself.

She asked Ruth to make Anne angry; otherwise, she would've degraded herself by apologizing to Anne. However, Ruth didn't know if the mission had been completed.

Anne rubbed her eyebrows tiredly as she watched Ruth leave.

Sam's face darkened. "Are you feeling uncomfortable?" he asked.

"I'm a little sleepy." Anne's voice sounded weak and lethargic.

But in reality, she was just holding back her anger. However, her attempt at doing that failed even before she could notice.

'Ruth knew that Kevin cared about Cherry, didn't she?' Anne thought to herself. 'I've seen all kinds of things and yet why do I feel annoyed by what Ruth had just said to me?'

When she thought of the baby, it finally dawned on her. It turned out that the reason why it was so easy for her to get angry was because she was pregnant.

"Lunch is ready. Have some soup before you go to bed," Sam suggested.

Anne's mouth twitched. She was able to stand up but her entire body felt like it was going to collapse on its own. But for her child, she could bear anything.

Inside the president office of the AN Group, documents littered the desk. Even the temporary bookshelf was full of documents.

They contained information about the projects that Anne was in charge of. Kevin had asked the managers to hand them over today.

He wasn't expecting to receive so many documents, which made his head ache today.

The most annoying thing was how his mother complained to him about Anne while he was busy with work.

"Who does she think she is?" Selma said indignantly. She is just pregnant with the baby of the Fu Family! How dare she ask my people to leave? Has she forgotten who she is? She's so ignorant! She's nothing compared to Cherry. I won't allow her to stay in the Fu Family anymore once the baby is born."

Kevin didn't want to hear any more of her mother's complaints. "I have something to deal with," he said coldly.

He was about to hang up the phone when suddenly, he remembered something. "Don't send people there anymore. I have already done it. Sam is taking care of her. Don't worry about her staff."

Even though he was stern in his words, he still felt that his mother wasn't listening. "Don't disturb her without my permission," he said with an even more serious tone.

He hung up the phone as soon as he finished.

It would have been fine if Kevin didn't mention Sam. However, when it came to him, he felt a little bit uncomfortable as though there was a thorn scratching his heart.

He paced back and forth in the office. No matter how much he tried to calm himself down, he couldn't relieve the restlessness that invaded his body. He grabbed the phone and called Emily.

The reason why he had asked Emily to take care of Anne was for her to look out after Sam.

Although Anne was pregnant, leaving her under the care of a male doctor still concerned him.

"How is my son today? Has he eaten already?" Kevin's expression betrayed no emotions as he stood in front of the French window. Even though the light cast a longer shadow of him, his majestic and regal aura was still as cold as that of an emperor.

Emily was baffled when she heard the question. The baby was still inside Anne's abdomen. How could it possibly eat?

'Mr. Kevin, you're so in denial. Just admit that you care about Anne, ' she thought to herself.

Although in her heart, she had some complaints about Kevin, she still answered him with respect, "The Little Master and Anne are both well. However, Ruth came by today and she made Anne angry so she went to bed early after lunch."

"What?!" Kevin's pupils dilated in rage and his face became even colder than usual. "Ruth?! What was she doing there?!"

"She..." Emily couldn't find the words to explain. If she told him that Ruth had been there to apologize, then it would seem that Ruth did nothing wrong.

She racked her brain for answers but nothing came out. After a few seconds, she just said, "Ruth told Anne that that you loved Cherry very much."

The rage in Kevin's eyes suddenly died down. He felt confused by his emotions. How could he feel so bitter yet also feel a hint of sweetness?

He brushed off this feeling and asked directly, "What exactly did she say? Tell me the truth!"

Emily exaggerated Ruth's indirect accusation of Anne to Kevin.

Upon hearing this, Kevin smashed his fist on the glass. Fuming with anger, he said, "In the future, no one is allowed to enter Anne's house without my permission."

"I see, Mr. Kevin," Emily said in an upbeat tone. "I will take good care of Anne for you and I'll make sure nothing happens to her and the Little Master."

Kevin hung up the phone forcefully. He was still enraged. He calmed himself down and paced back and forth, each step echoing a large thud. After a few steps, his eyes darkened in realization. He knew he needed to take action.

Kevin stopped. He looked for Alan in his contact list and dialed him as fast as he could.

Immediately, Alan picked up. "Kevin, to what I owe the pleasure of your call?" he said, smiling. "I heard that..."

"Does your sister still want to work to get some experience?" Kevin interrupted coldly, cutting off Alan's enthusiasm.

For a moment, Alan was taken aback. But shortly after, he started to laugh again. "She was just kidding. Ever since she was a child, she had always lived a carefree life. When she lost her bank card, she didn't know what to do. Anyway, she couldn't be serious when she thought of working outside."

The thought of his sister gave him a hea

dache. Despite so, he still adored his sister very much. He was a little disappointed when he talked about his sister, but in reality, he always spoiled his sister in every way he could. He didn't think it was inappropriate for her to be herself.

"Ha-ha," Kevin said monotonously, his expression still as cold as ever. "I think it's better for her to go out and work. In this circle, having a strong background doesn't always guarantee a comfortable life. Because if you're incapable, you will be trampled under others' feet."

Hearing Kevin say those words left Alan stunned.

His smile disappeared and the cheerful look in his eyes quickly turned serious. Without any trace of joking, he said, "Kevin, are you still angry with my sister..."

"There is a project in S Country. I'm planning to ask your sister to go there. It doesn't matter whether she succeeds or not. Just consider it as a training for her. I don't care about the cost."

"Kevin..." Cold beads of sweat started to roll down Alan's forehead. His heart raced so fast that he felt like it was going to explode through his chest. "Kevin, my sister is really..."

"If you are afraid that she will suffer, you can go by yourself. I'm concerned about this project and I don't want others to do it. Ruth's presence is only to let the people there know that I'm still watching over them."

Alan felt even more embarrassed. "Kevin, you know that I can't get the project at hand done now. If I go there... "

"Then let Ruth go." Kevin cut him off with his icy voice. His patience had already run out. His decision was an order. Alan had two choices:

either let his sister pay the price, or he took the responsibility himself.

"I'm very busy. That's it. Inform Ruth." Kevin dropped the call.

"Kevin... Kevin!" Alan's heart sank as he shouted at the phone. He was so enveloped by rage that he tossed the phone to the ground.

Aside from a few cracks, the high-quality phone did not break.

When Ruth heard the news that she was being sent to S country, she broke down in tears. "Alan, I don't want to go to S Country. The conditions there are so poor! It's filled with bacteria, bandits, and hooligans. Suicide attacks happen there every day! No, I won't go. I will die there."

"Ruth, listen to me." Alan wiped the tears streaming down on her face. "Kevin did it for your own good," he said downheartedly. "Look at the people around us. All of them are relying on their own abilities to keep their family business and status."

Ruth cried even harder. "Alan, don't let me go, okay?" she begged him. "Please talk to Kevin. You have such a good relationship with him. Besides... Besides... "

Her sobs were too intense she couldn't even catch her breath and finish what she was saying. She kept wiping her tears until she finally managed to say, "You will always stand by my side, won't you? You said you would always protect me. You're so capable that you must be able to protect me."

Alan's heart broke. He knew no one could change Kevin's decision.

He even called Cherry and asked her to speak for Ruth. However, after a few seconds of silence between them, Cherry said, "Alan, you know Anne's disposition. She will finally take her revenge. Kevin is sending Ruth to S Country for her own good. If Ruth stays, there's no telling what Anne will do to her."

Anne was watering the flowers on the balcony while all of this was happening. She was unaware that she was being wronged even though she hadn't done anything.

"I will send more people to take care of you," Alan assured Ruth. "I promise that you won't be harmed. After a month, you will be back. Be good, okay?" Alan gave Ruth a tight embrace.

However, Ruth didn't feel any comfort from his hug. Instead, she just grew more agitated as she began to kick and beat him.

Alan let her cry and unleash her anger, hoping she would get tired and stop.

His hatred towards Anne grew like a poisonous thorn slowly emerging from his heart.

Kevin spent the entire afternoon reading documents. Later that night, even though his head was spinning, he still showed up in the party to sign contract with the people in KIA.

When the people in KIA heard that Mr. Kevin, the President of AN, would be coming in person, they all laughed heartily, except for Ryan. He was preoccupied with something else.

Somewhere in a private room, boisterous laughter filled the air. People could look through the French window and see the beautiful evening scenery unfold in A City.

The senior executives of the two companies, wearing suits and leather shoes, sat around the big table.

The people whom Kevin brought could hold their liquor and they were good talkers. This made the people in KIA laugh their lungs out.

However, Kevin didn't drink a single drop of wine. No one dared to force him.

Neither did Ryan drink any.

Kevin hated dealing with people like him. Usually, it was his subordinates that dealt with this kind of business affairs. Ryan actually wanted to interfere in his personal affairs. He was not qualified yet.

Ever since they had entered the private room, Kevin hadn't said a single word to Ryan, nor had he even taken a glance at him.

But Kevin hid his disdain so well that the senior executives of KIA didn't notice that there was animosity brewing between the two.

After three rounds of drinking, it was finally time for both sides to sign the contract.

Manager Yu smiled as he put the contract in front of Ryan. "Mr. Ryan," he said, "it's such a lively occasion today for us to sign the contract. Our two companies can finally start the projects."

When they saw this, everyone stopped drinking and chatting.

However, Ryan pushed the contract away without even looking at it. "We won't sign it today."

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