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   Chapter 11 Give Her The Cold Shoulder

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"What do you mean?" Kevin sprang to his feet.

His action scared everyone there. Their hearts practically leapt from their chests. Everyone held their breath and looked at him, afraid that breathing at the wrong time would kill them.

"The most important thing for the baby is for the mom to be in a good mood. These people you sent are only stressing Anne out. So why keep them around then?" Sam paused for a few seconds, and then said in the same tone, "I'll stay here and take care of her."

"You?" Kevin's eyes widened.

Anne looked at Sam in astonishment as well.

But Sam said to Kevin calmly, "No one knows her medical history better than I do."

Kevin frowned and said nothing. He walked to the window and stood there. In just a few seconds, he thought of several benefits of Sam's proposal.

True, Sam knew more about Anne's medical history than anyone. The problem was that though he was a doctor, he was also a man.

A man and a woman were staying in the same house alone. Even if Anne were pregnant, Kevin was still worried.

After pondering for a while, Kevin said with a smile of satisfaction, "I agree, but on one condition—I'll stick around so I can start a relationship with my son, growing in her womb."

"Neither of you need to stay here." Anne's mood was dismal. She was more than a little irritable. This day kept going from bad to worse. And she was in a mood to match. She said impatiently, "It's up to me."

Her words echoed in their ears.

"It's up to me."

Kevin and Sam shut Anne down at the same time.

No one could disobey Kevin, but what Sam said concerned him.

At last, Anne and Kevin hammered out a plan, putting their egos aside. Emily would stay there, taking care of Anne. Sam would be on hand as well, considering he was her doctor.

This was Kevin's last concession. Even if Anne didn't like it, she still had to cooperate.

In the morning, Kevin listened the reports from the department heads. They laid out in detail the projects that Anne was working on or decided to launch.

There were nearly twenty of them in total.

This could really try a man's patience. Kevin did nothing else from morning to afternoon except drink a glass of water.

He didn't stop the meetings for even a second, listening to the manager's reports. He was really tired, and there were still five managers on the waiting list.

He waved his hand and said, "Get some rest and report to me in the afternoon."

Kevin couldn't let Anne look down on him. He raised his hand and rubbed between his eyebrows, telling his assistant that he was going to have a working lunch.

After listening to reports for the entire morning, he felt even hungrier than usual. When he stood up, he suddenly thought of his unborn child. He wondered if the baby would be as smart and capable as him.

He and Anne should have good genes. But when Kevin thought of what Anne had done, his eyes darkened again.

He must start to teach the baby while it was still in the womb. And as soon as it was born, he would watch over it, and restrict Anne's access to it.

That way the child wouldn't be infected with her ruthlessness and viciousness, her despicable and unprincipled behavior.

Anne could only hear the living room TV faintly, but it still annoyed her. She stood up and walked towards the bedroom. In surprise, Emily asked, "Are you tired, Anne?"

Sam poked his head out of the kitchen and looked at Anne. She held back her anger and said impatiently, "Of course."

"Go to bed if you're sleepy. Pregnant women get tired easily," said Emily with a smile.

Hearing Emily's voice, Anne felt even more irritable. She quickened her pace, went into her bedroom, and shut the door.

She came to the bed and leaned against it, hands on her chest.

She frowned and looked serious. It was obvious she was thinking about something.

She had more than twenty projects, big and small. It was not because she doubted Kevin could do it, but some projects were urgent and there were several contracts needed to be reviewed today.

'Would he get the work done today? If things got held up, the loss would be immeasurable.'

After thinking it over, she was still worried. Finally, she took out her phone and called the department heads.

"Manager Zhao, have you showed Mr. Kevin the MRA contract?"

"Yes, I also told Mr. Kevin..."

Outside the room, Emily was amazed when she heard Anne make the call. She turned to look at the kitchen. Sam was prepping a meal, his sleeves rolled up.

He was tall, with wide shoulders and narrow waist. Wrapped in a white shirt, he looked like a model showing off a clothing line. It was really eye-catching.

Emily thought that Anne was one lucky girl. She'd caught Sam's eye, and he was a great guy. She couldn't help but sigh at the thought.

Anne was so blessed. Sam seemed to love and cherish her. He'd make a wonderful husband. Instead of Mr. Kevin...

When Anne was on the call to the second manager, Emily knocked on the door. Emily stood at the door and reminded her helplessly, "You really should be resting. There's a reason Mr. Kevin took over your duties. You're pregnant. Don't overdo it! Don't worry about the business. Mr. Kevin will handle it."

How could she not worry? She worked hard on those projects. The fruit was about to ripen. It would be heartbreaking if it rotted o

n the vine.

When Anne was about to explain, the doorbell rang.

She looked at Emily, who was at her wit's end and had stopped trying to convince her for now.

Before leaving, Emily said, "Have a good rest."

"Emily, could you get the door?" Sam called from the kitchen.

"No problem," Emily said, running quickly to the door.

After Emily left her, Anne dialed yet another number.

Both Emily and Anne were frozen in place when they saw who it was. At the door was none other than Ruth.

She happened to see Anne and nodded apologetically to her.

Obviously, she was here for Anne.

As Anne expected, Ruth's guilty voice came from the porch. "Anne, I'm here to apologize to you."

Instead of talking to Ruth directly, Anne looked at Emily and said, "Let her in. I'll be back when I finish this call."

Ruth was let in, and Emily told her to sit on the couch. Ruth did as she was bade. She waited more than ten minutes.

She was worried about coming here. She thought Anne might give her the cold shoulder. Ruth had long since curbed her anger, and steeled her nerve before making an appearance.

But this was no ordinary social call. She had come here to get under Anne's skin, to make her furious enough to vomit blood, but unable to do anything about it.

Ruth laughed wildly in her heart when she thought about it.

While she was explaining the details for the GMS Project, Anne felt a headache coming on. There were too many things to outline on the phone.

After finishing cooking a dish, Sam knocked on the door. "It's time to rest," he said.

Anne didn't feel she needed this reminder.

But she was a little tired. She nodded at Sam and hung up the phone after wrapping things up, and explaining a couple more things to the person on the other end.

Sam walked over and easily took her phone from her hand. He said in a calm tone, "I'm taking your phone now. If you really need to make a call, ask Emily, not to mention I'm always here for you."

"You..." She fumed so much that she couldn't say much of anything.

"It's not good for the baby," Sam added.

Well, Anne put up with it.

She walked to the living room, and Ruth quickly stood up from the sofa, "I'm sorry, Ruth. I had to make a business call," she said coldly.

"It doesn't matter." Ruth smiled apologetically, as if she had done something wrong and was waiting for Anne to complain. "Hey, I know you're busy. I have a lot of free time, so I'm good. I wouldn't want to interrupt you."

Without even looking at Ruth, Anne sat on the sofa. "What brings you here?" she asked indifferently.

Ruth's tone was humble and conciliatory, but in fact, she was secretly abusing Anne.

Having been part of the business world for a while now, Anne could tell when someone was being sincere or hypocritical. So she wasn't very kind to Ruth.

Ruth scooted over so she was closer to Anne. "I'm here to apologize to you," she said, fawningly. I accidentally bumped into you that night, and I didn't know that would cause you to spill your water on Cherry."

The more she talked, the colder Anne looked and the tighter she pursed her lips. That was exactly what Ruth wanted. She continued with a smug smile, "I'm sorry, Anne. Please forgive me. I didn't know that Kevin cared about Cherry so much that he would blame you and force you to apologize to her. I'd already left by then—"

"Miss Ruth." It was Sam's voice. He cut their conversation short. "Please leave now. Anne is not feeling well and needs to rest," he said in an icy cold voice.

Hearing that, Emily breathed a sigh of relief, but her palms were still sweaty.

Pregnant women were the most likely to get angry. What Ruth said seemed to be an apology, but in fact, it was a reminder to Anne that how much Kevin loved Cherry.

Just as Emily was worried that Anne would be angry and hurt, Sam came out to put a stop to this.

"Ah..." Ruth's face showed surprise. But she was pretending. There was no shame in being asked to leave. "Not feeling well? What's wrong, Anne? Did I disturb your rest? I don't know..."

The more she spoke, the worse Anne's headache got. She felt despondent, as if something had been driven into her heart.

She frowned unhappily and hoped Ruth would leave as soon as possible. "Just a headache."

"I'm sorry, Miss Ruth. You can come back when Anne is feeling better." Sam's voice was full of anger. He reached out his hand and gestured at the door.

Emily tried to explain further. "Miss Ruth, I'm really sorry. Mr. Kevin is worried about Anne's health, so he sent me and Mr. Sam to take care of her. We don't mean to be rude."

Before she finished talking, both Anne and Sam stared at her.

Ruth was showing off, trying to describe how much Kevin cared about Cherry. Then Emily should let Ruth know who Kevin really cared about!

Sam couldn't take care of everyone, least of all a mistress like Cherry, who would never be anything else.

Sam was as poker-faced as ever, but Anne's dark eyes reflected a hint of surprise.

Of course, Emily didn't know that both of Anne and Sam were staring at her. "Please, Miss Ruth," she said to Ruth with a smile.

Ruth was so angry that she was about to spit blood. She cursed in her heart, 'Don't get cocky. You're just pregnant. When your child is born, I'll make sure you get kicked out of the Fu Family.'

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