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   Chapter 7 The Existence of His Wife

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Sam said, "This is Kevin's wife. Let her in."

"Well..." The guard looked at Anne's car and hesitated.

They were supposed to be let the right people in, according to the invitation, but the lady had no such invitation. She was not on the list, either. However, they didn't dare to disobey Sam.

Just then, a vintage custom-designed Rolls-Royce slowly rolled through the gates.

As it rolled along, all the cars on the roadside did their best to move aside.

In front of the car, there was a crown logo and a unique license plate number — QY520 — showing everyone whose car it was.

Anne looked away from the rearview mirror and felt stuffy, as if a piece of iron was pressed onto her heart, making it hard to breathe.

The car stopped at the front door, and a bevy of guards came out to salute him.

Kevin slowly emerged from the back seat. He wore a bespoke white suit by Dege and Skinner, painstakingly crafted in the cutting room on Savile Row in Britain, as well as a white shirt. There were two ruby cufflinks on his sleeves and a red handkerchief in his pocket. He was extremely noble and had an extraordinary aura.

"I invited her to take care of Cherry. Let her in." He had an effortless style about him.

"Yes, sir," the guard replied respectfully.

Sam's black eyebrows furrowed, and anger could be seen in his gaze. He was about to criticize Kevin, but the well-dressed man had already left.

Because of the tightness in her chest, Anne opened a window, hoping to breathe easier. Kevin's mean, sarcastic words had fallen into her ears.

She was heartbroken, her face pale.

It was not the first time that she had been humiliated like this, but every time she had been humiliated, it hurt.

The old house had a lot of square footage, not to mention acres of land, and it was the only house in this area. The whole mountain behind it belonged to the Fu Family.

Standing on the lawn, Anne looked at the brightly lit main house, which was like a church with golden light.

The house was packed with distinguished guests today. All men were in suits and women in long dresses, as if they were attending a grand banquet. Anne was the only one who wore a formal black and white business suit, just like one of the men.

They all had gifts in their hands, and some of those presents were so large that they needed more than one person to carry them.

'Aren't people here for dinner? Why is everyone bringing gifts?'

It was not until Anne walked out of the main hall that she realized what the gifts were for.

Master Carl Fu, in a light gray relaxed fit suit, sat on the wooden armchair in the main hall. The guests with gifts came forward one by one and handed the gifts to him respectfully.

"Health and long life, Master Carl Fu. This is my gift. It is such an honor."

A bad feeling swept over Anne. 'Today is Master Carl Fu's birthday?' Kevin never told her. 'Is everyone here to celebrate his birthday?' She had no gifts to give him.

Anne felt pathetic. She was the granddaughter-in-law of the Fu Family, yet she didn't know that Master Carl Fu was going to celebrate his birthday today.

She turned around and walked towards the garden outside. When she found a quiet spot, she pulled out her phone and made a call. "Emily, I need your help..."

"It's too late." A steady voice came behind Anne.

She turned around and saw Sam standing in the light. His handsome face was silhouetted by the light, which was more profound and outlined.

"Cousin Sam," Anne said calmly.

As soon as Sam took a step forward, his tall figure dwarfed Anne, his shadow falling over her, like a tree protecting a patch of grass.

His voice remained confident, yet calm. "I have two gifts. Take one and give it to my granduncle."

Sam was a relative of Kevin's. The Feng Family had a certain status in the city and was also quite famous internationally.

Anne thought about it, frowning. On the other end of the phone, Emily asked anxiously, "Annie, what do you need?"

It didn't take long to make up her mind. Then Anne nodded at Sam.

The corners of Sam's mouth curled in a subtle way. But when she looked carefully, she couldn't see any difference.

After saying "nothing" to Emily, Anne hung up the phone and walked towards the hall with Sam.

In the hall, Cherry and Kevin stood together in front of Master Carl Fu. The two looked quite affectionate, but his wife was right there next to them.

Cherry handed her gift to Master Carl Fu and he smiled at her. She smiled back and handed the gift to him. "Grandpa, this is the gift I picked out for you. I hope you like it."

"Yes, I do. And why wouldn't I? I like all the gifts you give me." Master Carl Fu laughed and asked someone to put Cherry's gift with the others.

Cherry wore a watermelon red handmade cheongsam, a perfect match for the rubies on the cuffs of Kevin's white shirt and the handkerchief in his pocket.

The two of them standing together was a magnificent sight. It made others envious. However, there was a long thorn growing in Anne's heart, giving her heartaches in wave after wave.

Selma Guo was standing next to Mas

ter Carl Fu. When she spotted Anne, disdain and disgust appeared in her eyes. "Why is she here? I don't remember inviting her. Showing up uninvited—how rude!"

As soon as she said this, everyone looked at Anne.

Everyone related to the Fu family knew the other members of the family didn't like her.

Her face was burning, but Anne acted appropriately.

Having been stabbed in the back so many times by the Fu Family, she learned to hide her joy and anger in her heart.

She was alone, ostracized by everyone except Sam.


"Mother, Cherry's not feeling well. Anne came here to take care of her."

Sam and Kevin spoke at the same time, but Kevin's loud voice rang out over Sam's.

Hearing what he said, the guests adopted looks of contempt. Even the displeasure on Master Carl Fu's face was obvious. Obviously, he didn't want to see Anne, but for Cherry's sake, he had to welcome her.

"Since you are here to take care of Cherry, then come here." Selma Guo was beside herself with anger.

Trying to ignore the insults, Anne was about to walk over when Sam grabbed her arm.

He walked up to Master Carl Fu and said respectfully, "Granduncle, Anne brought a gift for you today."

He raised his hand and asked the servant to bring the gift and open it in front of Master Carl Fu.

Master Carl Fu was not interested in seeing Anne's gift. "Put it with the other gifts," he said indifferently.

Seeing his cold attitude, Sam felt sad. Master Carl Fu was a man of high status and the host today. Sam couldn't contradict him, so he asked someone to put the gift away silently.

At this moment, Cherry, standing to the side, said innocently in a delicate voice, "Cousin Sam, did you bring two gifts and give one to Sis. Anne?"

Hearing her words, everyone looked at Anne in surprise.

"If you don't want to come, then don't come. No one forced you," Master Carl Fu said furiously.

After saying that, he stood up from the chair and walked towards the back hall.

Selma Guo was so anxious that she chased after Master Carl Fu. "Dad, Dad, don't be angry. Why would you be angry over a person like that?"

Many guests followed Selma Guo out. The rest of the partygoers who didn't follow them all looked at Anne viciously, as if she were a piece of mouse dung, ruining the moment.

Anne stood still, her head bowed. Under the light, her face looked deathly pale.

She became the person everyone hated. She couldn't do anything right in their eyes.

When no one noticed, Cherry smiled slowly. However, when she discovered Sam staring at her with sharp eyes, she immediately stopped being complacent and put on a flattering smile. "Was I not supposed to let him know? I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said anything. Kevin, we should go see Grandpa."

Kevin stared at Anne fiercely as if he hated her to the core. "You didn't do anything wrong. It's all her fault. She's annoying wherever she goes."

Anne heard every word clearly. Her temples throbbed painfully, but she tried her best to endure it. No matter how painful it was, she had to bear it by herself. That was her choice.

"Why don't you follow me? Do you want me to teach you what to do?" Kevin roared.

Squinting her eyes, Anne restrained her anger and slowly walked towards Cherry.

"Kevin, I'm not a child. I don't need a sister to take care of me," Cherry acted as if she implored him for the sake of her sister.

Kevin didn't listen to her and said, "I'm worried about you."

The words "I'm worried about you" were like a knife, stabbing into Anne's heart. She raised her head and looked at Cherry, who coincidentally cast a glance at her with obvious smugness.

She said to Kevin in a sweet voice, "Thank you, honey."

Watching them demonstrate their love, Anne lowered her head and pretended not to see anything.

She still had time. She was determined to let Kevin see Cherry's true colors.

Kevin went to Master Carl Fu's side to keep the guests company, and Sam was asked to leave by his mother. Anne followed Cherry absent-mindedly.

Cherry smiled sweetly and chatted with the guests, and they all looked at Anne strangely as if she were a monster.

If Cherry weren't there, everyone would have poured the drinks in their hands over Anne's head.

However, these looks that killed were nothing to Anne. She didn't care. She didn't care what others thought.

"Ah!" suddenly, Cherry screamed from the front when Anne was distracted.

Hearing this, Anne came to her senses at once. She opened her eyes wide in surprise and found that a large portion of Cherry's cheongsam was wet. However, the cup in her hand was nearly empty and she had no idea what had happened.

This caused a commotion.

"Anne, we know you hate Cherry. You hate her for spilling the beans in front of Grandpa. Why did you do that? You're so vicious," a lady standing next to Cherry said to Anne in disgust.

Anne's face darkened. Before Anne could figure out how and when the water had spilled out of the cup, this lady was already working on setting her up, and she was good at it too, which made Anne pretty sure that she was not a good person.

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