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   Chapter 2 The Queen's Road (Part Two)

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"Director Zhao," Ryan Xiao cut off, staring at him coldly. It was as if the temperature in the room had dropped by a few degrees.

After a second, a smile entered his lips. "Madam Vice President is actually a classmate of mine."

Director Zhao's eyes widened in surprise.

Actually, everyone in the room was shock. They didn't expect that the two knew each other. The senior executives shared a look. They all wanted to find out more about their connection.

Anne's smile became more at ease. It seemed that Ryan Xiao still remembered her after all these years.

After hearing his boss's warning, Director Zhao smiled awkwardly. The wine had just been served to them. He quickly took a bottle and poured in two glasses of wine. He handed a glass to Anne. "Madam Vice President, I'm sorry if I spoke too rashly earlier. I hope you can accept my apology."

The smile on her face stiffened.

Since she was preparing for pregnancy, she couldn't drink. In fact, she didn't even use cosmetics. All her skin care products, clothes, bags, and drinks were strictly controlled by the Fu Family.

Knowing that she couldn't drink, her assistant quickly took the wine from Director Zhao. "Director Zhao, our vice president is allergic to alcohol. Let me drink with you instead."

Her assistant downed the glass before showing it to the director. There was not a single drop of wine left.

Director Zhao nodded, impressed. "You're good at drinking," he praised. Without any further complaints, he downed his own glass.

Wearing a small smile on his face, Ryan Xiao poured a glass of juice before handing it to Anne. He had red wine in his own glass.

"Would you like to drink with me for the sake of being classmates once?"

She gazed at his smile and found herself smiling right back. He had changed. Before she could take the juice from his hand, the door of their private room was pushed open.

Everyone gazed at the man who suddenly entered the room.

Kevin wore a black shirt and a pair of trousers. There was something in his eyes that made everyone look away almost immediately.

He walked to the round table with a smile playing on his lips as his sharp gaze fell on the juice Ryan Xiao was holding. "Mr. Xiao, I'm afraid that you don't know that my wife is actually preparing for pregnancy, do you?"

Hearing his words, Anne grew pale. She glared at Kevin.

Was he trying to embarrass her in public?

Kevin walked forward at ease, but hi

s eyes was sharp. He was like a predator eyeing his competitor.

"The juice here is sour. My wife can't drink it."

Although Kevin tried his best to embarrass him, Ryan Xiao wasn't fazed. Instead, Ryan raised his glass with a smile. "I didn't know you were preparing for pregnancy. I'll drink this wine as my apology to you."

Tension filled the room.

From the way Kevin was eyeing Ryan, it was obvious that he was hostile towards this new CEO. Director Zhao was smart to try and diffuse the matter.

"Kevin, aren't you upstairs with Cherry?"

"I heard that Mr. Xiao and my wife are classmates. I'm here to propose to you, Mr. Xiao." Kevin was smiling like a king waiting for gratitude.

Arrogance just seeped out of his movements.

He picked up a glass of wine from the table and raised it towards Ryan. "Mr. Xiao, I propose a toast to you, but you have to propose a toast to me in return."

He clinked his glass with Ryan's.

The tension in the room doubled.

Ryan also wore a smile on his face. In fact, he looked as if he wasn't even intimidated by the man in front of him. He quickly drank the wine.

Their glasses were automatically refilled.

"Kevin, I would like to propose a toast then," Ryan said, smirking.

Kevin's glare became even more ambiguous. "Do you even know why you're proposing a toast?" The air around them had gotten colder.

Anne stared at them, wanting to dispel the tension between them, but she didn't know what to do. Ryan frowned,

looking confused.

The corner of Kevin's mouth twitched as he said slowly, "I punish you with this glass of wine. You didn't attend our wedding."

After saying that, the smile on his face disappeared in an instant.

Kevin slammed the glass onto the table. Red liquid spilled onto the tablecloth. He glanced at Anne's assistant. "Emily Xia, take good care of your boss and send her home early."

Without giving her a chance to reply, he stormed off.

When he left, everyone froze. It was as if he had placed them all into a freezer.

"Yes, sir," Emily Xia answered. She was Anne's assistant after all.

Staring at Kevin's retreating figure, Anne was furious. She clenched her fists and warned herself not to lose her composure in front of her guests.

The corners of Ryan's lips twitched up. The smile was much colder and sharper than the one that he had worn before.

'Kevin, we will definitely see more of each other in the future,' he thought to himself.

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