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   Chapter 2 The Queen's Road (Part One)

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Kevin never once mentioned about Anne in his WeChat moments. In fact, the only person that he had ever showed off was Cherry.

Everyone thought that the man was in love. No one dared say that he was heartless or even accuse him of showing off his other women while he was still married. After all, Kevin was the most powerful man that walked around the city. No one dared to question his moves.

Anne wore a classic red short dress. Her slightly long hair was combed back behind her ears. Although she didn't wore makeup, she still looked better than those who did.

She was tall and curvy. While Cherry looked like a goddess, Anne looked like a queen.

Her regal features were further emphasized with the dark red color of her dress.

After the driver opened the door to her side, she walked into the Cloud and Heaven.

The hotel was one of the most luxurious hotels in A City. In fact, people needed to make an appointment in advance. There weren't any walk-ins allowed. Those who reserved must be gold members who paid their annual fees of more than a million dollars. To say that it was luxurious was an understatement.

The private room she had booked was located on the third floor. It was where she would invite people from the KIA Group for dinner.

"Secretary Wang just called and said that CEO of the KIA Group had just come back from abroad. He will also be attending the dinner today," Anne's assistant whispered in her ear.

Her eye twitched. The KIA Group was the largest enterprise in C City, and it was also on top of the Forbes List.

The AN Group had invited them to collaborate several times, but they were met with replies that they were still thinking about it.

Now that the CEO would be arriving from abroad to attend the dinner, did that mean the chances of her snagging the deal would be bigger? Or smaller?

Although Anne was worried, her expression showed no emotion. "Have you confirmed all the dishes and wine that would be served tonight?" she asked politely.

"Yes," the assistant replied in an instant.

All the guests that she had invited were senior executives of the KIA Group. Now that the CEO was also going to make an appearance, Anne couldn't afford any errors.

After walking into the private room, Anne and her assistant checked all the furnishings around the room, trying to see if anything was out of place. Just when she was about to sit down, her assistant answered her phone.

Her assistant quickly turned to Anne. "Madam Vice President, Michelle said that the people from the KIA Group have arrived."

"Ask Michelle to guide them here." Anne was passive with the information as she straightened her back.

"Yes, Madam." The assistant said a few words to the person at the other end of the line before hanging up.

During this time, Anne could still feel the soreness around her legs. Her hips felt uncomfortable, preventing her from moving around. Although she felt exhausted, she knew that she couldn't just sit back and relax. The people from the KIA Group would be arriving anytime soon. She stared at

the doors reproachfully as she subtly fanned her face.

It was not her first time entertaining a big client, but why did she feel so warm? Was it because of the air conditioning?

"Check the room temperature," she ordered her assistant.

"It's 24 degrees."

The Cloud and Heaven had an excellent cooling system. It was actually a few degrees lower than other hotels, but Anne still felt extremely hot.

Maybe it was just some psychological reason.

Just then, the doors in front of her were pushed open. A tall figure came into her view.

There was something about the man that drew her in. His eyes were similar to the sea with its waves splashing against the shoreline. He was dressed in a silver gray suit, and there was a smile playing on the corner of his lips.

Among the seven people in front of her, the man was the most eye-catching. He immediately stood out from the crowd.

When his gaze fell on Anne, his smile widened.

His smile was so dazzling that she couldn't find it in herself to look away.

"We ran into Kevin on the way, so we were a bit late. I didn't expect him to book a private room on the fourth floor to celebrate Cherry's birthday," the person standing next to the man in a grey suit said with a smile. He was none other than Director Zhao from the KIA Group. There was something about how casual he had said it that sent a dull ache in her heart.

Her eyes darkened momentarily. 'So Kevin's celebrating Cherry's birthday?' Anne shook her head from all the thoughts that had entered her mind. This wasn't the time for that.

"Is this the new CEO of KIA?" Anne asked Director Zhao,

smiling politely.

Director Zhao puffed up his chest. "You have a good eye, Madam Vice President. This is Ryan Xiao, our new CEO."

"I've heard a lot about you, Madam Vice President." Ryan Xiao stepped forward and reached out his hand like the gentleman he was.

Staring into the man's face, Anne already found herself slightly mesmerized. Her assistant next to her nudged her.

Anne finally came to her senses and reached out to shake Ryan Xiao's hands.

Suddenly, he pulled her closer against his chest. He leaned forward and whispered, "Happy Birthday."

Hearing this, Anne froze. She paled at his words.

Her birthday... Someone actually remembered her birthday. Anne rapidly blinked back the tears from her eyes. While her husband was celebrating another woman's birthday, her birthday was spent with clients.

Her husband didn't even know, or he might not even care at this point.

Director Zhao laughed. "Ryan just came back from France, so he greets us in this way as well."

The emotions in her eyes died a little as Anne straightened her posture. "It's my honor to see Mr. Xiao today. Please, let's all sit."

She took Ryan Xiao to the seat of honor, which was just beside her, before turning to greet the other senior executives of the KIA Group.

Today, it seemed that Director Zhao was trying to get a reaction from Anne. He walked towards his chair and said with a smile, "So, why didn't Kevin come today? Is he–"

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