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   Chapter 143 Gift-Giving (Part One)

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Updated: 2020-09-25 00:03

"Is this for me?"

"If you don't like it, choose one you like and I'll write it to you!"

Richard held her in his arms from her behind. She wrote it to him by herself. How could he not like it? Although he couldn't tell the meaning of the words, he could see her intention. "Bella, I like it very much!"

Isabella smiled, 'How dare you not like it?'

Richard curled up in her neck from behind, and the breath he exhaled sprayed on her ears. Her ears were itchy, and so was her heart.

When Isabella was complacent, she heard Richard say in a low voice, "It would be better if it was a love poem. For example, if love between both sides can last for age, why need they stay together night and day?"

"You're not in a military school. You're in the Department of literature, aren't you?"

Richard realized, "Oh, no! Why did I show off in front of the talented girls of the school of literature? I have overrated my own ability! "

Isabella turned around and slapped him on the chest. Glaring at him, she said, "Are you laughing at me?"

There was a story about the title of the talented woman in the school of literature. During the nearly two months when Richard was on holiday in Beijing, he had met with the classmates of Isabella. At that time, Due to Jessica's spreading, the whole school of literature knew that Isabella had written a novel on her blog which was clicked on over 100 million. Therefore, when other departments chose the beautiful flower of the departments, the school of literature gave the name of the talented woman to Isabella. When there was a call which always began with 'a talented woman'.

When they were together, a few students called them. Sometimes, Isabel

things. He is very skillful with hands. His family afraid that he will grow into a girl at home, so they sent him to the army."

Looking down at the red rope and bullets around her neck, Isabella smiled like a furtive cat. It was all done by Richard himself. She decided not to take them off until she died. No, no, no, she would pass them on to her daughter as heirloom.

Looking at the sweet smile on Isabella's face, Richard's eyes became softer and softer. This was his little girl. No matter what kind of environment she lived in, she had a simple heart. As long as she liked something, she would definitely regarded it as a treasure. She would not care whether it was invaluable or worthless.

If Richard knew that Isabella was thinking about using the bullet as heirloom, he would think that she was not simple, but stupid.

"Bella, Richard, it's time for dinner!"

Isabella turned to look at the clock on the wall. It was already six o'clock? How could it be so fast?

Richard knew what was on Isabella's mind at a glance. "I used to feel that time passed slowly, but now I just feel that time is passing too fast."

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