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   Chapter 142 Gift

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At two o'clock in the afternoon of the winter sunny day, the sun was still shining brightly, but the hooligans lying on the ground felt very cold in front of Richard. They felt as if they had been looked at and examined like corpses.

"I'll give you ten minutes to get out of the way. One minute delay, each of you will be kicked one more time!" Richard raised his arm and casually looked at the watch on his wrist.

Hearing that they were set free, those hooligans immediately got up or helped each other to get into the car. They started the car very quickly and left in ten minutes.

Only then did Richard walk to the side of the car and open the door. He saw Isabella sitting in the car with a smile on her face. The clothes covering her head had been pulled off.

Looking at Richard, Isabella smiled and said, "Richard, you were so handsome!"

Richard frowned and said, "You... You saw it? "

Isabella nodded. She saw it clearly from the rearview mirror.

Looking at the admiration in Isabella's eyes, Richard felt a little funny. He was worried that he would frighten her, but it turned out that she seemed to be very excited.

"Will they be okay?" Although Isabella enjoyed the fighting, she was also worried. After all, she saw those people lying on the ground and unable to move just now. It seemed to be very serious.

Richard waved his hand with a smile and said, "I didn't use too much strength. I just wanted to scare them. In fact, they are not hurt badly!"

Hearing that, Isabella felt relieved.

Isabella didn't know that the truth was different from what Richard said, and the weakest hooligan had been lying in the hospital for a week after that.

Richard started the car and patted Isabella's face. Thinking of what those people had just said, although his expression was relaxed, he couldn't help worry, "We should go back to buy food now. There will be a lot of people at the party tomorrow. By the way, have you told your mother?"

With her eyes wide open, Isabella answered, "I forgot it."

"Forget it. Let's talk about it when we get home tonight!"

Isabella nodded. Anyway, she wanted to eat hot pot. She just needed to prepare the foods, and ask the nanny to make more after-dinner desserts.

The two of them went to the supermarket to buy a lot of food. As long as the food could be cooked in the hot pot, they put them into the shopping cart and bought them home, so when Sophie went back home... There were lots of vegetables in the kitchen.

"Are you going to... Keep rabbits? " If so, the vegetable would be enough for a big bunch of rabbits!

Hearing that, the corners of Isabella's mouth twitched. "Mom, it's not that. I'll invite my classmates to our home tomorrow. Because there would be many people, I'm afraid it's troublesome to cook, so I want to eat hot pot!"

Sophie sighed, "Why didn't you tell me earlier? I'll help you. It's not easy for you to have friends at home. You should entertain them well anyway! "

Looking at Richard, who was playing happily with James, Isabella curled her lips. 'Isn't Richard my friend? What did she mean by saying that it was not easy for me to have a friend at home? It seems that she is unsociable

for the whole night because he hadn't kissed her goodnight.

Hearing what Isabella said, Sophie was speechless. 'What did she mean? Wasn't it what men are thinking of?'

With a grin, Isabella took an apple and took a bite, ignoring Sophie's sharp eyes. Seeing that Richard came in with a box of drinks, she immediately jumped to him and put the apple in her hand to his mouth. "Have you finished moving it?"

Richard took a bite along the place where Isabella had bitten and nodded, "They have all been moved in!"

"You made a great contribution today. I'll reward you with a new year's gift!" As soon as Isabella finished her words, she pulled Richard's hand and left.

Richard was almost tripped by her, but he didn't forget to turn around and say to Sophie, "Sophie, I'll go upstairs with Bella first!"

"Go ahead!" Sophie was relieved now. "Don't forget to tell me what you want to eat tonight."

"Okay, thank you!"

Isabella didn't drag Richard into her room, but to the study room instead.

"I thought the gift you prepared for me would be put in your bedroom, but I didn't expect... It's in the study room? " Richard curled his lips and felt a little disappointed. It was not that he wanted to enter Isabella's room, but that he felt that if the gift placed in her bedroom must be something that she had tried her best to choose for him. What he valued was not the gift that Bella's love for him. A gift place in the study room? Did she mean to give him a book?

Without noticing the expression on Richard's face, Isabella excitedly dragged him into the study room and walked to the desk. She excitedly pointed at a piece of calligraphy on the table and said proudly, "Have a look. What do you think?"

Richard was stunned, and a look of surprise immediately appeared on his face. How could he forget that Isabella was his grandfather's student?

It must have taken her a lot of time to finish such a piece of calligraphy. There was no flaw in the whole work. It was Yueh Fei's 'The River All Red'. Although the characters were small, they were magnificent, with sharp and flamboyant handwriting everywhere.

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