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   Chapter 141 Had The Qualification To Be Arrogant

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Updated: 2020-09-24 14:38

It was one o'clock in the afternoon. Although it was winter, it was particularly warm. The sun was bright but not blazing, and it was warm. Although there was wind blowing, Isabella felt not cold at all.

As soon as Isabella raised her head and looked into Richard's eyes, she suddenly found that such intense eyes made her more excited.

"Bella, promise me that you will never drive fast again!"

As if being witched, Isabella nodded.

Richard stepped forward and held her in his arms. He sighed and said, "Silly girl, remember what you have promised me!"

Isabella nodded her head in a daze just now. Although she regretted, she didn't want to go back on her words. In her previous life, she liked this kind of dangerous game because of the family feud and the lack of family affection, so her personality was a little extreme. Now, she would drive to vent her anger when she was extremely angry and couldn't find a vent. She didn't like to drive everywhere in usual. Since Richard was so resistant to it, she would do as what he wanted.

However, there were some things she had to ask him clearly.

"Of course I won't go back on my promise. But you said that you have found a lot of people to take care of me. Shouldn't you tell me about it?"

Richard smiled. He asked someone to take care of her, not to monitor her. Of course he could tell her about it, "Evan is also my good friend!"


Isabella thought that it was the uncle of George, but she didn't expect that Evan was one of Richard's best friends. "You're in Tianyun City, and he's in the capital. How did you become good friends?"

"I studied there before junior high school. I didn't come to Tianyun City until senior high school!"

Isabella had never heard of it.

Richard smoothed her hair and continued, "Evan and I have been together since we went to the nursery school. Even if we were separated from each other in different classes, he would try all methods only for studying in the same class with me."

"Evan is really a rogue. So, you have been together since then? Won't you... " Isabell

e go wild!"

Twenty minutes later, these people lying on the ground were too painful to stand up. Sure enough, they felt that Richard had the qualification to be arrogant.

Richard raised his foot and kicked the most miserable yob casually. "Who asked you to come here?"

The yob covered his mouth with his hand. It was so painful that he didn't dare to move at all. Richard slapped him. Now the yob didn't dare to speak at all. He could only make a sound of "Hmm".

Richard lifted his foot and kicked him in the abdomen again. "Maybe you don't feel painful enough now?"

"HMM... No one asked us... It was just a coincidence. "

Richard snorted, "Do you think I will believe you? You hooligans all go out at night. You don't come out in the daytime. It's still in the wild at noon. Didn't you follow our car? "

The yob felt that he really couldn't speak this time, and he couldn't tell where the pain was all over his body.

Richard didn't want to ask anything from the yob. He just wanted to use him as a target and kick him away. Looking at another person who was painful and winced, he asked, "What about you?"

"It was... It was a woman. She gave us five thousand dollars and asked us to follow the lady who came out of the hotel before. And then... Bully her! " Although the hooligan was badly injured, he knew what to say when he saw the expression on Richard's face.

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