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   Chapter 140 Violent Arguments About Car Race

Revenge Game: Beauty's Coming Back By Qiguo Guniang Characters: 10715

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Isabella ran out of the restaurant in one breath. When she saw Richard's car, she strode over and opened the door of the driver's seat. "Get out!"

Richard was stunned. Looking at Isabella,who with red eyes, he felt a sharp pain in his heart. He quickly got out of the car and reached out to hold her face. "What's wrong? What happened? "

Without saying a word, Isabella pulled away Richard and got into the driver's seat.

With his eyes wide open, Richard reached out to pull the door of the driver's seat and said, "Bella, get off the car!"

"Leave me alone!"

Richard gritted his teeth and said, "I think you are going to rebel. Hurry up and get down!"

Richard's voice was deep. Normally, Isabella would be scared. But now, her mind was in a mess.

"Clap!" Then Isabella pushed Richard away and closed the door.

Richard glared at the Isabella in the car. Finally, he had no choice but to get on the passenger seat.

At first, Isabella didn't want Richard to follow her. She just wanted to vent her anger by driving. But when she thought that if Richard didn't follow her, he would be worried.

Not only did Isabella love and hate Charles, but she also found that he made her more and more disappointed.

Even though Charles knew that Evelyn wasn't his daughter, he still accepted her as his daughter in order to get promoted. He was willing to suffer this loss. It was said that admitting a thief as his father. But what was Charles doing? 'Regard a thief as daughter?'?

He not only took risks for others, but also brought the mother and daughter back home. And they destroyed his own family. She had never seen such an excellent person.

With a fierce look on her face, Isabella drove the car as if she was going to eat people. At first, Richard was a little worried, but later he only shook his head.

After leaving the city and passing the ring road, Isabella directly drove to the Mountain road of Phoenix Mountain.

In fact, Tianyun City was a mountain city. There were many mountains, big and small, and many roads had been built around it. After passing the ring road, there were many roads, which were connected to all the mountains and small veins. Although some mountains had already become tourist spots, the mountain roads were built based on the mountains, which naturally had some dangers, especially Phoenix Mountain.

Richard frowned at the sight of the road Isabella had chosen, but when he looked at Bella's livid face, he didn't say anything. This girl was still angry, so he didn't try to persuade her at this time, in case that she couldn't put out the fire, but poured oil instead.

This was the first time she had come to the Phoenix Mountain, but she was very skillful. It was all because in her previous life, she had competed countless times here. From the beginning, she drove a second-hand car, to the end, she had her own car, and then she had a luxury car modified by her professional refitting master, from a little sister who was curled up by everyone, to the later God of cars, and the Phoenix Mountain's mountain road made a contribution. She had mastered excellent racing skills here.

Hearing the sound of friction between the tires an

listening!" Hearing that, Isabella curled her lips and said, "Richard, I'm really fine. I just like driving. But I'm not old enough, so I went out for a ride at night."

"Do you still know that you are not old enough?"

Hearing that, Isabella lowered her head and couldn't help asking, "Since you don't allow me to drive, why don't you call me to persuade me?"

"Can I persuade you? As long as you are determined to do something, no matter what others say, you will always move forward. Especially if others persuade you, you will be more energetic, eager to make it right away. In this case, how dare I persuade you over the phone? If you get angry and go out to drive around, who can I ask for help if something happens? "

It turned out to be the case. It seemed that her interruption was almost done. Isabella took a careful look at Richard's face and said, "Richard, in fact, as you can see, everything I have done in the past few years is right..."

"I'm just afraid that you think so. You already think you're an expert, and there's no time for you to do anything wrong!" Richard snorted and turned his head away.

Hearing his conclusion, Isabella was stunned for a while. It seemed to be true. She could not help but feel a little embarrassed. "Richard, what do you want?"

"Don't drive again, especially on the mountain road!" Said Richard firmly.

Isabella frowned. She remembered that Richard was also a fan of cars in his previous life. Why was he so resistant to her driving?

What she didn't know was that in her previous life, Richard liked cars because she liked her. But now, he not only liked her, but also loved her. Thinking of her dangerous driving, his heart was beating fast. How could he like cars?

"Did you hear that?" Richard glanced at Isabella, who was lowering her head.

"What if there is a car race?"

Richard pulled Isabella over and pressed her against the car. His eyes were fierce and his eyes were red. He thought that he would give her a punch, but he kept silent for a long time. "Bella, you are killing me if you are driving in car race. Do you really don't want me to live?"

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