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   Chapter 139 I Should Do Something

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"Evelyn and Yolanda..."

"They have nothing to do with me. How would they go to see your grandparents?" It was not until then that Charles realized the reason why Bella was unwilling to go. It turned out that she was afraid of seeing the two people. It was because of him that a gentle girl like her became like a hedgehog.

'Why does he suddenly make a clean break with Yolanda?' She wondered. What's more, how could he get rid of Yolanda so easily?' What made her more confused was why Evelyn's surname was still "Lou"?

"Evelyn Lou is also your daughter. For her, you once..." Without finishing her words, she stopped.

"I have only one daughter. That is you! "

Biting her lips, she was sure that she seemed to have gained something from her unintentional sowing discord for Evelyn.

"Bella, let's celebrate the New Year together this year!" said Charles after a moment of silence.

"I... Mom asked me before. I said I would celebrate it with her! "

Clenching his fists, he said, "Bella, no matter what happened between your mother and me, I still love you. In the past, I didn't go to see you because my career was not good. After divorcing your mother, I became frugal in daily use. It's not that I don't love you..."

"I know. I just don't understand why you allowed Yolanda to hurt my mother and hurt me at that time? In the past few years, when you worked in the government, your salary was not very high. Mom worked so hard to make money to support the family. Besides, she also took the money she earned without hesitation to pave the way for your official career. You spent much money on those leaders, and your dressing and eating were not worse than your leaders. I remember that you said your leader had a Swiss watch, and the next day mom bought one for you. Mom didn't have much time to do housework, because she spent all her time in making money. I don't know what else you were dissatisfied with... "

"Bella, it's dad's fault!" Hearing what she said, he felt remorseful. He had regretted, and he had missed the peaceful days in the past.

"It's not your fault. It's just that we were too naive. When men have been living a simple and easy life, they all want to find excitement." As she spoke, she felt sadder and sadder in her heart. "A woman like Yolanda is your beloved. As for Evelyn, she is a good daughter!"

After saying that, she couldn't stay any longer. It was not because she said too much, but because she thought too much.

Seeing that she stood up angrily and left, he frowned hard and slowly loosened it, with a hint of self-mockery and regret on her face. He was the one who was heartless first. He didn't blame her for treating him like this.

Leaning against the chair in low spirits, he took out a cigarette from her pocket and lit it. The smoke curled up, making his face a little obscure.

'Yolanda, Evelyn?


He did have an affair with Yolanda, and it was true that it happened soon after Sophie was not pregnant. But he wa

rouble, which made him more annoyed. But he didn't expect that these things would bring him benefits one day.

Evelyn heard something somewhere, and kept asking about her background. At last, she felt sorry for him for raising another man's child.

He didn't know whether he should thank his adopted daughter or not. After that man knew it, he transferred him back to the original department to comfort him.

At the end of this year, his work went smoothly, and he began to miss his wife and child again.

His ex-wife had remarried, but he still had the child. In particular, he would never have a second child in his life. Bella would be his only daughter, and he must bring her back.

Unfortunately, Bella's heart was broken because of Yolanda and Evelyn's arrogance.

From the moment she entered the room to the moment she left, he had been paying close attention to her. She didn't call him "dad".

As he smoked one cigarette after another, the ashtray on the table was full of cigarette butts, but even after he smoked so much, he was still upset. Maybe he should make up his mind to destroy [张远景] first. Without him, [白书君] would have no backer, and the little boy would have no mother. In this way, Bella would only have one father.

He recalled that he had met Arthur in the hotel before, who was taking Sophie and Bella to have dinner. They chatted with and laughed. When he saw Bella acting like a spoiled child in front of Arthur and calling him dad, his heart trembled with hatred.

She was his daughter whom he had raised carefully for several years. She was brought up by him. Why did he give her to someone else like this?

Looking at the happy look on Arthur's face, he wanted to punch him. Of course, Arthur was happy, because he had both daughter and son, and the daughter was cultivated by another man.

All of a sudden, he felt he had given up all the good he tried so hard to get to someone else.

He clenched the cigarette case, 'I should do something now!'

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