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   Chapter 138 You Have Changed A Lot

Revenge Game: Beauty's Coming Back By Qiguo Guniang Characters: 10009

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Charles booked a private room, which was small and elegant. Although the decoration was mostly modern elements, it was quiet and tranquil, and somewhat antique.

When Isabella entered the room, he was already there waiting for her. When he saw her, he immediately smiled and patted the chair beside him. "Bella, come here!"

She had been mentally prepared outside. As soon as she saw him, she saw the scene that she was ruthlessly covered to death by him in her previous life. At that time, she really wanted to see love and sadness in her eyes, but there was only calm and indifferent expression on his eyes and face.

Holding her hands tightly, she tried hard to restrain her trembling. Instead of sitting next to him, she sat opposite him.

His face froze slightly. He looked at her and smiled with self-mockery. "Are you still blaming dad?"

She bit her lips and looked a little pale. Of course, she blamed him, not because he was cruel, but because he had given her honey before and spoiled her so much that she could feel the love of a father, and yet he also drugged her, and didn't even feel sorry at all, which made her suspect that his love was just a dream. However, every time she thought of it, the scene that he treated her well flashed through her mind again.

At that time, she was still young. She was hungry after school. When he was cooking, she leaned close to him and kept spinning around. The oil in the pot was just heated, and the oil splashed out. He protected her with his hands so that she was not hurt at all, but his hands were scalded and red. He did not scold her, but said that it was his fault. He said he just learned to cook, and did not control the heart well.

What's more, he took her to learn how to swim. She didn't know how to swim and he hired a coach to teach her. But she was impulsive and reckless at that time. Without using the swimming ring, she jumped into the water alone. At that time, he couldn't swim either. But when he heard that she was struggling in the water, he jumped into the water faster than the coach to save her. At that time, she wasn't drowned, but he fainted as he was choked by the water. She was frightened and didn't dare to swim again.

Later, in order to make her not afraid of water, he went to learn to swim first. Unfortunately, she was too scared by the way he lay motionless by the pool. She didn't dare to swim again, and she was even flustered when she saw the fluctuation of water.

For all these things, she couldn't deny that he loved her, but she was sure that if something related to his own interests happened in the future, he would definitely give up on her.

Charles was nice to people. He loved her and Evelyn, but when it came to his own interests, he could give up his wife and daughters.

Seeing that she was sitting opposite with a pale face, he sighed, poured a cup of hot tea and pushed it in front of her. "It's cold outside. Have a cup of hot tea first to warm up!"

She raised her

have any expectation. But the more he got in touch with it, the more he wanted to get it. This was the so-called boundless avarice.

She didn't want to use cruel means to Charles. She just wanted to separate him from money and power, so that he could live a peaceful life. In this way, the two of them could look at each other from afar and not interfere with each other. In that case, she would not fail his love, and would not give the two people another chance to have conflict.

"Bella, you finally care about me." Looking at the awkward look on her face, he was like watching a child who was making trouble out of nothing. "Dad has been doing well recently, but Arthur would be in trouble!"

Hearing that, she frowned slightly and looked at him.

He didn't continue, "You are a child. You don't understand."

When she was about to continue, the door of the private room opened.

"The dishes are served," said Charles as he took down the things on the table. He warmly asked her to enjoy the dishes, "Come on, Bella. These are your favorite food. Eat more. Don't be on diet as other girls do. It's not good for your health."

She wanted to ask more, but she was afraid that he might overthink, so she lowered her head and poked the dishes on the plate with chopsticks.

"Bella, the New Year is coming. You grandparents are coming. Do you have time to meet them? They really miss you! " said Charles while picking up food for her.

Hearing that, she pursed her lips. She really wanted to laugh. Would they miss her?

She only remembered that her grandparents always disliked her because she was not a boy, and disliked her mother because she refused to give birth to a baby and made them have no grandson. Every time they saw her, they didn't show any good face and liked the little fat boy in her uncle's house.

Seeing that she didn't say anything, he continued, "Your grandparents are old. They always have some old ideas. You are a good girl. Don't be angry with them!"

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