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   Chapter 137 An Appointment With Charles

Revenge Game: Beauty's Coming Back By Qiguo Guniang Characters: 9678

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A light column passed by, which made the two people who were kissing in the car freeze at once. Isabella hurriedly pushed Richard away.

He quickly took a look at her clothes. Fortunately, he suppressed his desire just now, or it would be more serious now.

When the two of them opened the door, they saw a black car coming over. Seeing the two of them, the driver stopped the car. "You two have ten minutes left. Hurry up, or your mother will nag you again!"

Seeing Arthur roll down the window and hearing his words, she smiled, "Dad, you come back so late. Aren't you afraid that mom will nag you too?"

Arthur sighed and shook his head. "You really have a glib tongue." Then he looked at Richard and said, "Drive the car to the garage and live here tonight!"

Richard was stunned and asked cautiously, "Aunt Sophie..."

"Don't worry!" Arthur opened the door and got out of the car. He waved at the driver and patted on Richard's shoulder. "Today, your uncle called me and said that you are alone at home now. He asked to let you live here for some days. Sophie has agreed!"

He smiled and raised his eyebrows again when he looked at Isabella.

Arthur shook his head with a smile, "If Sophie saw that, she would definitely drive you out. You actually did this..."

Richard quickly looked away.

Isabella almost burst into laughter. She walked briskly to Arthur and held his arm. "Dad, let's go back now, or mom will be anxious!"

Arthur raised his hand and patted her hand, "It's too late for you to please me now!"

Then she looked at Richard at once, "Richard, didn't you come back with good wine? Bring it to dad tomorrow and let him have a taste!"

He nodded and said, "Okay!"

Arthur was speechless. The two were determined to make him their accomplice.

On the second day, Isabella and Richard went to the party early.

However, there were always accidents.

When the car had arrived at the hotel, she received an unexpected call.


Seeing that her happy face darkened, he frowned and held her hand.

Holding the phone in a daze for a while, she cleared her throat and asked, "What's up?"

"Have you returned to Tianyun City?"


Seeing that the gloomier expression on her face, he frowned more and more tightly.

"Dad... I miss you. Can I meet you?"

She clenched the phone in her hand and gnashed her teeth. In fact, she had been subconsciously hiding from him since she was reborn. She hated him for killing her, but he did dote on her when she was an ignorant kid. She loved and hated him. Because of love, she couldn't have the heart to revenge. Because of hatred, she couldn't smile warmly to enjoy the love between father and daughter.

"I'm busy now..."

"Bella, I really miss you," said Charles in a hoarse voice, "Bella, I did something wrong. Could you..."

"I really have something to do," she took a deep breat

you hide it from him!"

She glared at him angrily. "It's none of your business."

"He is my good friend!"

She bit her lips and said, "Aren't we friends?"


She pulled off her down jacket and put it on. She sneered, "I'm waiting for that!" 'I'll waiting for the day when you are rejected and dumped by Isabella.'

Seeing Caroline walk out, he didn't move at all. He had known her very well since high school, but he had been a friend to her because Isabella had a good relationship with her. Now it was good that they broke up. But should he tell Bella that Caroline didn't deserve to be her friend?

Isabella was heading to the place fixed by Charles, she didn't know that Caroline wanted to hurt her again. She was brewing the emotions to resist Charles.

Looking at the puzzled look on her face, Richard wanted to ask what she had said to Ryan, but he was afraid that she would overthink. "Bella, do you need me to go with you later?"

"No." she had a complicated feeling for Charles, and she didn't want others to know about many things, even Richard. "You can go to the supermarket to buy something later. I have an appointment with Ryan to have dinner at home tomorrow. By the way, Helen will come back tomorrow. I'll also invite Curtis. We'll have a get-together!"

At first, he was a little angry when he heard that Ryan was going to have dinner at home, but when he heard that it was a gathering of many people, he was finally enlightened. "What do you need to buy? You can make a list!"

"There are so many people. If we cook by ourselves, we must be very tired. We can have hot pot like we had that day. It's easy and convenient!"

"Squeak!" the car stopped in front of the teahouse. He was still a little worried, "You really don't need me to accompany you?"

She shook her head and said, "My houseman, go and buy some food!" Then she quickly opened the door and walked into the teahouse.

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