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   Chapter 136 When Will You Grow Up

Revenge Game: Beauty's Coming Back By Qiguo Guniang Characters: 10207

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"You are going to buy something?" With her head tilted to one side, she looked at Richard up and down, wondering what he was going to buy. "What do you want to buy?"

His face flushed slightly and said, "I was just talking and didn't buy the most important thing. I'll go out again and come back soon!"

Isabella frowned and thought, 'Does he want to buy...'

Thinking of this possibility, she blushed. 'Does he want to take this opportunity... eat her?'

"Ric... Richard, you... "

"I..." He lowered his head and said shyly, "Have you guessed what I'm going to buy?"

She didn't know what to say.

Seeing that she lowered her head and looked very embarrassed, he said, "What's wrong? I'll be back soon. There's a supermarket outside the community. Although it's small, it sells all kinds of things. "

"Richard, I'm still young. I won't be of age until next year..." 'Don't you think it's too early?'

He frowned and didn't understand what she was talking about. He just put the book on the sofa

scared, not only because of their state, but also because she could felt something hard under. She didn't want to do it at the door of her house.

He held her in his arms, leaned his head against her neck and rubbed it hard, "Bella... Sorry to scare you! "

Hearing that, she froze and didn't say anything. It was impossible for her not to be frightened. Richard was her boyfriend, and he only held her hands before. Although sometimes he also kissed her, except for the first time he confessed his love, he only kissed her on the cheek or forehead. But now, he suddenly became passionate and couldn't control himself.

"Richard... What happened to you? " She was a little uncertain. The big change in a person's behavior must be because of the unusual stimulation.

He tightened his arms and hugged her more tightly. "Don't think too much. I just... I miss you so much! "

When she heard his affectionate confession, she really didn't know... ...what to say!

"You... When will you grow up? " He sighed.

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