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   Chapter 135 Going Shopping

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Later, she missed the scholarship. She was an outstanding student and later entered the student union. She was capable, but she was always doing odds and ends. Those glamorous girls could tell her what to do just because of money. Suddenly, she realized that no matter how handsome or talented a man was, he was inferior to a rich and powerful man.

She stopped thinking about Ryan and began to pay attention to her dressing. If she wanted others to notice her, she had to make herself beautiful. As a result, the money from her father was getting more and more insufficient, and her monthly living expenses were only used to buy clothes and cosmetics. In the middle school, she had been making money by tutoring the children of her neighbor. However, if she went out to work and make money now, she would feel embarrassed.

Therefore, she followed a group of vain girls to know rich young men. Even so, her study was as good as before, because she knew that this was the only bargaining chip she could fight with Isabella.

But now, she found that she had another bargaining chip.

Isabella went shopping with Richard, and from the things they bought, they must be very close. But Richard was a problem student. He seemed to become a soldier after he transferred to another school at a young age. What could a soldier have?

Caroline suddenly felt that she could raise her head and straighten her chest. It was the first time that she didn't feel inferior in front of Isabella.

Frowning, Isabella didn't say anything but looked at her.

Although Richard didn't know much about Caroline, he also knew something about her. When he was still in No. 1 High School, the original friend of Isabella, Sissi, was suddenly replaced by Caroline. From then on, as long as he went to find Bella, he could see Caroline. In fact, he thought that Caroline was really not as good as Sissi. Caroline was mean and always looked at people with contempt, which made people feel uncomfortable.

And now he was sure that Isabella was really not good at judging people.

"Carol, are you looking for a sense of superiority from me?" Although she was reluctant to lose her friend, it didn't mean that she could be wronged for unworthy friendship.

She was stunned and smiled awkwardly. She didn't expect that Bella could be so straightforward. "No, no. Don't think too much, Bella. I just want to know your boyfriend!"

"You know whether I think too much or not. Carol, I don't think I have done anything wrong to you. I never thought that we would end up like this. I thought we would be friends forever, but I didn't expect our friendship ends so soon." Her face turned cold. She really didn't understand what was on Caroline's mind, or what happened to her. But it couldn't be a reason for her to bully her friend and let down her feelings.

With a smile on his face, Richard patted on Bella's shoulder and said, "Don't be angry. It's good to know your classmate." Then he looked at Caroline and asked, "Are you Caroline? I'm Richard

d cook!" He pinched her fair face, which was tender and smooth. When he touched it gently, his heart rippled.

"Then choose this one. I like this smell!" She raised the bath liquid in her hand and said, "Lavender smell!"

He took the bath gel from her hand and said, "I don't have many days off this time. If you buy such a big bottle, it will be expired next time I come back!"

"Then buy a small suit. It's convenient for you to take it with you. When you leave, you can take it back to the army and continue to use it. It won't expire."

"You are really virtuous and simple." What he didn't say was that he was a man and didn't need the lavender smell. If his comrades-in-arms smelled it when he returned to the army, they would have a reason to laugh at him.

"Fine! If you don't want to use it, just forget it!" His teasing made her blush. "Just buy these!"

Seeing that she turned around and walked in front, he couldn't help laughing. His eyes lit up when he saw her shy look.

The Qiao house was not a very large one, just an ordinary one with three rooms. It was not as magnificent as the her family's house.

"I've hired an hour worker to clean it before I came back!" Richard said as he took the food into the kitchen.

Without any hesitation, she took off her shoes and went straight to the sofa to sit down. She put her feet on the tea table and said, "Richard, I want to eat meat!"

When he walked out of the kitchen, he frowned and sighed. He walked to the shoe rack and took a pair of soft slippers. "Don't be barefoot!"

She put down her feet and put on the shoes. "I'm wearing socks. Besides, this is the floor. It's not cold!"

"I have to go out to buy something. You have a rest. I'll cook when I come back!" With these words, he found a room and went in to get a book. "This is the study. The two other rooms are bedrooms, but no one has ever lived in them. You can go to the one in the east, where the light is better. This book can relieve your boredom. I'll be back soon!"

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