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   Chapter 134 Met Caroline Again

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Hearing that, Isabella immediately sat up straight and asked in surprise, "are you going with me?"

"You don't want me to go?"

Isabella shook her head and said, "I just don't think you like to be too close to my friends!"

Richard didn't expect that Bella was so sensitive that she could even understand the meaning behind his slight action.

Richard sighed inwardly. It was not that he didn't want to get along with her friends, but that he was afraid that he would be jealous and crazy when he saw other men who were more familiar with Bella than him.

"Bella," Richard didn't want to continue this topic. "After attending your party tomorrow, you can go to the sanatorium with me to see your grandparents, ok?"

Isabella felt a little shy and terrified, but she still felt a little depressed. She still remembered that when Richard went to school, no one took care of him, and no one cared about him. She always thought that his parents were not around, so were his grandparents. It turned out that the two old people were in front of him, but they were too stingy to care about him.

She knew that Richard's father was not Dillon's biological son, but even if he was not his biological son, since he had been adopted at that time, it meant that he had admitted his son. But why did he do this now?

Richard didn't know that Bella was crying for him in his heart, "Bella, my grandparents are always cold and indifferent..."

Was he afraid that she would be treated coldly so that informed she in advance?

"They are also cold to you?"

Richard didn't say anything. In the past, he also felt angry and aggrieved. But now, after experiencing life and death, he suddenly became enlightened. Before life and death, there was nothing important. No matter how his nominal grandparents disliked him, he couldn't be disobedient person first. No matter what others did, as long as he had neither shame nor blush, he could live up to it.

In the evening, Richard was going to make an exclusive meal for Isabella, so he called Sophie first to ask for leave and raised his hand to swear that he would send her back before nine o'clock. Then the two of them went to the Richard's house.

Before they went to the Richard's house, the two of them went to the supermarket again.

In fact, in the army, Richard didn't need to cook by himself. He only went to the downtown with the army's purchasing car occasionally when he needed to buy something. Now it was his turn to buy He was confused.

He used to go shopping with the army and buy vegetables at a fixed point. The dishes were fresh, but when they arrived at the supermarket, they were all delicately packaged, which made him feel that they were not enough to eat.

With the help of the shopping cart, Isabella asked Richard what they needed from time to time. Richard nodded and she put it in the cart. But in the end, she still didn't believe in his cooking skills. What kind of dishes needed so many materials?

"Richard, there are only two of us. Are you going to make a big pot of food like in the army?"

Richard was also a little surprised. He just felt

turdy, but because of his white face, he became less tough and quieter. He nodded to Isabella.

Caroline let go of Jonny and held on to Isabella's arm. "This is the one I often mentioned to you. We all call her Bella. Her stepfather is Arthur Zhang, the richest man in Tianyun City. He is very powerful."

Isabella didn't mind others talking about her family, but Caroline's frivolous and joyful tone made her uncomfortable.

It seemed that Jonny didn't notice the emotion in Caroline's tone. "Hello!"

In theory, Isabella should have introduced Richard to these two people, but somehow, she was not in the mood to be polite. "You are also here to buy something, aren't you? Hurry up. I won't hold you up! "

It seemed that Caroline had changed from an introverted girl to a cheerful girl since middle school. She held on to Isabella's hand and said, "You haven't introduced your boyfriend yet!"

In fact, how could Caroline not know Richard? They were all students from the No. 1 High School of the Tianyun City. Although Richard was three grades higher than them, he was so famous because he often fought with others before he was transferred to the army.

But Caroline pretended not to know him. It was not that she wanted to make things difficult for Isabella, but that she had an obstacle in her heart.

As Isabella's best friend, she had always been overwhelmed by Isabella, not only her family but also her study. Later, Curtis got close to Isabella and she became his girlfriend. But later, she found that Isabella was not sad at all. Isabella had no feelings for Curtis at all.

Therefore, she broke up with Curtis. When she saw that Ryan had a crush on her, the spring in her heart began again. She also felt that something was wrong, but in the end, she couldn't help but want to compete with him.

Therefore, she wanted to chase after Ryan again. However, Ryan was obviously more difficult to deal with than Curtis. He was not far away from her and answered her questions in front of Isabella, but only when the two of them were together, she was invisible.

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