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   Chapter 133 Richard's Worries

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Isabella was stunned by what Ryan said and didn't know how to react.

With a smile on his face, Richard patted Isabella's head and said, "Are you silly? I'll go to the sanatorium to visit Grandpa and grandma tomorrow. You have whole day to do your personal affairs. "

Isabella pursed her lips. In fact, she wanted to go with Richard. This was also another way of meeting parents, wasn't it?

As if not noticing the interaction between the two people and the unwillingness of Isabella, Ryan said, "Bella, I'll pick you up tomorrow. You don't know that I asked you to go home together before. In fact, I had already arrived at your school at that time, but I didn't know the position of your dormitory. I just wanted to inquire about it. I didn't expect that you are quite famous in your school, especially those boys, whose eyes are shining when mentioned you! "

Hearing that, the corners of Isabella's mouth twitched. "Really?"

Without leaving, Ryan stood there and said to Isabella, "Besides, Caroline has changed a lot, and Curtis wants to talk to you."

Isabella hadn't seen Caroline for a long time, "How is Carol now? I heard that she is very good at her school! "

"She has changed so much now, as if I didn't know her before. I still remember that the four of us used to stay together every day, read books and study, go to the park to buy snacks, and then skip classes together. I thought the four of us would be together forever, but I didn't expect that..." Ryan's face was full of nostalgia, recalling the pure and simple time at that time.

At the thought of that time, a lot of feelings welled up in Isabella's heart too. It was not until Richard held her hand too hard that she came to her senses. "Ryan, let's keep in touch tomorrow!"

It was obvious that Isabella was trying to drive him away. Ryan nodded and looked at Richard with embarrassment, "Sorry to have taken up your time, but we haven't separated from middle school to high school. Later, although we didn't get together in the University, we tried our best to help each other when we had a holiday or when there was any difficulty." Then he said with an apologetic smile, "Look at me, I was stimulated by the change of Carol, I'm leaving now. You guys have a good talk! "

Seeing that Ryan had gone far, Isabella sighed with emotion. The reason why she didn't want to have more contact with Caroline was that she felt the change of Caroline, so she flinched.

"I don't know if Carol has gone too far, so that the rational Ryan behaves like a woman!" Isabella believed what Ryan said.

But Richard not, he still remembered the time when he quarreled with Bella and wanted to break up. Ryan's determined smile and provocative words showed that he coveted Bella.

Ryan's words implied that they grew up together and stayed together every day. And he, who appeared occasionally, had to step aside.

Richard had been repressing his emotions all the time, not only for his love for Bella, but also for his attitude to people around her. He couldn't always b

bout. They can't always be with their girlfriends or wives. When they are in a bad mood, sick and in trouble, the one who stays with them won't be their closest husband. Mom asked me to think about whether I can live such a life with you."

Isabella bit her lips and lowered her head, without saying anything. Indeed, in the past, she hoped more that Richard could be with her, even if he did nothing but accompanied her to eat and drink, which made her feel relieved. But at that time, she could only sit there alone, thinking about how to face and solve the problem.

Feeling sorry for Isabella, Richard held her in his arms again and said, "Bella, if you are willing to Go with the army? " To be honest, Richard thought he was shameless and selfish. Every girl yearned for a prosperous and beautiful city. He felt sad when he thought about taking Bella to such a remote and desolate place. Besides, Bella was not alone. She had drawn design drawings for JX Costume since junior high school, and registered a company of SY Culture since college. All these showed that she was a very ambitious person. Was she willing to stay behind the army and wait for him to visit her occasionally?

Before Isabella could say anything, Richard said decisively, "I'm just kidding!"

Isabella didn't answer. She was only seventeen years old, and there were still many things she wanted to do. If she was restrained in the small place with the army, she would feel sorry, and also reluctant to leave her life now. She didn't know how many years she would live like that.

Richard patted Isabella's back and looked away. The two of them didn't feel bored even if they didn't talk.

About half an hour later, Richard's tightly knitted eyebrows spread out, feeling relieved and relieved. "Bella, are you going to the party mentioned by Ryan tomorrow?"

"Go ahead. I've said that I'll pay the bill to compensate them. If I don't go, it seems that I'll escape from the order!"

"Well, I'll go with you tomorrow," said Richard in a low voice

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