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   Chapter 131 Strange Evan

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After cleaning up and changing her clothes, as soon as Isabella walked out of the bedroom door, she saw Evan fumbling through her precious bookshelf with an inquiring look on his face. "Don't you know what invasion of other people's privacy is?"

Evan turned around and saw the disgust on Isabella's face. He could not help but curl his lips,"Is the thing placed in the living room also privacy?"

"We haven't been familiar enough to each other yet," said Isabella. She walked to the door and put on her down jacket. "Let's go. There is a tea house outside the community. Let's go there!"

"Are you afraid of being with me?" Sitting on the sofa, Evan continued to read the book in the green grid. "Have you read all the books in it?"

"No, I bought them for decoration," said Isabella fiercely. "Are you leaving or not?"

Evan chuckled. Looking at the angry look on Isabella's face, he felt very relieved. If you hadn't hung up the phone, I would still be in the car downstairs. "It's easier to ask for someone's help than to send him away. Haven't you heard this sentence?"

Ask for help?

"Who invited you?" Isabella frowned, "Then what are you doing here?"

Isabella had to admit that these powerful people were really good at investigating people. They not only found out her phone number, but also her address. Perhaps this person had also found out the background of her ancestors for eight generations.

Evan was shrugging and said, "I wanted to invite you to dinner to thank you, but now You have to invite me to dinner to comfort my broken heart. "

Clenching her fists, Isabella asked, "what does it have to do with me that you are injured?"

"Of course it's your business. And I want to eat what you cook!" Evan put his feet on the tea table, trembling like a master in the old society.

With a sigh, Isabella threw her down jacket on the sofa, found a sofa block and sat down. "Evan, we have agreed that I will help you out of the competition. As long as you win, we will be clear, and you promise not to badger me again."

Evan's face darkened, "do you still feel wronged? It's your honor to be found by me. Many people want to get close to me, but you dislike me? "

Isabella agreed very much that many people wanted to rely on him. She saw with her own eyes, like Tiffany in her dormitory was a living example. "Then you can go to find those people. I don't appreciate it."

"Humph! I just like you. You have to rely on me! " Evan's face suddenly became better. "Go and cook for me. Four cold dishes, four hot dishes and one soup. They must be delicious or I can't eat them."


"Well, you don't like me. Are you afraid that I will fall in love with you and sleep with you?" Evan leafed through the snacks in the box and said, "you are good-looking, but I have more women than you have seen. Don't worry. I'm not interested in a child."

"Then you..."

Evan opened a bag of imported nuts, picked up one and put it into his mouth. "What I value is your driving skill, and your

uck? No matter what happened, everything went smoothly?

When Isabella arrived at home, the car door was opened before she could react.

As soon as she looked up, she saw a stiff olive green man poking his head beside the car and looking at her with a smile.


Richard bowed and reached out his hand, "Miss Isabella, please get off the car!"

Isabella pushed him with a smile, "Why can't I get in touch with you when you go back?"

With a smile, Richard pulled Isabella out of the car and said, "So I came back as soon as I had time!"

She took a closer look at him and found that there were bruises in his eyes. Although he was still very energetic, the tiredness on his face could be seen that he hadn't had a good rest for a long time.

"Then why don't you go back to have a rest but come here? By the way, how do you know I'm back? "

Richard didn't answer, "I haven't had dinner yet. I'm waiting for you. I've told uncle and aunt just now that we'll go out to have dinner!"

"Okay," said Isabella with a smile

Richard held Isabella's hand tighter and said, "Let's go!"

The two of them had a good meal. Since they hadn't seen each other for a long time, the two of them had a lot to talk about. But most of the time, Isabella talked to him, and Richard had been listening quietly.

"Richard, my SY Culture finally won't lose money!"

"Did the capable man help you?" Richard remembered what Isabella had told him. "Is his name Steven?"

Isabella nodded, "Yes, he is. In fact, he is a powerful person. In my place, he is the dragon trapped in the shallow water. One day he will have a wider world, so I still have to find someone who is good at management."

Richard raised his hand and touched the head of Isabella. He rubbed it and said, "The little girl has grown up. She has been talking and doing things clearly!"

Hearing that, Isabella raised her chin proudly and said, "That's right. By the way, how are you doing in the army? Will you still disappear like this? "

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