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   Chapter 63 A Helpful Uncle

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Sophie held Isabella's hand tightly. She felt so sorry for her. She knew that Charles had an affair, but she would rather not go home than propose a divorce. She didn't want to divorce and hurt her daughter. Later, her daughter found that Charles had an affair and persuaded her to divorce. She thought that Bella wouldn't be hurt as she supported her divorce, but it turned out that it was not the case. In parents' divorce, the child was the one who was hurt the most, no matter how invincible the child was.

"Bella, it's my fault. I shouldn't have divorced!"

Isabella shook her head while crying, "No, it's because I'm not outstanding enough that dad hates me. That's why he has a new daughter with another woman."

Although seeing Sophie sad made her heart ache, she had to be cruel to finish the play.

"Dad, can you tell me what kind of daughter you like? I will do it. Please don't... Don't like someone else. "

Charles reached across the table and touched the top of her head, with tears in his eyes, "Bella, don't cry. I like you all the time. It's not your fault that dad and mom divorced.

It's my fault. I have made you sad.

Bella, it's not because I don't want to see you. It's because I don't... I haven't chosen a gift for you. "

Biting her lips, Isabella looked at Evelyn and said, "Dad, can you tell me the truth? Is Evelyn really you and... Is she your daughter? Is she also your daughter like me? "

Hearing that, Charles's hand trembled and felt a little embarrassed.


Sophie pulled away his hand and held Isabella in her arms. "Bella, stop asking!"

Of course, she would ask. She wanted to let Charles tell her everything in person. She wanted him to admit that he had an affair with Yolanda, who also works in a government department, during his wife's pregnancy. Moreover, they had a daughter shamelessly. In order to keep his job, he made up a new identity for his another daughter by taking advantage of his position.

"Dad, Evie is really your daughter, isn't she?"

Charles remained silent.

Isabella just wanted him to be silent. "She's only half a year younger than me. That is to say, when mom was pregnant, you already had another daughter, right?

But even so, why did Evelyn say that I stole her father? Dad, she took you away from me, and her mother took my dad away. Is that true? "

Charles lowered his head in embarrassment. He couldn't deny what she had said. In addition, Evelyn had already told most of the truth.

In Sophie's arms, she smiled in a low voice. She knew how to act, and she had a professional spectator.

Arthur reached out and held Sophie and Isabella in his arms. He looked at Charles with a low face and said, "Mr. Lou, you should know how much money you have spent to get your current position and power. You did help me a lot at this position, but it wouldn't matter to me if you were another person."

Charles frowned and said, "Mr. Zhang, of course I'v

She didn't know what he was going to do. "Mr. Zhang, we'll be there soon. Please don't bother to send me to the classroom. My classmates won't bully me."

"Will I embarrass you by showing up in your class?" Arthur was amused by the serious look on her face.

"Of course not. I just don't want to waste your time!"

They had arrived at the classroom. The students were doing homework and reading. The class teacher was sitting in front of the desk and reading. When they came back, they made a big noise.

Mr. Liu, of course, knew Arthur was principal's good friend, so he was about to say something.

However, Arthur spoke first, but not to him, but to Isabella. He raised her voice slightly and said, "Bella, if anyone dares to speak rudely to you in the future, just teach him a lesson. Come to me if he is injured or disabled!"

After saying that, he patted on her shoulder, and then nodded at Mr. Liu. Without saying anything, he turned around and left.

Although Arthur was over forty years old, he was a scholarly businessman with elegant temperament, as gentle as jade. Coupled with his domineering performance, he attracted the attention of the girls in the classroom.

"How domineering he is!"

"He's so handsome!"

"That's what a true man should be. He's mature, steady and overbearing. Wow, he's so handsome!"

Isabella didn't think he was handsome. He was just moved. He insisted on sending her to the door of the classroom just to say this, so that she wouldn't be bullied in the future. That was what her parents should do, but Arthur did it.

After thinking, she remembered that Richard was sent to her by Arthur. She didn't know what to say except gratitude.

After bowing to Mr. Liu apologetically, she went back to her seat. As soon as she sat down, she felt that her back was poked two times. She turned around and saw a flattering smile on Curtis's face. "Who is he? He is a true man! "

'Who is he?'

"He is my future father!"

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