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   Chapter 61 A Slap In The Face

Revenge Game: Beauty's Coming Back By Qiguo Guniang Characters: 10174

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That was the way Evelyn was in her previous life.

"I think you'd better make it clear. What did I steal from you? Do you have anything worth stealing? " Looking at the red eyed Evelyn, Isabella was a little annoyed. In her previous life, she always had red eyes, which made everyone think that she bullied her, but it was not true.

"Don't you know what you stole from me?" All of a sudden, Evelyn's voice became sharp. "In this dance competition, the judge said that your basic skills were not very poor. Maybe your mother gave some money to the judges to bride them. Otherwise, how could you be ranked? Without you, I would have been ranked third rather than fourth. I should be the one to get the qualification to participate in the provincial competition. Besides, my father loves my mother, but your mother has always been occupying him. Your mother is shameless, and you are shameless. Your mother has stolen my father, and now you are stealing Tom. If you really like him, you can do it, but you are obviously doing this to revenge on me and my mother. Why are you so vicious? "

Biting her lips and clenching her fists, Isabella was furious. She had never seen such a person who was obviously distorting the truth and slandering her and her mother. She said, "Evelyn, go back and ask Charles who the real mistress is. If you dare to talk nonsense again, I will make the evidence of his infidelity in his marriage public. Do you believe it? Don't forget that both your mother and Charles are government officials. A good reputation is very important to them. You don't know, but I believe that they must know. If my mother hadn't suppressed it, do you think you still have today's good life? "

"Isabella Lou!" Evelyn was fierce both in look and voice. In fact, her mother had warned her more than once not to provoke Isabella, but she was just angry. Isabella was smart, worked hard, danced well, and was good at calligraphy... She felt as if she were surrounded by Isabella, and she couldn't breathe. Since she knew Thomas, she seemed to have finally jumped out of the encirclement. But recently, he refused to go home with her by various excuses. She had followed him yesterday, but she didn't expect that he would secretly follow Isabella. How could she accept this?

"Your mother is shameless, and you are more shameless. Bitch, you are a bandit..."


The sound was clear and decisive, making people tremble.

Isabella shook her hand. She really did hit her hard. "Evelyn, don't bite me like a mad dog. I don't want to argue with a mad dog. The mad dog bit me. I can't bite it back, but I can beat it back!"

"Isabella, I'll kill you!" Evelyn felt pain in her face and was embarrassed. Her eyes were red. She rushed to Isabella.

Isabella had thought that there would be a fierce battle between them, but she didn't expect that Thomas would stop Evelyn.

"Evie, don't you think it's too unreasonable for you to quarrel in other people's classroom?" Thomas stood in front of Evelyn and said with a serious look

rd that you were so vicious in your class. A child like you has problems in nature. No matter how many honors you can bring to the school, it is unforgivable." an old woman with a black frame glasses and a bun suddenly said, "Anyway, Isabella has been recommended to the high school department, I don't think she needs to stay in the school in the following days. "

Isabella had a livid face. "Ms. Wang, although you are the grade teacher of the third grade, you are not the principal. You have no right to expel or drive away a student. Besides, without knowing the truth, you actually slander a person's personality and dignity. Even if I am just a student, you can't do that. I have the right to sue you!"

Ms. Wang, the grade teacher, suddenly changed her face. "Isabella Lou, you are just a student, but you dare to speak rudely to your teacher. If you really have any great achievement in the future, you will only treat others with contempt. I'm the grade teacher and I don't have the right to expel you, but I have the right to tell the principal the truth. It's up to the principal whether to expel you or not. "

"What's more, Evie has been wronged. She needs to go to a regular hospital for examination, and all the expenses should be paid by Isabella, to be exact, Isabella's guardian. Ms. Bai, our school is only responsible for teaching, and the students' character will be influenced by their parents. Please teach your daughter more in the future, and don't be busy making money all day long!"

Staring at Ms. Wang's face, and then looking at the aggrieved but bright eyes of Yolanda and Evelyn, Isabella already knew the relationship between Ms. Wang and Yolanda. She was not that stupid.

When Sophie heard that Isabella would be expelled, she was a little flustered. Anyway, these would be recorded in the file, which would affect Bella's life. As long as she thought of that, she was flustered. "Ms. Wang, we apologize. As long as you don't expel her, we will pay the medical fees and mental damage!"

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