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   Chapter 60 Being Promoted In The Provincial Competition

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'Wait for me? What does it mean?'

Isabella looked at Richard in astonishment.

Richard sighed, 'It should be he who is waiting for her. She is still so young. He hopes that she will grow up soon.'

"Nothing. I mean I don't know if I can be there on the day of your competition. I want you to wait for me!"

"Never mind. If you really can't go by then, it doesn't matter. I'll ask someone to take a photo and send it to you by mail. I promise it will be the same as what you see on the scene. Besides, I am amateur, I'm afraid I won't even be able to get a rank!"

"No, you won't. Don't worry. I have confidence in you!" He didn't like such Bella without confidence. His Bella should have the momentum to take risks and be energetic every day.

She gave him a punch, "No matter what, I will try my best, regardless of the result!"

"That's real Isabella!"

In the end, Richard was unable to treat others for Isabella. Before noon of the second day, he couldn't resist his mother Lucia's urge and got the ticket sent by a special person. He had no choice but to go back early.

But the celebration party, excluding the intriguing eyes of Thomas, was very satisfying to her.

Then, the whole school knew about Isabella's taking part in the competition. The morning newspaper and evening newspaper began to take turns to report it. When everything finally quieted down, she finally felt relaxed. At this time, she found that it was hard to be a well-known person who she had envied before.

You win some, you lose some. Indeed, because of the dance competition, she was a little tired in the study. It was a feeling she had never had before. When she took the monthly exam again, she fell behind Ryan, and then she found that her energy was limited.

Ryan seemed to have noticed her efforts, so he offered to make up the lesson for her, and his notes were more and more detailed.

And Curtis didn't want to take her time for the tutoring, so Caroline took the initiative to take up the responsibility of his study.

Before the provincial dance competition, Isabella received a letter from Richard. She was a little disappointed that he couldn't go to the scene, but she was still very active to prepare for the competition. On the eve of the competition, she didn't ask anyone to accompany her, but followed the teacher to provincial capital S City.

Without even asking her mother to go with her, she was just like a hero fighting alone.

However, before the competition, she saw an unexpected person, Thomas!

"Why are you here?"

Thomas chuckled and raised the bag in his hand, "Just in case. There's food and drink as well as... Paint in it. "

She was speechless. Did he always want her to have a bad luck?

"I don't need paint this time, and I'm neither thirsty nor hungry. All you prepared are unnecessary."

"It doesn't matter. Anyway, I'm here to cheer you up," said Thomas, without caring her cold words at all.

Without saying a word, she reflected on what she had said and done in the past. Had she misled him into believing that they were already good friends?

However, she didn't think of anything in

ce, you'll have a good future. But I think dancing is a profession only for young persons, and I feel it's tough. I'm just telling you my opinion. Don't take it seriously."

"I know what you mean. I don't want to dance all the time. Dancing is just a hobby. If you want to ask me what kind of industry I like, I can tell you that I like lawyers. Lawyers are so handsome!"

His cautious expression relaxed and he lowered his head slightly. "Really? Then you can apply for the law when you take the college entrance examination! "

She nodded. She just had this intention.

He pushed the notebook in front of her again and said, "Then you focus on reading!"

Seeing that he had returned to his seat, she began to stare at his notebook in a daze. Richard usually wrote to her once a week, but he hadn't written in two weeks. She was wondering why. 'Is he delayed by something? Or is he beaten up by that company commander again?'

When Thomas saw Ryan leave from her side, his face darkened. He hadn't even kicked away Richard, but now there were several more boys around her. On the way to and from school, a boy came out from nowhere and escorted her to and from school every day, leaving him no chance to get close to her.

"Isabella, come out!" A sweet voice made the class quiet.

Isabella turned around and looked at the back door of the classroom. A yellow figure was looking at her angrily.


It seemed that she was here to quarrel.

But Isabella was not afraid of her. She stood up and walked over. Squinting slightly, she looked disdainfully at the noisy Evelyn, "You're in Grade One. I'm your senior. Do you have any manners? Why are you yelling at our classroom door? Didn't your parents tell you it's not good?"

"Isabella, don't say those useless words to me," said Evelyn, glaring at her. But when she saw Thomas, her face turned red and her tone softened. "I don't mind that you took a lot of things from me, but not including Tom. He has always taken care of me. He is a good boy. Please don't make use of him, okay?"

'Damn it! Is this a tragedy play?'

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