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   Chapter 41 Confrontation

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"Today, I went to the lake with Shelton and met this guy... He insulted Shelton first. After going ashore, he hit Luke. I really couldn't stand it, so I bit him. Although I bit him too hard, it was because he went too far that I couldn't control my strength! " Although her explanation was ambiguous, it was clear that although Jerry was injured, he deserved it.

Hearing that, Jerry frowned. To him, the process of her explanation was generally correct, but he just found it strange.

He did laugh at Shelton first, but when he hit Luke later, they had agreed to fight one-on-one.

After Isabella had finished her words, even he felt that he was unpardonable!

Jerry thought for a long time and didn't know what the problem was.

"Jerry, is that the case?"

Hearing his grandma's questioning, he wanted to shake his head.

"Dare you say that you didn't call Shelton fool? Dare you say that you didn't hit Luke? " "I dare to admit that I bit you. What are you afraid of?" Isabella's mocking eyes and words really drove him mad. "Don't you dare admit it now?"


Jerry, who could have thought rationally, was so angry that he stood up from the sofa with a whoosh, "It's me. So what?"

With a smile in her eyes, Isabella breathed a sigh of relief. He finally fell into the trap.

"So what? Is that what I taught you? " His grandmother raised her hand and slapped him on the shoulder, "You brat, did you just digested what I had taught you before?"

Not only his wrist but also his shoulder began to hurt. His left wrist was injured, and now his right shoulder was hit. He couldn't care about both sides, so he could only say discontentedly, "Grandma, it hurts!"

"Only when it hurts can you remember your lesson!"

Jerry's grandmother looked gentle and introverted, but when she taught her grandson a lesson, she was obviously not soft hearted at all.

"Please don't hit him. It's just a fight between kids. Don't take it serious. They may make peace soon. We know what kind of person Jerry is." Joanna tried to persuade her. Then she gave Luke a look.

It seemed Luke had cooperated with his grandmother for many years and understood what she meant. He immediately walked to Jerry and called him away.

At first, Isabella wanted to see Jerry being taught for more a while, but the show ended before it started.

As Wendy went to the kitchen to cook again, Isabella guessed that it was over. Pulling the sleeve of Shelton, she said, "Let's go!" 'Don't disturb the talk about grandchildren between the two old women!'

Although they had just had a fight, these two people had been in the same class since Jerry transferred to S City. They had been in the same class from grade three in primary school to the second year of junior high school. In these several years, they had been fighting and joking, but this was the first time that one of them bled.

Therefore, even if the two of them had just fought, they could still enter the guest room to play games peacefully.

ed his sleeve and said, "Jerry..."

Of course, Albert saw the other children's impatient faces. What attracted them was the game machines in Jerry's room.

"Well, you can go and have fun!" Albert finally let them go, but then he said, "Girl, stay and talk with me!"

Shelton and Luke were a little surprised. After all, Albert had never been so kind to such a junior. Although he looked so kind, it was absolutely an illusion.

Tina was dissatisfied, and the other two boys couldn't wait to enter Jerry's room. It could be seen that these two boys often played with Jerry.

Jerry was more disappointed. He had planned to show his game machines to Isabella, so that she would be jealous.

Seeing that they went to Jerry's room, Isabella breathed a sigh of relief. She would rather chat with this old man than play some stupid violent games with the kids.

"Have you practiced calligraphy?" Albert refilled the cup and sat down on the sofa.

"Not really," said Isabella at once.

What she said was interesting. 'Not really?'

"Write two characters to show me!" After saying that, he went upstairs.

Isabella frowned slightly, but she followed him.

As soon as she entered the study of Albert, she smelled a familiar ink aroma. Then she saw a large bookshelf. There were three walls and three bookshelves filled with books.

What did she like most after her rebirth?

Different from other reborn people, she was not obsessed with making money. She preferred books.

On the one hand, it was because she didn't take her favorite major and go to the school she liked in her previous life. On the other hand, it was also because she was beautiful and enchanting. Although she couldn't see it now, she thought her face wouldn't change much. She didn't want to be a vase or to be said to be a tramp or a mistress. She would like to change her temperament with books.

At this time, when she saw all the books in the room, she only had one thought, that was to take them as her own.

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