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   Chapter 40 Biting

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Jerry twisted the corner of his clothes to wring it out. 'I was so unlucky. Why was I next to the lunatic Luke? I was just joking, but he just threw a punch to me without saying anything. The boat is small, so I fell directly into the lake. Is there anything more shameful than this?'

Jerry rolled up his sleeves. There was still water around his amorous eyes, but they were full of anger because he was irritated. However, because they were too blurred, they looked a little... Strange.

Luke was also wet. With a thin body, he was standing in front of Shelton and Isabella. "Then let's fight, one to one!"

'Is he protecting me and Shelton?'

"Jerry, forget it!"

Someone persuaded, "We are all friends. And just now, Luke hit you because we laughed at his brother. Forget it!"

"Yeah! We are brothers! "

"Who is his brother? He and that idiot are brothers. Jerry, no one has ever dared to hurt you since you were born. We can't just let him go! "

Isabella looked at the arrogant and domineering girl with a pair of triangular eyes. Her mean look was annoying. Then Isabella turned to look at Jerry, "It's said that a gentleman will take promise more seriously than his life. I don't think you wimpy kids can understand this!"

Looking at the extremely beautiful girl, Jerry raised the corners of his mouth and said, "Who the hell are you talking about? You are the youngest one here! "

"But I keep my words and keep my promise!"

Looking at the forceful girl, Jerry curled his lips and looked at Luke, "One to one!"

The girl who had just spoken rolled her eyes at Isabella.

Then she rolled her eyes back at her immediately.

Isabella was looking at the two boys fighting. She had to admit that Luke was not proficient in fighting. What's worse, he was fighting with Jerry, who seemed to be good at fighting.

She had thought that Luke would have a chance of winning if Jerry agreed to fight one-on-one. Now it seemed that she was too optimistic.

When Luke got another punch on his belly, Shelton was about to rush forward.

Shelton was big, but as soon as he rushed up, those guys over there would also rush forward.

Isabella decided to do it herself.

"Shelton, you wait here. I'll do it!"

After taking off her backpack and throwing it on the ground, she rushed up, grabbed Jerry's arm and bit it.

Jerry was waving his fists happily. Luke was so thin. If Jerry hadn't caught him off guard, how could he have been hit into the water?

But he didn't expect that a person would suddenly rush forward. He wanted to give a punch, but when he saw that it was a little girl, he stopped. He never hit girls.

When he was still struggling, she had already lowered her head and bit his wrist.

The others were stunned. Wasn't it one-to-one? Why did she rush forward?

It was just a fight, but the sight of blood seemed to be a big dea

his face.

"Luke, did you hurt Jerry's wrist?" Wendy was very rude. As soon as she confirmed the perpetrator, she began to lecture him.

Isabella felt sorry for him secretly. It seemed that he had fought too many times in the past, so he had become a habitual suspect.

Shelton raised his hand immediately, "Mom, it's me..."

Wendy shook her head helplessly. "What are you doing? Do you want to take the blame for him again? "

"Luke, you are not allowed to have dinner today. And don't go out for fun during this holiday. Just stay at home and reflect on yourself!" Although Wendy was a weak woman, she wasn't weak at all when she gave orders. "Besides, apologize to Jerry!"

Luke had no objection to not having dinner, not going out for fun and reflecting on himself, but he was not willing to apologize.

When they fought, Jerry had punched him a lot. How could he apologize?

Obviously, Jerry didn't think so.

Jerry sat on the sofa, leaning on the backrest leisurely, and smiled complacently. 'Apologize? I like it.'

However, instead of looking at Luke, he looked at Isabella provocatively, as if saying, "Aren't you awesome? Why do you let someone else take the blame and apologize for you?"

When she saw his eyes, she was really angry!

She pulled Luke over and stood in front of him. "Grandma, aunt, I bit him on his wrist!"

Therefore, everyone in the room was shocked!

Jerry, a tall and big boy, was bitten by a weak girl?

And she bit him so hard?

"Bella, why did you bite him?" Her grandmother Joanna was very helpless. She had never been angry with her obedient granddaughter, but the injured child's parent was still here, so she had to question her.

Taking a glance at Jerry, who was sitting on the sofa, she said, "This boy..."

"Bella, watch your language!" Joanna said again.

'Well, even when talking to a person who did something wrong, you should be gentle.'

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