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   Chapter 39 A Tour

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"Shelton, let's eat less at noon and go out to eat something delicious in the afternoon!" Holding back the bitterness in her heart, Isabella smiled.

"You don't need to eat less. You can go out now. Go for a tour. When you feel tired, you can dine outside," their grandma came over with a book in her hand. She smiled and said, "Be careful on the way. Have a good time!"

Shelton looked at Bella and smiled, and so did she.

"Thank you, grandma!"

"Thank you, grandma!"

The two of them ran out with a smile. Even if it was hot, the two of them were still in high spirits. Isabella had seen many snacks or things in his previous life, but this time she was still very happy.

Shelton's face turned red because of the heat, and his blue T-shirt was already wet. He was still happily introducing all kinds of snacks to her.

He didn't have many friends. Even if he was close to some guys, they often made fun of him, or cheated him into making a fool of himself to amuse others. Now his beautiful cousin didn't dislike him, and didn't mind his slow or disorderly speech. He was naturally happy, and he wanted to tell everything he knew to her.

Isabella was also very happy, because her listening attentively could make him so happy.

The two of them were tired after the walk, so they found an authentic Restaurant of Hot and Sour Rice Noodles for lunch. The two of them might be really hungry, and even in the hot summer, they still had a good appetite.

Isabella had a bowl of Hot and Sour Rice Noodles and a guokui. Shelton even ate more. He had a bowl of Hot and Sour Rice Noodles and three guokui, which greatly shocked Isabella.

In the afternoon, the two of them didn't have a rest. Shelton took her to the lake in the park for rowing.

In her previous life and this life, she had never played like this.

In the past, she had been entangled with her family every day. After she was reborn, she began to fight against Charles and others. Although Richard often took her to eat all kinds of snacks, it was rare for her to be so relaxed.

The park Shelton took her to was named Sea Mountain Park, a place where he often visited. There were pavilions, small hills, curved bridges and water.

In the park, the trees were green and all kinds of flowers were a feast to the eyes.

Even in the hot summer, sitting on the stone table and stone chair under the forest was still very cool and pleasant.

Shelton rented a boat and two life-saving suits.

"Shelton, can't you swim either?" She didn't mean to make fun of him. She just thought that if he didn't know how to swim, she could learn with him and be his partner.

He blushed and scratched his head, "I only know dog paddle."

"You are better than me. I'm scared when I see water. I wonder if I was drowned in water when I was a child," said Isabella.

Hearing this, he smiled sheepishly. No one had ever praised him, "You are so smart. If you learn it, you must be able to swim better than me!"

"Really? Then you can teach me! "

Looking at her sweet smile, he nodded, and then asked doubtfully, "Do you want to learn the dog paddle? It wil

, Luke had become a drowned rat. He didn't forget to fight with another brat in the water. It seemed that he was good at swimming.

As soon as Shelton saw him fall into the water, he stood up and was about to jump into the water. However, in a hurry, Isabella stopped him and said, "You can't help, and Luke will have to take care of you if you jump. Don't do that."

So he didn't jump.

"Let's row the boat over and pull Luke up!"

Shelton was very obedient. He took action as soon as she gave an order.

The two of them approached and pulled Luke up in a hurry, but people on the other two boats didn't want to let it go. They pulled the person in the water up and also rowed the boat to the shore.

Of course, they were not reconciled. They had been punched two times by Luke for no reason. Their eyes were so painful that they couldn't open them. Of course, they had to pay him back.

Almost as soon as they reached the shore, the people on the two boats also reached the shore.

"Luke, how could you leave like this after beating someone?"

Isabella took a look at the wet boy standing in front of them. He was different from Shelton with thick eyebrows and big eyes, and different from Luke with a handsome appearance. He looked... He was so fierce and arrogant.

"Either let me beat you up today, or you jump into the water and soak in it for three hours!" The boy said, pointing at the lake.

Only then did she notice that the boy's eyes seemed to be a little unusual. There was a trace of blue light in the black. 'He's mixed-blood? No wonder his nose is so straight.'

Now she looked carefully and found that although this boy's skin was a little black, it was not as black as other children's. His lips were red, and even his eyes were a little different from others, which were slender and raised. Was this the legendary amorous eyes? More importantly, there was a silkworm under his eyes. He was really the epitome of many beauties.

"Jerry Lin, if you want to fight, come at me!"

Jerry was half a head taller than Luke, but he was not afraid at all.

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