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   Chapter 38 What Does He Like

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Isabella shook her head and said, "If he can speak faster, I hope he could tell you his grievances by himself."

"If he can't stand such grievance, he's really too weak in resisting strike!" Lucia was still ruthless.

"Oh, it's so easy for you to say that. If you were him, wouldn't you feel wronged?" Hearing what she said, Isabella felt angry.

"Little girl, there are many families like us in the country. We have to sacrifice our families for the country!"

Isabella sneered, "Sacrifice your families for the country? You're too roundabout. You are much greater than you thought. You are obviously giving up your family. No matter how dedicated you are, I hope you can let Richard choose his own future. Maybe he doesn't choose the path you want, but he likes it. After all, without your company in his life, perhaps he could do something he likes, and it would make him happier! "

Lucia had never been taught by a little girl. "Do something he likes? He can do it, but not go astray!

Richard hasn't done anything bad, but it doesn't mean that he will do everything right in the future. What I need to do now is to give him a right view of the world and life, so that he won't choose the wrong path in the future."

Hearing that, Isabella bit her lips. She had no right to judge as Lucia wanted to teach her son. However, she thought of the business talent he had in her previous life. If he joined the army now, who would be the CEO of YZ Group in the future?

Although she bit her lips and didn't say anything, the angry look in her eyes could not be ignored. "What do you want to say? Don't hold it back!"

It had to be said that Lucia was very curious about this observant little girl. She was in the reconnaissance company and needed talents in this respect, but unfortunately, she was too young.

"Auntie, I don't mean to be rude to you. I just think that Richard should do what he likes!" She knew that she had no right to say that, but she felt a little distressed when she thought that he was forced to be trained like an animal here every day. Besides, Richard liked to skip classes most. This was an army. If he also skipped classes, he would be punished severely.

"Auntie, Richard sometimes skip classes, but the army is a place with strict discipline. He is undisciplined, so it's not suitable for him to stay here..."

Before she could finish her words, Lucia stopped her and said, "You know him well!"

"That's why he needs rules. I know his grades and his situation. Every month, I will call his head teacher to learn about him. I may know more about him than himself." Looking at the surprised look in her eyes, Lucia smiled, "Surprised? He is my son. How could I not care about him? "

"Then why don't you let him know?" Hearing that, Isabella frowned. 'Why does she care about him without letting him know? It makes Richard feel wronged secretly!'

"Although Richard is a man of loose disposition, he is competitive by nature. Although he doesn't have many friends, he is very affectionate. As long as he is well trained, he will

us life, then Charles and Yolanda, vampire like people, would definitely try every means to hurt her mother for money.

Maybe she should not just deal with it passively, but take the initiative.

"Bella, see what I brought back for you."

On the balcony, Isabella was watering the flowers and plants for her grandmother. Hearing the sound, she put down the kettle. When she walked to the living room, she saw her cousin Shelton, who was changing his shoes at the door, with a small pink cage in his hand, in which there was a mass of white fluffy.

"What is it?"

[白向辉] raised his hand and said, "come and have a look!"

With great interest, Jay ran over. When he saw what was in the cage, he couldn't help but laugh. Did his cousin still think she was a child of seven or eight years old? "Cousin, what are you doing?"

"On my way here, I saw someone selling rabbits, who was surrounded by many people. Several little girls wanted to buy one, so I bought one for you," said Shelton honestly.

For the sake of his dignity, Isabella picked up the green vegetable prepared by him and handed it to the little rabbit in the cage. The little rabbit was not big with three-petal mouth, but it ate very quickly. "Why did you come alone? Where are other cousins? "

She had three uncles. Her elder uncle had two sons, her second uncle and third uncle had one son respectively, and only her mother had a daughter.

Shelton spoke with hesitation, "Bella, we also have a lot of delicious food here. Let me take you to enjoy it this afternoon!"

After thinking for a while, Isabella knew that her other cousins were all fifteen or six years old. They were at the age when they liked to play. They must be very reluctant to accompany her, a little girl. Only her eldest cousin was simple and honest. When her uncle and aunt asked him to come, he came obediently.

It suddenly occurred to her that Shelton was taken to the police station by her uncle in her previous life. He told the police that he drove the car and caused the car accident.

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