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   Chapter 37 Adopted Son Shawn

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It was not until then that Isabella realized that Shawn wanted to accompany them. Looking at the cold face of Richard, she said, "Is Uncle Vincent... I mean, is your chief captain very busy? "

Shawn nodded, "A group of soldiers have been transferred here these days. The chief captain is selecting them!"

Richard still kept silent.

Isabella said again, "You don't need to attend it?"

"I'm not qualified!" Shawn didn't smile this time, and there was a bit of admiration on his face.

Seeing that Richard didn't say anything, he continued, "Richard, is there any place you'd like to go?"

Richard suddenly turned his head and stared at Shawn. "Why do you take my father as..."

Noticing that Richard didn't look well, he thought for a while and explained, "Didn't the chief captain tell you?"

"With such an excellent son like you, can he still see me?" Richard said coldly, but he didn't notice that Shawn called Vincent 'chief captain'.

But Isabella could hear clearly.

Taking a look at Isabella, Shawn continued, "My biological father rendered first class merit when he was on a mission with chief captain!"

Richard was stunned. He only knew Shawn's mother and didn't know his father. But why did he tell him that his father had rendered the first class merit? Showing off? Being proud?

"He was shot times before his death."

Hearing that, Isabella was stunned. Instead of looking at Shawn, she first looked at Richard, who was staring at Shawn with his eyes wide open.

"He was shot eleven times and saved three comrades-in-arms. One of them is the current chief captain."

So, his father adopted Shawn to pay a debt of gratitude?

"When I was ten years old, my father's pension was given to my mother. My mother remarried and I lived in the army. Later, the chief captain adopted me."

It turned out that it was not that he didn't want to find his mother, but that his mother had abandoned him. Richard frowned and looked away.

Shawn continued, "Chief captain provided me with education, and after graduation from high school, I signed up for military service, and entered the current Goshawk from a new recruit."

"Why did you tell me that?"

Without answering, Shawn continued, "I don't rely on the relationship of the chief captain. I have fought hard to get my present position."

Although Shawn was rough as a soldier, he was cautious and careful when he should be. He could roughly understand what Richard cared about at the first sight of him.

"Richard, I know you don't like me. If you are a man, you can speak with your fists. Now that you are in grade one of high school, I will wait for you for three years. When you come to the military camp, we will have a competition!"

After saying that, Shawn nodded to Isabella, paid a military salute, turned around and left quickly.

Looking at Richard in a daze, she thought, 'Shawn is really a man of character.'

"Do you think I'm very narrow-minded?"

'A little!'

But when she saw the anger on his face, she still said seriously, "No! Your father is cold and indifferent. If I were you, I would also feel that he was not close to me! "

He lowered his head and curled his lips, "Just tell me the truth!"

He had grown up to eighteen years old, and what he had been angry wit

said that I could join the army at my age to show my stand, and that I didn't perform well in school, but now you said that you want me to choose on my own?"

Looking at his fearless look like a hooligan, Lucia frowned and said, "Bella, you have a rest today. I'll buy you the ticket back the day after tomorrow, and Richard will stay!"

Richard was stunned. 'What does it mean?'

Isabella was also a little stunned. 'Is she driving us away or detaining us? What's the trick of keeping one stay and driving the other away?'

Lucia stood up and picked up the army cap on the table, "Since you give up the right to choose, I'll make the decision for you. You will join the army from tomorrow on."

Then she turned around and left.

Isabella was dumbfounded. 'What is going on? Why does she suddenly keep Richard stay?'

Then she turned to look at Richard, who was staring at Lucia's receding figure with a red face.

After a long while, he clenched his fists and said, "Don't worry. I'll go with you tomorrow. She doesn't have to buy the tickets, and we don't have to wait until the day after tomorrow."

Seeing the emotional look on his face, she didn't know what to say. She had to nod her head. She doubted if he could walk out. After all, with that domineering look, Lucia didn't look like a pushover.

Sure enough, when Isabella went to see Richard the second day, she couldn't find him. Lucia was really vigorous and resolute.

Since she couldn't find Richard, she had to go to see his mother. "Auntie, even if you don't like Richard's bad posture, you don't have to let him join the army so early, do you? Besides, you should discuss with his grandparents and father. He... "

Lucia raised her eyebrows, "Do you see I'm trying to straighten him out?"

"He is a very upright person. Although he likes to fight and has bad grades, he was forced to fight," said Isabella. She didn't like to hear others say that Richard had a bad temper or she didn't like to hear anyone say anything bad about him. "Without parents' guidance, he could still grow like this when his grandparents ignored him. I think it's not easy."

Lucia chuckled, "Are you feeling wronged for him?"

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