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   Chapter 35 Settlement

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Thomas was really irritated because of Richard's punch, but Isabella's blow made him even angrier.

The two of them had a fight, or he had been punched by Richard, but the scene was indeed chaotic.

However, Thomas still noticed the triumphant smile on her face. She secretly stretched out her hand to pull Richard's clothes and made a gesture of "great" to him.

'How could this girl be so hateful?'

Clenching his fists tightly, Thomas was afraid that he couldn't help rushing out and giving Isabella a few punches.

Sophie glanced at Arthur and gave him a look of watching the fun. So many people were gathered, whose relationships were so complicated. How could there be peace?

Looking at her complacent face, Arthur had a headache. He secretly clenched her hand and said, "It's just a misunderstanding! I apologize to you on behalf of Richard. No discord, no concord. "

Of course, Jasper was willing to accept it. After all, he just talked about the future cooperation with Arthur. Although they hadn't signed a written contract, the two sides had really expressed their sincerity to cooperate. They didn't want it to be ruined by the conflict between the two children. "Arthur is right. No discord, no concord!"

Charles said immediately, "It's not too hot. Why don't we go play by the lake for a while?"

Seeing that, Yolanda said reluctantly, "Sister Miya, how about we go together? Just let Evie go with Tom to see a doctor."

It was such a good opportunity that could make the Wen family embarrassed Sophie and her daughter, unexpectedly, it would be regarded as nothing had happened. What a waste of a good opportunity.

Hearing Yolanda call "Sister Miya", Isabella was speechless. It turned out that the mother and daughter liked to call others sister so much. Could they be much younger by calling others "sister"?

Miya's face was still pale. "No, thanks. I'll take him there. You can go first!"

After saying that, she took a look at Isabella and pulled Thomas's arm, "Let's go to see a doctor!"

She could see clearly what was on his son's mind. It was obvious that he was not angry with the boy who gave him a punch, but with the beautiful girl. It seemed that the children did not want to tell her what had happened, so she could only pull her son aside and ask him slowly.

Thomas glared at Isabella, but she still smiled brightly. He didn't know if she was thinking of something good or she was really so happy because of the punch from Richard to him.

Being unconvinced, he turned around and left with his mother.

Isabella felt a little bored. She thought Richard would fight again if she made it big. After all, he had never lost a fight.

Evelyn was looking at Thomas's receding figure with an aggrieved look on her face. She restrained it reluctantly as Yolanda pulled her, but inadvertently, there was resentment in her eyes when she glanced at Isabella. 'If it weren't for her, how would things end up like this?'

It was obvious that Evelyn was the biological daughter of Charles. She had completely inherited all his shortcomings, especially the ability to pass the buck.


very sober and didn't feel sleepy at all.

She was thinking that if Richard got along well with his parents during this trip, would it mean that her rebirth could really change his fate? Now she was worrying about not only Richard's fate, but also the car accident of Sophie a few years later.

Because since she was reborn, many things had been on the same track except for her parents' divorce.

For example, the Wen family's petty commodities business.

Ever since she heard from Jasper in the hot spring resort and Arthur that they wanted to cooperate to do the retail and wholesale of petty commodities, she had thought carefully about all the information about the Wen family in her previous life.

The Wen family started from trading. As long as there was profit, they would do trade of all kinds of commodities.

However, they truly built up a family fortune was after they engaged in petty commodity circulation. However, in the end, the Wen family was at a stalemate because of petty commodities.

If there was no accident in this life, Jasper would engage in another business. It could be seen from the way he flattered Arthur in the hot spring resort.

If everything went on as before, what about her?

She rubbed her face hard. She was not sleepy at all, so she became more sober.

As she couldn't fall asleep, she would inevitably toss and turn on the bed, which made her more and more irritable.

"What's wrong?" Richard was a little drowsy in sleep. He stared at the girl who was tossing and turning opposite him and asked.

"Nothing!" said Isabella sulkily.

After thinking for a while, he knew what was going on. "Are you unused to the bed?" Besides, it was a train. Although it was a sleeping berth, it was narrow and it was even hard to turn over, so it was not comfortable to sleep on it.

She sat up from the bed and sighed heavily. She was more willing to be unable to fall asleep because she was unused to the bed. After having tossed and turned the whole night, she found the crux of the problem. It was because she had been too comfortable!

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