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   Chapter 34 Richard Got Angry For The Beauty

Revenge Game: Beauty's Coming Back By Qiguo Guniang Characters: 10190

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Hearing that, the other three people at the table looked at Isabella at the same time.

Evelyn frowned. She didn't know and never heard of the boy named Richard. 'He must be in high school now. He is very handsome, dressed simply and clean.' She couldn't tell his background, but when she thought that he was the boy who was important to Isabella, her heart beat faster and she was eager to take the beautiful and flamboyant boy away from her.

Thomas's eyes were very direct. Compared with the sarcastic look at noon, Isabella was gentler and more eye-catching at this time.

In the drink area of the hall, there were a lot of people, but almost everyone would take a look at Isabella. They all were first amazed and then liked her.

However, it seemed that Isabella didn't feel it. She was in a trance all the time. It was not until she talked to Richard that she paid all her attention to the boy beside her.

All of a sudden, Thomas felt a little depressed. He had always thought that he was good-looking and had been praised and even flattered by many people since he was a child. But now, he suddenly felt that his gentle and soft appearance was too low-key. He was not as handsome as the boy opposite him, who had sharp eyebrows, a straight nose, a slightly heavy gaze, and thin lips, as if he could show his halo without speaking or moving.

In front of such a boy, Thomas who was as gentle as jade could only be completely ignored. For example, Isabella seemed not to pay attention to him from beginning to end.

As Thomas was looking at Isabella, Richard's face turned cold, but he was still satisfied when he saw that she didn't seem to notice it. "Those specialty products must be very heavy. We're take the train, so we have to carry them by ourselves. They are too heavy!"

"You even said I'm lazy. You're not diligent either," said Isabella with a sneer. "Besides, Mr. Zhang will definitely send us to the station. We don't need to carry them by ourselves. In addition, your parents will send someone to pick us up after getting off the car, right? Otherwise, we won't know the way! "

"My parents are not together," Richard seemed to have forgotten to tell the most important thing to her. "My father is very close. We'll go to see him first, then go to my mother's place, and finally go to your grandparents' house. What do you think?"

She didn't have any objection, but it was the first time that she had heard that his parents were not in the same military region. She had always thought that his parents lived together with the adopted child.

"Your parents have broken up? Are they divorced too? " Finally, Evelyn couldn't help speaking. If the boy's family was broken up, she could comfort him.

Richard's face turned cold and sneered, "Girl, it seems you like to listen to other people's gossip and also like to gossip. Who told you that my parents have divorced?"

Seeing the blue veins on his clenched fists tightened, Isabella thought, 'The matter of his parents has always been his weakness. What's wr

to be stiff. Seeing that Arthur and Jasper were going to make peace with each other, he quickly said, "The two children are both outstanding and talented. I guess it's always others who give way to them. Now that they meet each other, there will be inevitably sparks!"

Charles had thought that this matter would be solved in this way. After all, the two families didn't intend to take it seriously.

However, to his surprise, Richard said, "There is no sparkle between me and him. He just got punched for this girl and wanted to be a hero to save the beauty!"

Hearing that, Charles was stunned. Looking at the frightened and aggrieved look on Evelyn's face. He wondered why it has something to do with her.

Isabella gave him a thumbs up secretly, 'This guy is really amazing. Perhaps after this matter, the Wen family and Yolanda will not be so close.

After all, it is unfair for one family's son to be beaten for the other family's daughter!

Isabella walked up and said, "This girl gossiped about Richard's parents. Richard got angry, and this boy scolded him harshly, which made him even angrier. He wanted to teach this girl a lesson, but this boy stood in front of him, so it ended up like this!"

All right, the group of people were a little dizzy by the boy and girl she said, but they roughly understood what she meant. That was to say, Evelyn had gossiped about Richard's parents, and then he argued with her. Whether it was Evelyn hid behind Thomas or Thomas stood in front of her, in a word, it meant that he took the punch for her.

Sure enough, as soon as she stopped, Miya's face darkened a little, but she still smiled and said to Evelyn, "Evie is so lovely, so she is natural adorable." Then she looked at Thomas and said, "Even if you wanted to stand up for your lovely sister, you should solve the trouble. Why did you worsen it? You are getting more and more unreasonable!"

However, Thomas stood there stiffly, and his face was livid with anger. He was glaring at Isabella instead of Richard.

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