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   Chapter 32 Children's Quarrel

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It was lunch time and a constant stream of guests kept coming. Well-known for its delicious and good-looking food, the barbecue fish restaurant was very popular around. Now it was summer vacation, and there were more guests taking their children here.

Therefore, the restaurant was at its peak business time.

Seeing Sophie's unhappy face and realizing Bella's grievance, Richard felt sorry for Bella before she could say anything.

Without hesitation, Richard put down his spoon and said in a clear voice, "Uncle Charles, are you coming to pay for us or continue to bully Bella with your illegitimate daughter? But..." Richard glanced at Thomas and continued, "The son of the Wen Family is highly praised for his good upbringing, but I see you've taken him here and given him a good lecture on how to be mean. You'd better be prepared that his parents will get even with you for this!"

Richard seemed to speak casually, as if he was telling a joke, but his words were full of irony, making people feel uncomfortable.

"Who is your father?" Charles' face turned pale. "You are speaking very rudely"

"Are you criticizing me for this? He spoke more rudely. But why don't you think so?" With a smile on his face, Richard raised his chin to point at Thomas, arms crossing.

Charles certainly didn't dare to teach Thomas a lesson. He was counting on the Wen Family for his prospect!

Isabella's mouth lifted into a mocking smile. Now Charles had been newly transferred to a department of real authority, so he strived to kiss up to them to get a better development. How could a person like Charles let go of this opportunity?

"I said so because someone had bullied Evie!" Thomas was staring at Richard. He only saw the mother and daughter, but neglected the boy sitting opposite them before.

Although Richard was a young teenager who didn't reach 18 years old, he had a tall and handsome figure of an adult man. At this time, his features looked vivid because of his anger inside. He touched his chin, with a faint smile on his face, exuding nothing but attraction.

For no reason, Thomas found Richard very annoying.

However, the grievance on Evelyn's face was suddenly replaced by amazement.

But when she thought that the boy in front of her was defending Isabella, the sparks in her eyes were immediately covered with coldness. "You're Bella's friend, so you're also my elder brother. You just watched what had happened. We didn't mean to make a trouble indeed. But it was Bella..."

With a faint smile, Richard lowered his head and scratched his chin. "Just treat me as your uncle. I'm not used to this brother-and-sister thing!"

Richard didn't intend to make a joke here. Affected by Isabella, he really didn't like the idea of regarding someone as brother or sister casually.

Evelyn's face changed. She didn't think so. She thought that Richard was humiliating her. 'Uncle? How old is he? He wants to be her uncle?'

"Enough! Are you here for a meal or for a fight?" Sophie couldn't stand the argument anymore, s

ade dishes are delicious, so I ordered new ones for you just now!" Ignoring Sophie's look, Isabella continued, "I'm going on a long trip with Richard in two days. Do you know anyone at the train station? Can you book two berths for us?"

"Go on a trip? Where are you going?" Before Arthur could say anything, Sophie's eyes widened. She was very dissatisfied with Isabella's behavior of acting first and reporting afterwards. "You promised me to visit grandpa and grandma!"

With an embarrassed smile, Sophia said, "Mom, I'll go to see them after I come back from the trip!"

"Where do you want to go? I'll go with you!" Sophie refused to give in.

Arthur patted on Sophie's hand, trying to soothe her anxiety. "Listen to Bella first. She has grown up. You can't always keep her by your side."

"She's grown up? She is only thirteen years old. How could she grow up?" Sophie's voice was a little sharp. She was annoyed by Arthur's unconditional obedience to Bella.

'Mom is going with me? Was she going to visit Richard's parents too?' Isabella didn't know how to handle that. "Mom, people always say that it's better to travel ten thousand miles than to read ten thousand books. Isn't it good for me to look around and broaden my horizon?"

"Don't give me such a high-sounding reason," Sophie said with a straight face, refusing to make a compromise. "You must be with me, or I will be worried."

In her previous life, Isabella would have thought that her mother was unreasonable or annoyed to say so. But now, she only felt being loved.

"Bella, tell us what you think first." Arthur took the opportunity to hold Sophie's hand and stopped her from continuing. "If you want your mother to feel relieved, you have to tell the truth."

Sophie wanted to withdraw her hand, but she didn't dare to make a big movement because the two children were sitting opposite.

Richard spoke first. He didn't want to cause the disagreement between Isabella and her mother. "Bella is going to accompany me to visit my parents."

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