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   Chapter 31 Meeting The Jerk Again

Revenge Game: Beauty's Coming Back By Qiguo Guniang Characters: 9629

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"Bella, are you really angry? You are so smart. You didn't fall into my trap. Didn't I accompany you to the barbecue fish restaurant to confirm the situation first?" Richard felt wronged indeed. He took Bella away because he got the hint that Arthur wanted to stay with Sophie alone.

However, Bella was so smart that she didn't buy Arthur's story blindly. Instead, she went to the restaurant to check it out. The owner said that fishing by oneself was just for more fun. But guests could eat ready-made fish anyway.

Having found out the truth, Bella almost jumped up.

Richard sighed. He really thought that it was no big deal. He couldn't see why Bella was so angry. But Bella didn't think so at all. She had been complaining to him for more than ten minutes.

"Don't you understand? Haven't you heard the phrase 'steal needles as a child and steal gold as an adult'?" Isabella said seriously.

"No, I haven't. Besides, I didn't steal anything!" 'She acts as if she was training her own child. She seems to enjoy it!' Richard curled his lips and thought.

Isabella took a deep breath to show her anger. "It's a metaphor. Don't you understand? I mean if you lie to me now, you are going to cheat me in the future for sure!"

Richard's shoulders hung down. He didn't even raise his head. "How about we go back to our room to talk? It's hot and stuffy here. And there's no water either. It's not too late to rebuke me when we go back. It's so comfortable to have cold drinks and eat snacks with the air conditioner on!"

Isabella's eyes widened. When Richard thought she would continue her "lecture", her bright eyes suddenly rolled and a smile appeared on her face. "Why didn't you tell me earlier? If I had thought it earlier, I wouldn't waste time with you here."

Then she stood up and ran to the hotel.

Richard didn't expect this sudden change at first. After he realized, he quickly stood up and followed her. If he had known it would be so easy to persuade her, he would have said it much earlier.

This trip to the hot spring was really boring to Isabella. She might as well stay at home. In that case, she didn't need to get up early.

But when they had the barbecue fish at noon, she found that the trip was worth it.

Sizzling on the iron plate, the white and tender fish was served with tasty golden needle mushroom, green vegetables and some other ingredients.

With the air-conditioner on, the restaurant is a cool, pleasant place for guests to enjoy steaming dishes.

Isabella felt very comfortable.

And the fish was very much to her appetite. She was busy eating until she heard a tender sweet voice.

"Tom, look at this fish. Let's not eat it. It's so beautiful!"

Isabella stopped chewing.

Who else could call this name in such an emotional manner?

Who else could speak with all the tenderness?

There was only one she knew i

tried hard to act as a mature adult.

But Evelyn was unable to laugh. There was a trace of hatred on her face. Obviously, Isabella was mocking at her in public. But she quickly changed her expression. Showing a little grievance, Evelyn's eyes were shining with tears. Her tender and timid look would make one feel distressed. "Bella..."

Isabella found this familiar expression ridiculous. She didn't expect to see it again after a lifetime.

In her previous life, this look would make her compromise unconditionally, but now she only felt it was so fake!

Evelyn was just a bitch. She could make everyone worry about her with a simple expression.

"Why are you so impolite? Evie just invited you for dinner out of politeness. If you don't want to go, just forget it. Do you need to be so aggressive? You are the only child of your mother, and she is the only child of her mother. If you don't want a sister, she doesn't want an impolite sister like you either!" Thomas pulled Evelyn behind him and said angrily.

In fact, Thomas was usually gentle and seldom spoke loudly. His good upbringing didn't allow him to be so mean. But today when he saw the enchanting girl with a pale face humiliate Evelyn like this, he couldn't help it.

'Did I feel Evelyn was wronged? Or was it because of the hostility hidden in that cold girl?'

Thomas couldn't figure it out. After saying this, he just stared at Isabella with burning eyes. He wanted to see whether she would refute or accept his words obediently.

"He he..." All of a sudden, Isabella burst into laughter. She glanced at Thomas and turned to look at Charles. "Didn't you just love me as a father? Now someone is bullying me in front of you. You... say nothing?"

Charles' face froze.

Thomas' words were very sharp. Not only did Isabella feel uncomfortable, but even Sophie found it harsh. But Sophie couldn't open her mouth to argue with a child.

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