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   Chapter 11 Divorce

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Charles didn't expect that Yolanda would do this behind his back. She had told him that she didn't mind her status and wouldn't get involved in his marriage.

"Yolanda also said that at this time when you're running for the section chief, we should try to be low-profile. While mom would consider your situation the most, she doesn't have any concerns. She is going to open your relationship if mom doesn't ask for a divorce. And she..."

"Enough!" Charles shouted coldly.

Isabella was not afraid of that at all. "So what Yolanda and Evelyn said is true?" She continued.

Charles looked at her daughter coldly. It seemed he had never known her. Sophie was usually busy, and Bella stayed with him longer, so they were closer. But now all of a sudden, when Bella looked at him, there was something more in her eyes. Is it indifference? Dislike? Or hatred?

Charles couldn't figure it out. It seemed that they had been estranged from each other since Bella was discharged from hospital last time.

"Bella, I want to know why. Don't I treat you well? Then why do you treat me like this now?"

Isabella lowered down to look at the messy photos on the table. In her mind, the scenes of her mother's car accident a few years later and her tragic ending lingered. Her eyes were covered with coldness. "Have you ever experienced the feeling of being cheated and betrayed?"

Hearing this, Charles froze, not caused by what she said, but the cold tone she spoke. It carried a sense of bitterness.

Sophie's heart trembled, and then she felt unbearable pain. Why was her daughter so sad? If she could have spent more time accompanying her, instead of leaving home after finding Charles had an affair, would it be better?

"Bella, it's my fault!"

Fondled by her mother, the sadness in Isabella's heart suddenly dissipated.

"Sophie, do you really want a divorce?" Looking at the photos on the table, Charles asked in a low voice.

Sophie smiled bitterly, "This marriage should have ended long ago, but it lasted for twelve more years because of my hesitation. I originally wanted to give my daughter a complete family, but I didn't expect that it would hurt her. Now Bella has grown up, and I don't want it to continue."

"You want Bella, don't you?" Suddenly, there was a sense of easiness in Charles' voice.

Sophie nodded. Bella was all she wanted.

Charles smiled coldly. At first, he married Sophie because of her beautiful appearance and good family background. But her father turned out to be stubborn, which made it possible for Charles to take advantage as his son-in-law. Now things can't be changed, and divorce was okay. He wanted to get what he wanted. "Well, all the property belongs to me!"

"Dad, are you too cruel? Do you want to starve your daughter and ex-wife to death?" Isabella despised Charles for his shameless demand, but her expression didn't change.

"Bella, I did that for you. Arthur Zhang is a businessman. They value profit more than anything else. Now he probably wants to steal your mom's factory by establishing a good relationship with your mom. After he succeeds, he will definitely leave you alone. It's better to hand the ownership certificate to me." Charles explained.

Isabella sneered. If she was really an ignorant young girl, she would be fooled by him. "Really? If you think Arthur will lie to mom, what about Yolanda Wang? Aren't you afraid that she will lie to you?" "I don't think it's safe for you two to keep the certificate. You can just give it to me." Isabella suggested.

"Bella!" Charles snapped anxiously, "You're just a kid. Don't try to get involved!"

Isabella raised her chin slightly and said, "I'm a child, but I know something. Since Yolanda can threaten me with these photos, why can't I threaten you with them? I don't care what others think of me, but you certainly don't want others to talk nonsense, Dad? If these photos are spread, your chances of getting promoted would be slim. Worse still, it will be difficult for you to keep your current job. The same thing will happen to Yolanda, I'm afraid. People might talk about me for a while for I'm an abandoned child from a failed marriage. But you'll be others' constant topic as two civil servants with an illegitimate daughter."

Isabella's scornful words almost drove Charles crazy. Is she really his daughter? But on second thought, Charles realized a girl her age could not possibly utter these words. Obviously, Sophie taught her this. "Sophie Bai, you are so greedy. You want your daughter and property. You pretend to be pure and lofty and teach our daughter to stand up for you. You are really good at playing tricks. Don't you use all your shrewdness on your daughter?"

Sophie's face turned pale. She tightened her grip slightly on Bella's arm, "Bella, as long as you follow me, I don't want any property."

"Mom, are you going to leave the money to the mistress and illegitimate daughter?" "Besides, dad would be embarrassed to use your money to raise a mistress. He is the most proud and lofty one. As a civil servant, how can he use this money?" Isabella asked in a low voice.

Charles' face clouded over as he listened to the conversation. "I don't agree to divorce!"

Then he slammed the door and left.

Leaning against Sophie, Isabella's face darkened. He didn't agree? She was informing him just now, not asking for his opin


"Mom, don't worry. I will make dad talk to you about divorce."

Sophie smiled, "Silly girl, I always want you!"

Isabella smiled. 'But I want a lot more!'

The week that followed passed by quietly. Sophie and Isabella stayed at home, enjoying a seemingly comfortable life.

However, it couldn't go on like this if Charles kept silent. Wasn't it a kind of silent resistance?

While preparing for the coming final exam, Isabella kept sending one photo to her father every day by email.

Charles couldn't stand it anymore after half a month. He went through the divorce procedures with Sophie. Not as resolute as Isabella, Sophie left Charles the only house they once owned as well as half of her working capital.

When Isabella learned what her mother had given, everything was settled.

Standing downstairs, Isabella glared at the house. She was so reluctant to let it go. She had planned to make Charles leave without any property. But now he had savings and a house. Isabella found it hard to suppress her anger, but she finally calmed down when she thought that she could stay away from the bad guys in the future.

The final exam would be held next month. Isabella and her mother were now living in a newly rented house. It was close to the school, so she had more time for study.

"I heard that your parents have divorced?"

"What do you want to say?" Isabella turned to Caroline, blinking her big eyes. Caroline usually didn't speak to her.

Caroline wore a puzzled expression. "Why are you not sad at all since your parents divorced?"

"They couldn't live together, so they broke up. It's quite natural. Why should I feel sad?" Isabella curled her lips and went on with her homework.

"You are so cold-blooded!" Caroline pouted.

"Do you think it's better for two people who have lost love for each other to be tied together, or for them to separate and find their own happiness?" In fact, Isabella wanted to express that it was the best choice to make. Now the jerk stayed away from her mother.

Caroline's hand trembled a little. Then she lowered her head to do the exercises.

Seeing that Caroline just pretended to be tough, Isabella sighed slightly, "Before our parents decided to get a divorce, they must have realized their marriage was not happy enough, so they made the choice. It has nothing to do with us. No matter what they choose, they love their children in their hearts."

Caroline froze for she was astonished at Isabella's words. The expression on the little girl's face was somewhat cute. It was hard for Caroline to believe that such profound remarks came from a thirteen-year-old girl, who were even younger than her.

In fact, Isabella could understand what Caroline was thinking as a little girl. She felt that she had been abandoned once her parents got divorced.

It was justified for Caroline to worry about herself. Some parents would remarry after they divorced, caring little for their children from previous marriages. But this kind of parents only accounted for a small percentage.

However, Caroline seemed to be greatly affected by her parents' divorce. In Isabella's previous life, Caroline was a successful independent woman. But she remained single all her life and never had a boyfriend.

"Carol, sometimes divorce is not necessarily a bad thing. Anyway, I'm very happy that my parents divorced!" Isabella said with a smile. Then she lowered her head and continued her study.

Caroline stared at Isabella as if she was a monster. She couldn't understand why there were people who wanted her parents to divorce.

Ignoring Caroline's strange look, Isabella shrugged and continued to do her stuff.

"Bella, you... you are getting along well with Caroline?"

Isabella tilted her head and saw Sissi standing beside her and looking at Caroline with disgust and hesitation. Isabella smiled and said, "Not bad. We share the same bad tastes!"

Caroline glared at her at once and said, "I don't have bad tastes!"

"Okay, okay. You've got good ones!" Isabella nodded.

Now Isabella's life seemed to be very happy. After all, she was in the mood to joke with her classmates.

"Isabella, someone wants to see you!"

Isabella turned around and saw Richard standing at the rear door of the classroom. So she stood up and walked out.

Sissi's pale face and her resentful eyes made her look a little wicked. 'Why is Isabella familiar with Richard?

Sissi's jealous grew like a snake swaying forward.

Caroline looked at Sissi, who was standing in front of the table with constantly changing expressions on her face. She sneered silently for she considered Sissi was another hypocrite.

"Why are you here?"

Confronted by Bella's impolite question, Richard curled his lips and leaned against the door. He looked down at Bella and said, "I came to see you. Last time you went to see me, so now I'm repaying your kindness."

Bella pouted, "The final exam is coming soon. Go and study as long as you have time. How many years have you stayed in the first year of high school?"

Richard shrugged his shoulders and said, "I'm in Class 9, Grade 1. How lucky the numbers are! I'm waiting for you to study in the first grade of high school together!"

"You've spent more time in the first grade because you are stupid. Don't use me as an excuse!" Bella exposed Richard's excuse by saying bluntly.

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