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   Chapter 10 Open Talk

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"Mr. Zhang, if you are convenient, please wait us for a moment. My mother can treat you to dinner tonight!" Isabella smiled, just in the same way a child would do.

Arthur was puzzled. The girl looked foolish before, but now she wore a sweet smile, as if suddenly coming back to life. "Okay, I'll wait for you outside."

"Alright," said Isabella, nodding eagerly.

Before Sophie could say anything, Arthur had already walked out and was thoughtful enough to close the door.

"Mom, I have something important to tell you!" Holding Sophie's hand, Isabella put her mother into a chair, and then sat on a chair opposite.

Sophie examined her daughter carefully. It was unusual for Bella to act like this. It seemed that since the child recovered from illness, her temperament had suddenly changed. She was now outgoing and feisty instead of being cold and silent.

"What is it? Just tell me. Are you short of money?"

Isabella bit her lips, and the smile on her face faded away slowly. She knew she couldn't hesitate anymore. Clenching her fists, she began, "Mom, you know what he did?"

"Who?" Sophie was a little confused.

"Charles Lou!"

Sophie had a strange feeling. She didn't know why, but when Bella said the name "Charles Lou", there was a trace of sneer in her cold voice. "What's wrong with your father?"

"Mom, do you still want to hide it from me? Don't you already know about it?"

Sophie sighed helplessly, "It's we adults' business. As a child, you should focus on study!"

Isabella finally knew that she guessed right. Her mother had already known it.

"Since you have known it, why do you still live with him?" Isabella really couldn't understand why her mother could pretend nothing had happened. She had known the man had been cheating her. "Divorce with him!"

"What? I'm too old to do it!"

Sophie found her mother's words so stupid. Why was she so clever at making money but sucked at dealing with relationships?

"Mom, don't you mind that he has another woman and another daughter?"

"Silly girl, even if he has another woman and a daughter, you are still his daughter. Are you afraid that he won't love you? Your father really adores you!"

Isabella was completely pissed off. She was not concerned about Charles' love, okay? "Mom, I don't give a shit to it at all."

"Bella," Sophie sighed and seemed to feel frustrated. "Have you ever thought about what others will say about you if I divorce? You are still at school. I don't want that to affect you!"

'No wonder!

Divorce was rare back then. Besides, the gossip spread around by relatives and acquaintances made it almost a scandal. Was that the reason why mom didn't want to divorce?

She was trying to protect me, even at the cost of maintaining a hopeless and deceptive marriage. She didn't want me to be hurt at all.' Isabella thought, feeling sorry for her mother.

"Mom, I'm not afraid. He has another woman..." It suddenly occurred to Isabella that she had missed something. "Mom, do you know that girl is the biological daughter of Charles?"

Sophie didn't say anything but smiled bitterly. No matter how stupid a woman was, she could at least sense that her man had an affair.

Isabella bit her lips and said resolutely, "Mom, just divorce!"

Sophie shook her head and said, "That's final. I'll wait for you to grow up and have a fulfilled life. Then I can retire!"

'But you can't just let it go. Some people bite off more than they can chew.' Isabella thought to herself.

"Mom, you don't mind that Charles use your money to get promoted and keep a mistress?" Isabella said angrily. But when she saw Sophie's pale face, she immediately stopped talking.

Isabella blamed herself for speaking so bluntly. Although her mother didn't care about this marriage, she still felt embarrassed to be betrayed as a woman. "Mom, I'm sorry!"

"Bella, listen to me. Just focus on your study and stay away from the issue!"

"Mom, I beg you to divorce. I will try to give you a good life without him!" Isabella couldn't help rushing to Sophie and implored.

For a moment, Sophie didn't know what to do. She stared at her daughter in disbelief. "You... Do you mean that if we get divorced, you will choose to live with me?"

Isabella was confused, but soon she remembered that she was closer to Charles before. So her mother was worried that she couldn't get Isabella's custody after divorce.

In fact, her mother's worries were justified. If her parents divorced in her previous life, she would possibly choose to be with her father.

"Mom, I choose to live with you. Don't you want me?" Isabella leaned against her mother's chest, acting like a three-year-old.

Sophie smiled and shed tears. "Yes, I want my girl."

'That means she has agreed to divorce?'

Isabella breathed a sigh of relief.

Although it was agreed the dinner was on Sophie's treat, Arthur paid the bill early enough.

During the meal, Isabella found Mr. Zhang was really nice. She wondered wh

y grandpa and grandma disliked him and chose the jerk Charles?

Moreover, Arthur had already owned a car, a sign of successful men those days. How about Charles? He was spending his wife's money, which, quite ironically, made him attractive to another woman.

Since it was settled, Isabella felt relaxed. Next, she could concentrate on two things: study hard and wait for the news.

A week later, Isabella's family rarely gathered together.

After thinking for a long time, Sophie finally said, "Charles, let's get a divorce!"

Charles froze, and then forced a smile, "Why? Did I do something wrong? You point it out and I'll change, okay?"

"I don't want to make it too clear to you. I only want Bella for exchange of anything you like!" Sophie put down her chopsticks and said seriously.

Isabella shook her head and said, "No, Mom. The house and factory are all yours. Why give them up?"

Charles' face turned pale. Although he was upset, he still tried hard to suppress his emotion. "Bella, do you agree that we divorce? If so, your classmates and teachers will..."

"I don't care. My classmate Caroline's parents have also divorced. I think it's good for her to live with her father." Isabella said carelessly.

Charles suddenly burst into laughter. "Are you willing to live with me?" While speaking, he fixed his eyes on Sophie. No one knew her better than him. As long as Bella didn't choose to follow her, she wouldn't divorce.

Sophie also froze for a moment and stared at Isabella.

Isabella shook her head and said, "No, I will stay with mom!"

Charles' face clouded over. He threw away the chopsticks, his chest heaving violently. It seemed that he was really mad at Isabella's words. Finally, he suddenly burst into laughter. "Sophie, no wonder you didn't mention divorce before. It turns out that you've planned to win over Bella before that. You've been plotting against me, just like the way you do business? I'm the one who takes care of Bella. Now you want to take her away if we divorce. Don't you feel guilty?"


"Shut up. You are so shrewd. Do you think I don't know that Arthur Zhang visited you again?" Charles' young and handsome face was a little deformed, and her eyes blazed. "In the past, Arthur was only a poor boy who needed to take care a dying old woman, so your parents chose me, a government's employee. It was said that you Bai Family was a scholarly family, but that is not the truth. Now Arthur has achieved something, so you begin to despise me and want a divorce? Sophie, you think too highly of yourself. Do you think you can win Arthur's heart just because you are still charming? Stop dreaming. You can't get a divorce."

Sophie was so enraged that her face turned red. "You're talking nonsense!"

"Nonsense?" "Humph! Do you dare to say that you have never seen Arthur? Do you dare to say that Arthur has no other feelings for you?" Charles said with a darkened face.

Sophie raised her hand to give Charles a slap, but was stopped by him. "The original Miss Sophie has turned into a vulgar businesswoman. Do you think you are still that pure, innocent lady?"

Then he pushed Sophie away and continued, "I'm telling you: you can leave by yourself, but you can't take anything with you."

Sophie took a deep breath and sneered. The man changed his gentle look and said maliciously just to get more money. "Charles Lou, I don't want to say something unpleasant in front of my daughter. If you want all the property, I can leave it to you. Bella is all I want."

Hearing this, Charles looked embarrassed. He hesitated for a moment.

On contrast, Isabella sneered and said loudly, "Dad, Yolanda told me that you took the money to buy new clothes for Evelyn Wang. Will you do the same for me?"

Charles froze and his face turned pale. Before he could say anything, Isabella continued, "Evelyn Wang said she is also your biological daughter."

Charles was pop-eyed at once, "What nonsense are you talking about, you little kid?"

"Nonsense? Isn't she your daughter? But I heard her classmates call her bastard the other day. They also said that she was not raised by normal parents. Obviously her mother doesn't know who her father is... "

"Shut up! You are just a girl. How can you talk like that?" Charles snapped.

Isabella smiled. She slowly took out an envelope from her schoolbag and said, "I know what I'm talking. Yolanda Wang and Evelyn Wang have admitted that. Besides, these photos were from Yolanda. She wanted me to show them to mom so that mom would ask for a divorce."

At the sight of the photos scattering on the table, Charles looked so embarrassed. 'Yolanda...'

Sophie's face also darkened. Looking at the intimate behaviors of Charles and Yolanda and the happy three in the photos, she said fiercely, "I don't care whatever you do, but you have to clean it up as well. It doesn't matter if Yolanda Wang comes to make trouble for me, but doesn't she go too far to get Bella involved?"

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