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   Chapter 9 Another Biological Daughter

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Charles's voice suddenly became furious, "Humph! That girl is way worse than our Evie!"

Isabella's face turned pale, but quickly became normal. In her previous life, she had no expectation for her father. Now she felt it quite normal to hear him complain about her.

Richard had moved from the opposite side of Isabella to the side of her. A trace of embarrassment flashed across his face when he heard what Charles said. Then he looked at Isabella to see how she reacted.

"Shh..." Isabella put her forefinger on her lips.

Richard raised his eyebrows and nodded, but he still stared at Isabella confusedly.

If he remembered correctly, Isabella was very serious about love. She kept silent, pulling a long face all day. He learned that it was caused by her mother's tragedy. But now her father was on intimate terms with another woman, and even belittled her. How could she remain calm?

Richard frowned. He used to show up frequently in front of Isabella, pretending to do it inadvertently. But she had never noticed him before. Now it seemed that she witnessed him and quickly became a close friend of him. Which part went wrong on earth?

Ignoring what Richard was doing, Isabella focused on listening to the conversation next.

"Bella is a good student. Evie can't compare her in this respect." Yolanda said modestly.

Charles seemed to snort, "What's the use of it?"

Isabella didn't understand what he meant.

After a while, Yolanda said in a sad voice, "Charles, no matter how I'm living, I won't complain. But I really feel sorry for Evie. She... She is your own flesh and blood!"

"I know, I know. I feel the same. Evie is obedient and considerate. But I'm running for section chief now. It's not a good time for me to divorce!" It was Charles' explanation.

With a sense of helplessness, Yolanda said resolutely: "I don't beg you to divorce and marry me. Sophie is better than me in every respect. She is also capable of making more money than us. I only hope you can spend more time accompanying Evie."

"Don't worry. I will. I also love Evie!"

Isabella's mind went blank and she couldn't hear anything. 'Was Evie the biological daughter of Charles? Another biological daughter? Only half a year younger than me?

What does it mean?

It means when mom had gone six months with me, Yolanda had also got one on the way. That was to say, Charles had been cheating on mom for twelve years!

What kind of man was he? How could he hide the truth for so many years?

The reason why he didn't choose to divorce was that mom could make money, so he relied her money to offer bribes for promotion, and to raise his mistress and illegitimate daughter.'

How shameless he is!'

"Are you okay?" Richard asked worriedly as he saw that Isabella was motionless.

Isabella shook her head. She just wondered why Charles had an affair with Yolanda. Her mother was excellent enough.

In terms of appearance, Sophie was way better than Yolanda. In terms of ability, she was so capable that she could support a family. Did he lose mind?

Isabella clenched her teeth and thought, 'he did not only lose his mind, but also his heart. He killed his wife and daughter just for the sake of his mistress and illegitimate daughter.'

The voices next gradually went away. Through the window, Isabella saw the three of them got on a taxi. She didn't move a bit but lost in thought. 'Even if Evelyn is his biological daughter, am I not? Why does he treat me so differently?'

"I'm leaving now!" Isabella grabbed her schoolbag and left.

Richard quickly stuffed his schoolbag with the food on the table and followed her.

She walked very fast. She was eager to find her mother and tell her everything. She definitely wanted her mother to divorce. Her mother work so hard to support the family but encountered a terrible ending in the last life. She would never allow that happen again.

"Why don't you cry?"

"Why should I cry?" Isabella snorted. "All was what I've expected!"

"So you want to tell your mother what happened? I heard that you don't get along well with your mother." Richard asked tentatively.

"Who told you so? We are on such good terms! Where did you hear the rumor?"

Confronted by Isabella, Richard touched his nose awkwardly. He had gathered the false information from others.

"Then who will you choose to live with if they divorce?"

"Of course my mother. Should I follow my father and live with that woman?" Isabella glanced at Richard as if he was an idiot.

Seeing that Isabella was about to hail a taxi, Richard quickly stopped her and asked, "Do you hate your father?"

"Why bother asking?" Isabella asked coldly, "Why are you pulling me back?"

Before Richard could say anything, an idea flashed in Isabella's mind. If she angrily rushed back and asked her mother to divorce, the property of her mother would have to be divided. Besides, what if Charles insisted on maintaining the marriage, what could they do? Since Charles wanted to keep his good image to ensure his promotion, her mother couldn't possibly divorce with him. What's more, Yolanda was unbelievably patient. She didn't ask Charles to divorce and could wait for a dozen of years, just for the sake of her mother's money.

In the last life, Charles and Yol

anda had been sneaking around. It was not until her mother had a car accident that the two expressed their affection openly, pretending that they just fell in love. How hypocritical they were!

'Was there any way to protect mom's money and get a safe divorce?' Isabella wondered. She couldn't allow the bad man and woman to take away the money that her mother had worked so hard to earn.

Isabella walked to the roadside and sat down. She wanted to think of a good method.

Seeing her calm down, Richard said, "Isabella, you..."

"Don't say anything. Let me think it over!" Isabella frowned and interrupted him with a straight face.

Richard knitted his eyebrows. Somehow, he suddenly found Isabella had changed a little.

In the past, young as she was, Isabella always looked cold and seldom talked. Even so, she had a good relationship with her classmates, especially boys.

But now she became talkative, and unexpectedly got familiar with him. But they were not supposed to be so close since she had never spoken to him before. Either from the way Isabella talked or from what her body language showed, she seemed to have known him long ago.

Richard was confused. 'What was going on?' It was normal for him to be familiar with her, because he had been paying attention to her for a long time. He had been watching her, a pupil then, since he entered junior middle school. He had seen her grow up little by little. Although he had been entrusted to do this at the beginning, he was used to it now.


Now Charles has a mistress and an illegitimate daughter. And he showed a sense of mockery when mentioning Isabella. Plus the person who asked him to take care of her...' It was the first time that Richard felt eager to know more private information about others. He wondered if Isabella is Charles' daughter or not.

Richard widened his eyes and stared at Isabella. He just couldn't believe what was going in his mind.

Richard didn't even realize that he went so far as to doubt whether Isabella was Charles' daughter or not.

Isabella, on the other hand, was pondering on a legitimate method to deal with the two vicious adults. As long as she could achieve her goal, the method could be considered a good one. Now the most important thing was to reach consensus with her mother.

'How could mom not know the man who had spent twelve years of life with her?

The answer was no!

Mom often lived in the factory. She even didn't want to go home and share the bed with Charles. Didn't that reveal something?'

Isabella's mouth lifted slightly. Then it would be easy to achieve her goal. She wanted Charles to divorce without taking any property, as long as her mother agreed.

At the thought of this, Isabella took her schoolbag and waved at Richard, "see you tomorrow!"

Before Richard could react, Isabella had already rushed into a taxi that left quickly.

Isabella lost no time in going to her mother's factory. She rushed into Sophie's office like wind.

At this stage, Sophie's factory was just like a small workshop. There were more than ten sewing women, and the orders they received were only about a hundred ready-to-wear clothes. Sophie's office was also small, a little over ten square meters.

"Mom, I have something to talk to you!" Isabella shouted as soon as she pushed the door open. She was stunned by the man before her eyes.

Her mother was sitting behind her desk with a relaxed smile. A man opposite her looked gentle. He heard the door open and turned around, a smile still lingering on his face.

Sophie waved at Isabella at the door and said: "Come and meet Mr. Zhang."

Isabella smiled unnaturally and walked over stiffly.

"I'm Arthur Zhang!" The man stood up and reached out his hand to Isabella.

After thinking for a while, Isabella smiled more stiffly, but she offered her hand and introduced herself, "I'm Isabella Lou."

Sophie immediately burst into laughter. It was amusing to see that her daughter was trying to act like an adult.

Sophie pulled Isabella over and said, "You think you are an adult? You shook hands with Mr. Lin so seriously."

Isabella had never seen Sophie so happy and relaxed. 'Was it because of the man?

Arthur Zhang?'

It seemed that her rebirth had really changed lots of things. In her previous life, she didn't know this man until her mother's funeral. He appeared even sadder than Charles. He remained single, and didn't reveal his hidden emotions for Isabella's mother until she passed away.

Isabella knew that her parents' marriage were arranged by her mother's parents. She just couldn't figure it out why the old couple would prefer Charles to Arthur.

Isabella kept staring at Arthur, which made him a little uneasy. Sophie also found it weird and became dazed for a moment. Then she said to Arthur with an unnatural expression, "You may leave now, for I'm going to talk to my daughter. I'll invite you to dinner before you leave."

Though Isabella seemed to be in a daze, her mind was working quickly. From what she had seen in the last life, Arthur cared for her mother very much. Probably she knew better than her mother that this man would definitely do something to prevent her mother from being bullied.

One more ally meant more chances of success!

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