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   Chapter 8 An Old Acquaintance

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Startled, Isabella stood up at once. When she saw the tall and big boy in front of her, she breathed a sigh of relief. "Why are you here?"

Richard somewhat felt familiar with Isabella's tone. He was pleased and said, "I have seen you sneaking around these days. So I just follow you!"

'These days?

He has been following her?'

Isabella only knew him through car races in her previous life. Back then, she was a good friend of him and often went out to have dinner with him. Therefore she was not on guard against him in this life. She even felt a little closer to him.

There were few people around her who were nice to her, be they relatives or friends. On the contrary, Richard, a person seemingly not close to her, had been getting along well with her all the time. When she felt depressed, she would talk to him to soothe herself.

Richard threw his schoolbag beside Isabella and sat next to her. "Keep an eye on your father?"

Isabella's eyes widened. He seemed to know everything. "What do you know?"

"Well, I know everything about you, don't I?" Richard curled his lips and took the book from Isabella's hand. After turning a few pages, he put it back into her hand.

Isabella felt a little confused. Richard's words showed he seemed to have known her for a long time, but why didn't she know him until she graduated from a third-rate university?

"Richard, do you know me?"

Becker smiled and said, "Everyone in our school knows you."

'How could I be so famous?' Isabella wondered.

"You are dazzlingly beautiful, and studies well. How many people can be in the second grade of junior high school at the age of thirteen?" Richard also wanted to say that as soon as Isabella entered the school, all the male students made a fuss. She was even more powerful than virus. Could anyone possibly not know her?

Isabella was angry, "Don't judge my appearance casually. My mother gave me this look. Can I make a decision?"


Richard was unexpected. 'She doesn't like her appearance? Then what does she ask for? She can lure people by simply raising her eyebrows, blinking her eyes or pouting her lips. What kind of enchanting look does she want?

And she was only thirteen years old!'

Isabella stared at the gate of the municipal government and raised her eyebrows. It was Friday today. If she couldn't find anything, she had to wait until next week.

Seeing her frown, Richard's heart was filled with joy. He unconsciously moved closer to her and said, "Let me check it for you. What do you think?"

Isabella shook her head, "No."

Not frustrated by her remark, Richard still smiled and said, "Then I'll be with you!"

In fact, Isabella felt it strange that they behaved like this. She felt close to Richard because of their relationship in her previous life, but why does Richard seem to be so close to her?

"I heard that you are the king of fighting and you are very cold to others. Why are you so enthusiastic today?"

"I just thought I'm more capable of doing your task. Men are better at watching people than women. Moreover, when I was punished to stand outside the other day, only you went to see me. I want to repay your kindness!"

Isabella found it both funny and annoying. She felt Richard's tone was quite similar to that in the last life. He was cheeky and playful, but it was just his tone and attitude that made her feel relaxed and quickly forget her troubles. "Richard, you haven't told me how you knew me yet."

It was the first time for Richard to hear Isabella call his name. It was soft and gentle, with a hidden meaning. It was as if the name "Richard" had circled in her mouth before she uttered it, which made him unconsciously excited.

"I've told you that you're a celebrity. Everyone knows you!"

Richard smiled, his long, narrow eyes squinting and raising.

Isabella actually didn't want to know the exact answer. No matter how many people used to think how unreliable, freakish, irresponsible and unfilial Richard was, she considered him to be a rarely good person.

However, maybe in this life, she could help him, so that he wouldn't have to bear many curses.

Just as Isabella was lost in thought, Richard suddenly pulled her up.

"What are you doing?"

"Shh... Your father!"

Following the direction pointed by Richard, Isabella saw the well-dressed Charles, and also Yolanda, who was smiling brightly beside him. Her eyes blazed.

She didn't expect that this disgusting couple would appear so intimate with each other at the gate of the city hall.

The two took a taxi, and Isabella was also put into a taxi by Richard.

"You know my father too?"

Isabella was getting more and more confused. Who on earth was Richard?

"Please follow the car in front of us. That's my father. We are going to celebrate his birthday and give him a surprise," Richard said to the driver, and then glanced at Isabella who was flushed with anger. "Is there anyone in the school who doesn't know you and your father? Your father often comes to pick you up at the school gate."

Isabella forcefully pulled his sleeve and said in a low voice: "What are you talking about? What do you mean by 'your father'?"

Richard put his hand into his pocket and moved a little uneasily, his hand in the pocket a little trembling. He didn't expect that he could hold Isabella's hand in such a way.

But Isabella didn't care about it. She just stared

at the car in front of her.

Seeing Isabella's face suddenly darkened, Richard didn't say anything more. He was a little embarrassed. When her father was dating a woman in the car in front of them, it seemed inappropriate for him to flirt with her daughter.

As soon as the car stopped, they saw the two people get out. Isabella also got off at once.

"An experimental primary school? Where are we now?" Richard was confused and wondered why they came here. Shouldn't they go to a restaurant or a hotel?

Isabella snorted coldly. Of course she knew what the two were doing here. She thought of Evelyn, who was in grade five or grade six of primary school.

It turned out to be a family reunion.

Isabella bit her lips tightly, wishing to vent her hatred by biting Charles.

The primary school must have finished long ago, for there were few students. Charles and Yolanda stood at the school gate, and there was a girl dressed colorfully running out with a backpack. Instead of rushing to Yolanda, she plunged into Charles's arms.

It was not until then that Isabella realized that she was useless, thought she was a good student. Evelyn was younger, and could only be considered as a mediocre student, but she was so good at winning favor of others. Charles, with a self-centered personality, liked to be worshipped this way. Evelyn really knew how to please him.

Charles seemed to have said something, and Evelyn looked up at him with admiration. At this stage, she hadn't changed her original surname Wang, her mother's surname, so she was named Evelyn Wang.

Isabella thought that if she were Charles, she would have liked this girl too.

"They are leaving. Do we still follow them?" Richard reminded Isabella at once.

"Keep your voice down. Are you going to let others know?" Isabella wanted to cover his mouth.

The two of them followed within a moderate distance behind the three looking like a family. Richard was tall, and Isabella intentionally or unintentionally let him cover her.

Richard straightened his back and even raised his head a little.

They followed the three into a KFC. Back then, KFC had just entered China, and people found it quite original to eat there. Most of those who could afford to eat hamburgers and chicken wings were considered rich.

The two group of people were sitting back to back. With a book in her hand to cover her face, Isabella leaned against the sofa and listened carefully to what they were talking next.

Richard ordered some food and put it on the table. He smiled when he saw the look on Isabella's face.

Feeling the gaze from the people around her, Isabella almost wanted to strangle Richard. This damn boy was so eye-catching, and he ordered such a big pile of hamburgers and chicken wings. She just intended to watch secretly, but what Richard did almost expose her.

"Why did you buy so much food? To feed pigs?" She glared at him.

Richard hesitated, put down his tray awkwardly and said, "Isn't it time for dinner?"

"Do you want me to be exposed?" Isabella said in a hoarse voice.

"Are you stupid? The more high-profile you appear, the more people notice you. So no one will think that you are following someone. Even if they recognize you, you can say it is just a coincidence."

Isabella thought for a while and agreed what Richard said made sense.

"What do you like to eat?" Richard pushed the tray over.

Without any hesitation, Isabella took a bite of a pair of wings. But she suddenly realized that she seemed to act freely in front of Richard, as if he were her friend as he was in the last life. 'Isn't that okay...' she wondered.

She turned to look at Richard, who was also looking at her. "Err... I think we are schoolmates, so I don't act too politely."

"I know. I also take you as my sister." Richard kept nodding. He was happy to see her eat happily.

Isabella asked as she ate, "Richard, why do I feel that you have known me for a long time? When did you know me?"

The reason why she was familiar with Richard was that the two of them are old acquaintances. When she was depressed, he could even be considered as a confidant of her. She was reborn with the friendship in her previous life, so she felt close to Richard.

'But what about Richard?

Why is he so familiar with me?'

Richard smiled and took the cola. He lowered his head and bit the straw, not looking at Isabella. He seemed to have murmured something. When Isabella wanted to listen carefully, she heard Charles were coming back with the tray.

Isabella immediately strengthened up and listened attentively.

"You bought so many. They are all my favorites. Thank you, Uncle!" Evelyn laughed happily.

"Since you like them, I should buy more. Here's your favorite chicken wing, Evie!" It was Sophia's voice.

"Don't spoil her. She can take whatever she wants!" Yolanda's voice was full of affection, but Isabella could imagine that the expression on her face must be serious.

"Uncle and Mom, you eat first. I'm going to wash my hands!"

"Why did she suddenly think of washing her hands? She should have washed them long ago" Yolanda continued to complain.

"Can't you see that? Your daughter intends to leave us alone. She has grown up and become so thoughtful!" Charles sighed proudly.

"You have an older daughter. She should be more thoughtful than Evie. Why do you sigh like this?" Yolanda said in a jealous tone.

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