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   Chapter 7 Richard Qiao (Part Two)

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Seized by a whim, Isabella wanted to take a look at Richard. How interesting it was to see this playboy, who was almost thirty years old and still raced with her all day long in the last life, to be punished to stand in the corner.

Isabella looked at her watch. It seemed the class had begun. So she turned around and walked towards Class 9, Grade 1.

Tianyun No.1 High School arranged its layout totally in favor of the third grade students of high school. Their classrooms were located on the first and second floor, so that they could spend as little time as possible on their way to the classrooms or to the dormitories for rest. The rest of their time was reserved for studying. The second grade students occupied the third and fourth floor, and the first grade ones were on the fifth and sixth floor.

Isabella finally saw that future young entrepreneur on the sixth floor. Richard looked young and naive, with delicate features. Wearing a blue and white sportswear, he lowered his head, and leaned against the wall, one foot stepping on the wall. He exuded indescribable laziness.

The school set strict rules for its students. Girls' hair couldn't go over their ears, and boys' hair couldn't be longer than two inches. However, the hair on Richard's forehead was obviously longer, falling down to cover his eyes. Just then, the sun was shining from the other side of him, highlighting his handsome features.

Isabella grinned a little. 'He has a quality to be a playboy.' She thought.

Richard slightly tilted his head as if he sensed someone was staring at him. He saw Isabella, who was standing at the stairs and smiling at him with examination paper in her hands. Stunned, he immediately stood straight and walked over after thinking for a while.

Seeing Richard coming over, Isabella held the paper more tightly subconsciously. 'We are not supposed to know each other now, right?' She wondered.

"What are you looking at, Silly?" Richard looked down at her.

"What?" She was too slow to react.

"Aren't you afraid that I will beat you?" Richard raised his fist to show his power.

Isabella became dazed for a moment, but the smile on her face didn't fade away. 'This is the future young entrepreneur?' She just couldn't believe it. How could he threaten a little girl with force?

She wondered if she should write it down and post it online as one of the awkward things he did later. If Richard ever saw it, he would spend a lot of money removing it, wouldn't he?

Richard felt uneasy to be stared by Isabella this way. He flushed and said, "Go back to your division now. Don't wander around here!"

"Richard, you were punished to stand outside, not chat outside. Come back and stand still!" The teacher was giving a class in the classroom just now. When the stu

dents were doing their exercises, she wanted to let Richard in. But she didn't expect to see him talking with someone. She was enraged.

Richard's face froze a little. He looked at Isabella subconsciously, and his face turned even paler. He seemed to have thought of something and looked at the teacher angrily. "The person I beat deserved it. He's already in the third grade of junior high school, but he tried to hook up with a little girl instead of studying hard. I helped you teach him a lesson."

Then she turned around and walked straight into the classroom.

Isabella forced a smile to the teacher. Then she quickly went downstairs, fearing that the teacher, who was irritated by Richard, would make her the scapegoat.

Richard looked through the window and soon witnessed the petite Isabella. Then he lowered his head, his ears turning red.

Richard bit his lips and wondered, 'how did she find him? Did she know that he beat the student who sent her a love letter? No way. It was only after I beat the student did I know that the boy had only written it, but not sent it to Isabella. She's not supposed to know it.'

After sending the examination paper to Miss Zhang's office, Isabella went back to the classroom. She found that although her body was only thirteen years old, her mental was twenty-five years old. Although she was not familiar with what she had learned in junior high school, she was determined to learn it well. Now she was afraid of anything. It was her first day at school since rebirth. She felt a little distracted, but she was making good progress.

As soon as the school was over, Isabella found a public phone in a shop and called her mother, telling her that she had to go to a classmate's home to make up for her lessons. She would go to the factory after that.

Sophie thought it quite safe and agreed.

After hanging up the phone, Isabella took a bus to the municipal government.

She squatted in the shadow of a big tree in front of the city hall, looking at people coming in and out.

Both Charles and Yolanda worked here. She believed if she kept an eye out for anything every day, she could surely find some clues.

Unfortunately, she squatted under the tree for three consecutive days and didn't see them. Then she realized that even if there was something ulterior between the two, they couldn't do anything boldly in the working site. After all, everyone would like to maintain his image.

Although Isabella realized that she might have missed the two, she was not willing to give up her plan.

One day after school, she cheated her mother and squatted under the tree as usual.

With a book in her hand, she looked up at the people coming out of the building after reading for a while.

"Why do you squat here every day?"

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