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   Chapter 6 Richard Qiao (Part One)

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Miss Zhang sighed slightly. She thought she should teach Caroline that a good performance didn't mean everything, but before she opened her mouth, Caroline had already lowered her head and shed tears.

Miss Zhang found it hard to deal with this girl. She acted as if she had suffered a great injustice before anyone criticized and educated her.

Miss Zhang had no choice but turned to Isabella, "What did you say?"

'I'm just an onlooker. Why should I say something?' Isabella thought.

Isabella looked at the teacher, not knowing what to say. But suddenly her face lightened up. "Miss Zhang, could you please transfer my seat next to Caroline's?"

Miss Zhang was surprised and Sissi forgot to cry. Caroline also raised her head.


Isabella thought for a while, took a look at Caroline and said, "Carol is a good student and she can help me with my study. Recently, I find it a bit difficult to learn."

"Who wants to teach you?" Caroline said angrily.

Miss Zhang was at a loss for words, "Caroline, you should learn to get along well with your classmates."

Caroline's face clouded over and turned her head in anger.

Isabella grinned, "I also want to help Caroline. Though she is grade-A student, she is not cooperative and friendly."

At first, Isabella wanted to be more euphemistic instead of speaking bluntly like this. But she remembered she was just a little girl then, so she felt free to express herself.

Miss Zhang was more troubled. Now she's got another hard nut to crack.

Caroline looked unhappy, "You hypocrite!"

Isabella was surprised at Caroline's comment and almost burst into laughter. 'Caroline's so penetrative. She is right. I'm indeed hypocritical.' Isabella thought. She simply didn't want to sit next to Sissi. She felt a little disgusted at the sight of this former friend of her. "Thank you for your praise!" Isabella replied.

Confronted by Isabella like this, Caroline almost burst into tears.

Miss Zhang couldn't refrain from laughing. It seemed that the formerly silent Isabella had become eloquent. "Alright, Isabella moves to sit with Caroline after school."

"Miss Zhang!" Caroline pouted. She didn't want to share the same table with this hypocritical girl.

Sissi didn't say anything. She just looked at Isabella angrily.

Miss Zhang waved her hand and said, "So much for this. You can leave now. Caroline, try to help Isabella, will you? She is younger than you, after all."

Caroline angrily walked out first, followed by Sissi. Bella smiled and said in a sweet voice, "Miss Zhang, we're going back."

Isabella giggled and followed the two girls. She felt amused to see how they reacted to her plan.

"I'm telling you I won't help you!" Caroline said angrily and ran back to the classroom.

Sissi turned around and looked at Isabella, feeling wronged. "Isabella, don't you want to sit with me? Did I do something wrong? Did you hear from Caroline that your mother bought me something to eat?"

Isabella didn't say anything. She just looked at her aggrieved face and remained silent.

Sissi explained, "Your mother bought me something to eat and asked me to s

pend more time with you. Besides, she asked me to share the food with you. I didn't eat it alone."

Isabella nodded. It turned out that Sophie made Sissi her best friend by buying Sissi something." I know!"

"Then why did you..."

Isabella smiled and shook her head, "I just want to help Caroline fit into our class."

Sissi's angry face was tightened. She also wanted to scold Isabella for her hypocrisy!

Seeing Sissi walking away, Isabella chuckled.

"Isabella, come with me to the dean's office to get the examination paper!"

The moment Miss Zhang went out, she saw Isabella standing there. So she asked Isabella for help.

Isabella hurried to catch up with Miss Zhang. She was unlucky to get involved in the quarrel between Sissi and Caroline. She couldn't recall it ever happened in her previous life. Oh, yes. It suddenly occurred to Isabella that after she got sick in the past life, she was tired of studying and went to school after half a month.

After getting the examination paper, Miss Zhang asked Isabella to go back first.

Isabella walked back with the examination paper. Their school was a municipal key school, composed of high school and junior high school divisions. The main building was located within the high school division, so on her way back, the students she met were all high school students, who looked at her with curiosity and surprise.

"I heard that Richard Qiao in Class 9, Grade 1 fought again and was punished to stand there!"

"It's a minor punishment for people like him. He should be kicked out of the school!"

"You men are jealous of him, aren't you? He's good-looking and come from a good family. He can afford to fight!"

"What do ignorant women like you know? If he had no good background, what could he do in the future? You're so short-sighted!"

Listening the students' dialogue as they were walking, Isabella raised her eyebrows slightly. 'Richard Qiao?'

'Oh, yes. He was exactly a celebrity in our school.' Isabella remembered.

Richard was no ordinary person indeed. Other people generally follow the pattern of going to school, working and getting married. However, he didn't go to college after high school, and then began to wander around. Later, he also became successful, attracting a lot of women. When he played Snooker or participated in a car race, he had always got female companions. Yet, he didn't settle down with one single woman. Acting like a playboy, he didn't refuse to have fun with women, nor did he make any promise.

In fact, Isabella didn't know the exact time when she got to know Richard. However, she could always meet him when she was playing Snooker or racing. He could finish a Snooker game with one shot, but always ranked the second in car racing, because Isabella was the unconquerable winner.

Isabella learned all about Richard through others' gossip. It was said that he was once a student of Tianyun No.1 High School, but dropped out to seek his luck in the society. His family repulsed him because of this. Later, when he became a young successful entrepreneur in Tianyun City, he still couldn't be admitted by the Qiao Family.

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