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   Chapter 5 Girls' Quarrel

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Isabella studied for half an hour, and then the door opened. 'Does Charles come back?' She thought.

Another ten minutes passed. Sophie came with a glass of milk. "Bella, I will read a report in your room. You just mind your own business."

"Okay, I'll study with mom," said Isabella with a frown.

Sophie forced a smile and began to read.

Seeing the magazine held by Sophie, Isabella frowned all the more. 'Didn't she say that she was going to read a report?'

Before long, there was a knock on the door. Then Charles pushed the door open and came in with a faint smile on his face. "Is Bella reading?"

Isabella turned to glance him, nodded, and then continued her reading.

Charles went near to the bed and sat down, watching Sophie, who was leaning on the other side of the bed. "Sophie, Bella is reading," he said. "Let's go back to our bedroom. I have something to tell you!"

Sophie bit her lips and said: "You can tell me here. It's the same!"

Charles froze and his face darkened. After taking a deep breath, he said: "Sophie, you..."

"Mom, can you still share the bed with me today? I'm afraid of sleeping alone!" Isabella burst out.

Sophie smiled, "of course, I will accompany you!"

"Bella, you don't want Daddy? Don't you always want to be my side?" Charles said, with pretended grievance.

"It's because you are a male and I'm a girl!" Isabella turned to face the desk and said in a low voice.

Charles hesitated for a moment. He finally smiled and said, "Our Bella has grown up indeed." Then he walked to her, rubbed her hair, and said with a touch of self-mockery, "Then I will leave you two alone."

Isabella waited until the door was closed. Then she looked at Sophie and asked tentatively, "Did... Did you have a fight? "


Isabella frowned at the reply. Her thirty-five-year-old mother, who was leaning against the head of the bed, has soft eyes, beautifully-curved eyebrows and red lips. People would consider her to be an unmarried, carefree girl. But now, she looked quite worried, with her features scrunched up.

"Mom, what troubles you? Can't you tell me about it?" Isabella went go asking.

Sophie looked at her daughter and couldn't help laughing, "Silly girl, nothing happened. Just focus on your book. Can you keep up with your present classmates?"

Seeing that her mother didn't want to talk about it, Isabella stopped asking. She was still young, so her mother wouldn't tell her even if something serious happened. Moreover, she was still at school, and her mother definitely didn't want such issues to influence her study.

"My grades are not bad. I'll try my best. Don't worry, mom."

Sophie nodded and lowered her head to think over something. She still didn't aware that she was holding a magazine instead of a report.

Sophia frowned. Since her mother didn't want to talk about it, she had to investigate it by herself. Besides, she was also curious about when Yolanda began to seduce her father and what means she used to make him kill his wife and daughter.

At the thought of this, her face darkened slightly.

The day followed was a fine day. The sunshine was already bright in the early morning.

Isabella needed to go to school that day, so she quickly got up. When she saw her well-organized schoolbag and clothes by the bed, she smiled sweetly. It was so good to have mom around.

While washing face and brushing teeth, Isabella examined herself in the mirror. Her face, covered with water drops, resembled a petal with dewdrops on it. She looked pure yet charming, with dark slightly-curved eyebrows, big watery eyes, tiny upturned and straight nose and red moisturizing lips. Despite her young age, she has developed features of a charming woman.

Isabella looked at her image disapprovingly. She couldn't figure out how she grew like this.

Her mother, with soft and delicate features, looked like a good wife and good mother. Why did her develop an appearance of another style?

Isabella pulled a long face and sighed. It was certain that she couldn't become a comely lady in this life.

"Bella, are you done? Come eat your breakfast now. I'll drive you to school later."

Hearing Sophie's voice, Isabella quickly wiped her face and wolfed down the breakfast, which was composed of fried dough sticks, eggs and soybean milk. What a nice breakfast!

Sophie had lived in the factory for a long time, leaving Isabella and Charles at home. Therefore, Isabella was forced to deal with three meals almost by herself. She normally buy her breakfast at street stalls. Seeing such rich breakfast arranged by her mother, Isabella couldn't help recalling her past and felt sad.

Sophie was still busy in the kitchen, while Isabella was drinking the soybean milk and watching her mother. Isabella sensed something abnormal. Her mother stayed at the factory instead of going back home before. When she did go home, she still didn't live with her husband. Biting her lips, Isabella thought: 'Did I neglect something?'

'Did mom already know that he has another woman?

If a man has an affair, his spouse him must be the first to know it, right?'

"Mom, can I go to your factory after school this afternoon?"

Sophie put the fried

egg she just cooked on the table. She smiled more brightly and said, "Okay, I'll pick you up then!"

"No need. I know the way and I can go there by myself. Besides, I don't know when I can leave school. I've been sick for a few days, so I have a lot of classes to make up and notes to take. Don't bother coming." Isabella took a bite of a fried egg, and the delicious smell soon filled the air. 'After school, I must...' She had made her decision.

"No, I'll wait outside your school. Take your time. Go back to the factory with me when you finish your study." Sophie insisted.

That put Isabella in a difficult situation. Maybe she shouldn't have told her mother about going to her factory. "Well, maybe the teachers will give me extra lessons. How can I focus if you wait for me outside on such a hot day?" Isabella explained.

Sophie thought Isabella's words made sense. So she finally agreed: "Okay, I won't go. Take the money and buy some food if you are hungry. If anything unexpected should happen, just give me a call."

Sophie's cautious manner stirred a sense of sorrow and loss in Isabella that she could scarcely bear. She took the money offered by Sophie, and quickly finished eating. "Mom, don't worry. I'm leaving. I'll call you if I anything happened."

Sophie looked at Isabella, who went out with her schoolbag on her back. The facial expression on her face was soft and gentle, radiating maternal love.

Entering the classroom, Isabella was a little confused. 'Had I been in such a quiet place before? But there were clearly forty to fifty little girls and boys in the room!'

"Bella, Bella, hurry up! The bell has rung." There came a crisp voice.

Isabella looked over to see a baby-faced girl waving at her, but she didn't intend to get close to the girl.

This girl was called Sissi Jiao. Despite her cute and adorable appearance, she had an insidious personality. In Isabella's previous life, Sissi had always acted like her best friend. But after Sissi got to know Evelyn, she directly ignored Isabella, and even spoke ill of her from time to time in front of others. This was a girl one could never approach.

Seeing that Isabella was hesitating, Sissi couldn't wait to run over and maneuvered her into her seat. She kept nagging, "Haven't you recovered? How come you look so silly?"

Isabella had no choice but to sit down and take out her books, reading silently.

She had to sit here even if she didn't want to. Unluckily, she and Sissi were desk mates.

Other students kept coming to say hello to Isabella that day. Among the visitors, there were more male students. Isabella found her face almost froze from smiling too much.

The bustling crowd got together around Isabella's desk during breaks. Someone was unhappy to see this.

"She was absent for only a few days. But just look how these guys miss her!"

Hearing this, all the male students around Isabella blushed.

Sissi's face darkened. She turned to the speaker and said, "Carol, I think you've always cared nothing but study. How come you notice others?"

Caroline Xu's face turned red with anger. "Sissi Jiao, do you think that you can attract other people's attention by flattering Isabella all day long? You can't keep it from me that Isabella's mother bought you snacks secretly. Do you still stand by her side if her mother wasn't that nice to you?"

Isabella was stunned. She didn't know her mother did that in the last life.

Sissi immediately flushed. Her face turned even redder than Caroline's. "Nonsense!"

"Nonsense? Several of us have seen it. Do you think you can hide it from others?" Seeing Sissi appeared guilty, Caroline became more complacent. "We are all classmates. How dare you accept the gifts from other's parents? Humph!"

Sissi was too angry to say a word. All she could do was crying. Meanwhile, she peeped at the look on Isabella's face.

It was really fun to see the two little girls quarreling. Isabella didn't try to persuade them. Instead, she wanted to laugh.

Unfortunately, the head teacher asked the three of them to her office before long. Isabella felt wronged. How did she get involved as a rubberneck?

The head teacher Miss Zhang actually liked Isabella very much. In her opinion, she was a genius who could skip a grade at the age of thirteen. She had kept a good academic record and behaved properly. Last but not least, she was such a pretty girl with her red lips, white teeth and big bright eyes that she could easily win others' favor.

"What is it? Tell me! Why on earth did you two girls quarrel in class?"

Sissi raised her hand to wipe tears by her sleeves. With a long face, she said, "Miss Zhang, it was Caroline who started this. Bella just went back to class, and other classmates all gathered to talk to her. But Caroline sneered at them and even scolded me!"

Miss Zhang frowned slightly. Caroline was also a top student in her class and had good grades. Unfortunately, she was not popular among students. Being forthright and outspoken, she had offended many. If it wasn't for the fact that she appointed Caroline the study commissary directly, she wouldn't have been able to be selected.

Caroline kept her head down and didn't say anything.

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