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   Chapter 4 Going Home

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After staying in the hospital for three days, Isabella went back home with Sophie.

Isabella frowned slightly at the sight of the shabby residential building. Her mother only ran a clothing factory now, and her family just made ends meet. Although Charles worked in the government of Tianyun City, his salary was not very high. Imaging himself as a promising young man, Charles preferred making connections to working diligently. Sending presents is his favorite way to kiss the butts of his leaders.

And all the present expenses were borne by her mother.

"Bella, what do you want for dinner? I've bought a lot of food today. Since you didn't eat well in the hospital these days, you should have more nutritious food tonight! " Sophie put down her bag and went into the kitchen with the ingredients.

Sitting on the sofa in a daze, Isabella seemed not to hear Sophie's inquiry.

"Bella?" Sophie asked again as she didn't hear any reply from Isabella.

It was then that Isabella came to herself and asked: "What?"

"I asked you what you want for dinner tonight."

"Well, whatever. I'm not a picky eater!" After saying that, Isabella lost herself in a daze again.

Sophie looked out of the kitchen and saw the blank look on Isabella's face. She frowned and thought: 'not picky about food?' But obviously Bella was.

"Bella, will you go to school tomorrow or take a few more days off?"

Hearing Sophie's voice, Isabella became sober and went to the kitchen. Looking at her busy mother, she said, "I can go tomorrow. I'm fine now!"

"Good! How do you feel the life in that school now? Your father didn't want you to go there at first."

Isabella bit her lips and heard Sophie mention Charles in a flat voice, without any emotion.

Yolanda used to be an ordinary clerk in a governmental organization. After she married Charles, she quit her job and became a rich housewife, enjoying the wealth left by Isabella's mother.

'No, I had to find out when the affair between Charles and Yolanda had started.' Isabella thought. In her previous life, she either went to school or fooled around every day. She had no idea when the two were together, and didn't knew it until they were holding wedding ceremony.

Before Isabella died in the previous life, Evelyn said her mother Yolanda and herself were lucky for Yolanda didn't persuade Charles to divorce Isabella's mother, so they could enjoy such a large fortune. And Yolanda also said that she had tampered with her mother's car, which caused the accident. All these indicated that before the car accident, Charles and Yolanda had been together.

'If they don't know each other now, is it possible that they just miss the chance to know each other so that mom could avoid the disaster?

If they had known each other now, I could be well prepared to deal with it.'

Clenching her fists, Isabella made up her mind to investigate the relationship between Charles and Yolanda first.

Rolling her eyes, Isabella smiled and said to the busy Sophie: "Mom, how about I go to your factory after school tomorrow?"

"What? You don't like go there, do you? What happened? Don't you want to go to your father's unit?" While cooking, Sophie tilted her head and took a look at Isabella.

"I also want to see where you work!" Isabella said perfunctorily.

"Okay, I will pick you up then. We can have dinner outside!" Sophie said as she dished up. Her factory was not big, with only a dozen people. Making clothes was flow work. Since she didn't know how to design clothes, she just received orders from other factories. Even so, she got better salary than working as an ordinary clerk.

Isabella was totally okay with that. She took a piece of bread when Sophie didn't notice her, ran back to her room and stuffed it into her schoolbag. She had something important to do tomorrow and may not have time for eating, so she had to prepare it first.

When the dishes were served on the table, Sophie answered Charles's phone. He said he couldn't come back for dinner tonight. Sophie told him Isabella would go to her factory after school tomorrow, so he didn't need to pick Isabella up then.

Therefore, only Sophie and Isabella had the dinner together.

Isabella seemed to ask casually: "Mom, Dad can't come back for dinner, but why didn't you ask what he was doing?"

"Why should I ask? He's just working overtime!"

"Work overtime? People say that the work in the government is the easiest. The working time is from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Besides, he's just an ordinary employee in a small department. He doesn't need to work overtime!" Isabella said with dissatisfaction.

Sophie frowned slightly. She put a chicken leg in her daughter's bowl and said: "What's wrong? Are you angry with your father? No wonder you've clung to me these two days."

Sophie was somewhat speaking in a jealous tone. Although she smiled, the bitterness in her eyes revealed itself.

"Mom, are you jealous?" Isabella smiled to cover her uneasiness. Then she took a big bite of the chicken leg. "Mom, don't worry. You don't have to be jealous of anyone in the future. You are my only concern, okay?"

Sophie was amused by Isabella's joking remarks, and felt much better. "Finish your meal quickly. You have been ill for a few days, and y

our study has fallen behind. After dinner, lose no time in reviewing your lessons. You are supposed to be a pupil considering you age. But since you skipped a grade, you are now a junior high school student. If you feel tired or can't keep up with your study schedule, just tell me."

It suddenly occurred to Isabella that she had performed very well in primary school. As young as thirteen years old, she was already a second-grade student in junior high school. She was small compared with her classmates and always sat in the first row of the class.

"Mom, don't worry. I will study hard!" "I'm still doing well. If I can't keep up with the schedule one day, I'll apply for repeating a grade. I have more time than others!"

Indeed, when she was in the third year of junior high school, she felt incompetent to keep a good performance though she was willing to make progress. Therefore, she lost interest in learning and went from bad to worse. Then what happened?

Her stepmother doted on her and told her that her academic performance didn't mean anything, so she began to indulge herself by lingering in bars and obsessing with racing. Then she got to know Thomas, the jerk, who drove her away from study further. Jobless and unbridled, she led a luxurious life supported by her mother's heritage.

Isabella clenched her fists and swore that she would study hard. She wanted to strive for a good life both for her mother and herself.

Sophie looked at Bella who was wolfing down the food. "Slow down. There's no need to be so hasty!"

Having finishing eating, Isabella wiped her mouth and said: "Mom, I'm going back to my room to study."

Somehow, Isabella couldn't concentrate on her study. She peeped at Sophie who was cleaning up, and then tiptoed to the master bedroom, her parents' room.

The six-floor residential building they lived in was of old style. There was no elevator, and their small house was on the top floor, with two bedrooms and one living room. The parents lived in the master bedroom, while the secondary bedroom belonged to Isabella.

Looking at the tidy room, Isabella frowned slightly. It must have been cleaned up by Charles. Actually, Sophie was not a qualified mother. Although she was a successful businesswoman, she sucked at housework.

Isabella looked and touched the stuff around to see if there was anything wrong, but the room was so clean that she didn't find anything strange.

There were two pillows at the head of an ordinary double bed. Beside the bed was a table, on which there was a very ordinary lamp. On the opposite side of the bed was a dresser, one could see nothing but a comb and a bottle of facial cream. She opened the drawer, only to find that everything was neatly placed. Nothing was suspicious.

Isabella sighed slightly. This room was spotless to the point of being weird.

Isabella walked to the big wardrobe and opened its door. She didn't expect to find something, so she just took a casual look. But when she saw the scattered clothes, she was stunned. 'Are these all the clothes the two have? That's too few.' She thought.

Hearing the footsteps outside, Jay quickly closed the door, walked to the dresser, took out a stack of letters from the drawer before she opened the door of the room.

"Why are you here?" Sophie was confused when she saw Isabella. 'Isn't she reading in her room?' She thought.

"I've come to take some paper. Why don't you go to bed now, Mom?" Showing the paper in her hands to Sophie, Isabella went back to her room.

"Just continue studying. I will offer you boiled milk later!"

"Mom, I don't want milk!" Hearing Sophie's words, Isabella's face turned blue. She still remembered in the previous life, her shape was so sexy and revealing, and her face was charming. Thomas once said that she was too enchanting to be a good wife and could only end up being a mistress. She couldn't help but resented this. She didn't want such an attractive appearance this life.

"You said you were not a picky eater, but now you are?" Sophie shook her head, "Drinking milk can make you taller. You are already short. How can you expect to grow taller if you don't drink it?"

Did all the milk she drank in her previous life contribute to her height? She didn't want to be enchanting, but she wanted to be taller all the more. "Okay, I'll drink it!"

Sophie nodded with satisfaction. "Bella, study first. I'll come share the bed with you, okay?"

Isabella nodded and smiled. It was great, of course.

However, when Isabella went back to her room, she sensed something abnormal. She recalled that her mother often worked overtime and lived in her factory. She used to think that was because her mother was busy making money. Now it seemed that there was something she didn't know.

Isabella calmed herself down and opened her book. Now she was in the second year of junior high school, and her performance was not bad. But in the third year, her grades began to drop. She was not admitted to an ordinary high school, let alone a key one. Ultimately, she went to a private high school because her family could afford it. The private high school boasted of excellent teachers and high-end infrastructure, but actually it was no comparison to public high schools at all.

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