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   Chapter 3 Flash Of Memories

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Leaning against the head of the bed, Isabella looked out of the window lazily. 'W-what happened?'

Lifting her hand, she touched her forehead and felt that it was a little hot. Looking around, she was sure this was the day when she got hospitalized when she was only thirteen year old. From what she remembered, no one came to visit her this day, and only the doctors and nurses came in and out of the room.

When she was at this age, she had resented both of her parents, blaming them on focusing too much on work and making money instead of paying attention to her.

But now, with everything she had known, Isabella couldn't help but feel sorry for her mother. On the other hand, she felt indifferent towards her father.

'How is it possible that I came back here?' Isabella wondered as she stared at her hands in awe. It was obvious from the way her hands looked that she was much younger than she was. 'Was it all just a dream that my father killed me?'

Thinking of this, there was nothing but hatred in her heart.

Isabella frowned and stared out of the window at the sunshine. 'What happened to me after I was 13?' she thought. Right now, she wanted to do everything she could to protect her mother. It was her turn to make sure she was safe.

Her mother, Sophie Bai, worked hard to make sure her career was successful so that her family could live a comfortable and luxurious life. However, Isabella was young and ignorant back then, even distancing herself from Sophia. Sometimes, she could even let her mother know how much she despised her, especially when Sophie tried to get close to her.

When Sophie died in the car accident, Isabella learned that she had left everything to her in her will -- the company, all the stock and bonds. But it wasn't the immense wealth Sophie had left Isabella that made her feel her love towards her mother. Seeing her mother's cold and pale corpse made Isabella regret pushing her away.

Isabella closed her eyes and took a deep breath. The serious expression on her face didn't suit her childish features. Nevertheless, she was as beautiful as ever.

At this moment, the door to her ward swung open.

Isabella's eyes widened at once. It was her father Charles!

Charles was then in his thirties, high-spirited and vigorous. With his hair slicked back smoothly, he looked very sharp and refined.

Subconsciously, Isabella drew back a little. The scene of Charles covering her head with a pillow before she died still lingered. Recalling his indifferent expression filled her with panic and fear.

But Charles didn't notice the change on her face. He walked a few steps closer, grabbed a pillow from another bed and walked towards Isabella.

Isabella's face turned paler. She shivered and pulled up the quilt subconsciously. "No!"

Her cry immediately made Charles stagger to a halt. Then, he gingerly put the pillow behind her with an anxious expression and let her lean against it. "Silly girl, what's wrong? Did you have a nightmare?"

It was not until then that Isabella slowly relaxed. It turned out that he wanted to make her more comfortable. She had thought that he was going to suffocate her again!

Taking a deep breath, Isabella slowly stuck her head out of the quilt and fixed her eyes on the man. Since she was suffocated by him in her previous life, she was having a difficult time seeing him as her father.

He didn't deserve such an address anymore. After all, he was willing to kill his own daughter for the sake of money!

Looking at Isabella's little, white and gloomy face, Charles rubbed her hair lovingly, and then raised his hand to touch her forehead. He sighed, "It's still a little hot. Let's stay here for another night, okay?"

Biting her lip, Isabella felt uncomfortable to stay with him for a second longer. "Will mom come?"

Hearing that, the corners of Charles's mouth turned slightly into a frown. Normally, Isabella would never want to see her mother. But today, she took the initiative to ask for her. "Your mother only cares about money. Do you really think she cares about you and me? Dad will stay with you today, okay?"

Hearing this, Isabella's heart sank. She nodded and watched Charles go ask the doctor about her condition.

It turned out that Charles had already started to alienate her mother from her. If a thirteen-year-old child heard such words, it was inevitable that she wouldn't want to be closer to her mother!

Isabella clenched her fists. The year was 1996. Although phones were widely used in families and enterprises, there wasn't one in her ward.

Isabella was worried. How could she get in touch with her mother?

Charles came back soon with a doctor and a nurse. They talked for a while and prescribed medicine for Isabella. She took some medicine and was given an injection on the back of her hand. She looked at the transparent liquid dripping into her body and her pale face began to flush slightly.

The tragic end of her life was the beginning of a new one. With everything she knew about her past life, she knew all the plans Charles, Yolanda and Evelyn were setting out to do. There was more than enough time for Isabella to prepare for their blows. What was more, she might even be able to prevent her mother's car accident.

'The people who've deceived me will pay! There's nothing to be afraid of now,' she thought determinedly.

Charles said he wanted to keep her company, but as soon as she was given an infusion, he pulled out his pager to answer a call and left with an apologetic face.

Isabella breathed a sigh of relief. She really hated that murderer. If he had stayed a little longer in front of her, she pro

bably would've jumped up, pulled out the needle on the back of her hand and stabbed him to death.

Half an hour later, the infusion was finished. Covering the pinhole, Isabella looked at the nurse beside her. "Do you know where the phone is?" she asked.

"There is a phone at the reception desk on the first floor. But if you make an outside call, you have to pay!"

Isabella nodded. Before Charles came back, she must quickly go to the reception desk to call her mother.

After her mother's car accident, she remembered that her father and soon-to-be stepmother had suddenly turned cold towards her.

It was at that time that she finally felt that she needed her mother's love so much. On her loneliest nights, Isabella would often dial her mother's number repeatedly like crazy. There, she would hear her mother's voicemail, over and over again. Even though it was just a voicemail, it still felt nice for Isabella to hear.

And so, Isabella dialed the familiar number, her fingers almost trembling. After two rings, the phone was finally picked up. "Hello? Who is this?" A gentle voice sounded.

Isabella's knuckles turned pale as she clenched the phone receiver tightly. She suppressed the surging emotions, but her lips trembled uncontrollably. For a moment, she couldn't find her voice.

"Hello? Is someone there?"


"Bella?" Sophie's hesitant voice rose slightly in surprise. It was a known fact that they were not close with each other. Isabella rarely called her mother like this, and it was even rarer for them to talk face to face. 'Bella...Why did she call me all of a sudden?'

With doubt and shock, Sophie's heart was trembling with joy. As a mother, no one could understand how painful she felt when her daughter repulsed her.

"Mom... It's me..." In the trembling voice, there was a sobbing tone. Isabella bit her lip and said, "Mom, I'm sick. Why aren't you here with me?"

Sophie's heart twitched, and then she felt a sharp pain. "Bella, you're sick? When did you get sick? Which hospital are you in? Tell me, I'm going to see you right now!"

After hanging up the phone, there were still tears on Isabella's face, but a smile gradually entered her lips. Joy swept through her as she could finally be closer to her mother.

With tears in her eyes, Isabella went back to the ward with joy. She lay on the bed and waited for her mother. After such a long time, her mother's image had faded in her mind.

Half an hour later, a woman rushed into the ward. "Bella? Bella, what happened to you?"

It was the first time that Sophie appeared so ungraceful and awkward. She carefully touched Isabella's arms, hands, legs and even feet with her bare hands, as if trying to see what was wrong with her daughter. "Bella, don't worry anymore, okay? Mom's right here."

Seeing the nervousness on Sophie's face, Isabella smiled warmly, feeling a bit shy. "Mom, I just have a fever. It's not a big deal!"

"Silly girl, no matter how small the illness is, it hurts me. How can I not worry about it?" Sophie rubbed Isabella's head and smiled dotingly. "I came in a hurry and wasn't able to buy anything. Tell me, what do you want to eat? I'm going to buy it!"

Biting her lip, Isabella lowered her head and smiled sheepishly. "I think I want to eat cherries and grapes!"

"Okay, wait for me. I'll buy it for you!" Tears welled up in Sophie's eyes. It was the first time that her daughter was so welcoming towards her.

One hour later.

With a sigh, Isabella looked out of the ward. There was no one else there aside from the nurses in white and the patients in light blue gowns.

'Well... What is taking you? Are you tilling the soil, planting seeds, and waiting for the cherries and grapes to grow?' Isabella couldn't help pursing her lips.

Finally, there was a burst of rapid footsteps. Sophie's hair was a little messy, and she was holding a plastic bag in her right hand. There were the red cherries and a pack of raisins.

'Ah, of course! Cherries and grapes were still rare and pretty scarce back then. How could I forget about that? No wonder Mom spent so much time looking for them!'

Isabella regretted raising a request so casually.

However, Sophie seemed to be more remorseful than her. "Bella, I haven't found grapes. How about eating raisins instead?"

Looking at Sophie's cautious manner, Isabella felt grieved. How overbearing could she be?

"Mom, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry," said Isabella, holding her mother's hands.

Seeing the tears falling down from Isabella's eyes, Sophie's heart ached. She held her daughter in her arms. "Silly girl, don't cry!"

Just then, Isabella felt her shoulder getting wet. Looking over, she saw that her mother was crying.

With her hands around Sophie's waist, Isabella cried loudly with heart-wrenching pain.

Sophie panicked and felt heartbroken when she heard Isabella cry. "Good girl, don't cry. Don't cry. You are still sick. Crying is not good for your health!" she crooned.

Many patients, drawn by Isabella's crying, had gathered at the door of her ward.

The nurse who had just given an infusion to Isabella came over and said unhappily to the patients with a frown: "This is hospital, not public market! Please go back to your own wards!" Then she turned to look at the crying girl and pursed her lips impatiently. "It's just a fever. Why are you crying so much? Just go home if you have to act like such a spoiled child!"

After saying that, the nurse scoffed and turned to leave.

With a livid face, Isabella rolled her eyes. 'How could she say something like that? It doesn't matter, I guess. At least I can start over and make things right.'

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