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   Chapter 1 Accident

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It was an hour before midnight, and things were quiet on the hillside road of Yangming Mountain. All of a sudden, the roaring engine of a car broke the silence.

A dazzling red Porsche zoomed quickly on the snake-like road. At every sharp turn, the car drifted across the asphalt, leaving behind trails of dust and smoke.

Inside the car, Isabella Lou shifted the gear, making the car roar with more power and speed.

A bitter and self-mocking smile appeared on her beautiful face. It was frustrating for her to be deceived for such a long time. The words he said to her kept ringing in her head.

"Bella, I've always liked your sister Evie. If it hadn't been for the broken capital chain of my family business, I wouldn't have... I know it's my fault..."

"It's not Tom’s fault. He did it for the Wen Family. Just hate me. I'm the one who did the wrong thing. Tom and I really love each other, please..."

Isabella Lou closed her eyes. It had been years since she had cried, but she just couldn't help herself right now. Her heart was filled with love for both her sister and Thomas Wen. There was no way she could have predicted that they would go behind her back like that.

Her heart ached more at the thought of the couple. The man often wore an iron-grey suit, accentuating his elegant yet strong demeanor. On the other hand, the woman was slender and unbelievably beautiful. As she leaned in against his shoulder with a happy smile, it was easy for anyone to see how intimate they were with one another.

If only Isabelle Lou had not taken a wrong turn during her race, she wouldn't have known that the two were engaged tonight.

The banquet was being held on a luxurious cruise ship. As it turned out, it was a very big and grand celebration. What made it even more difficult for Isabella Lou to accept was the fact that her own biological father was there to participate in the engagement ceremony.

'Ha-ha! I'm just so stupid and clueless, aren't I?' Isabella Lou thought bitterly.

Her hands tightly gripped on the steering wheel. The road before her started to blur as tears soon formed in her eyes.

Below the winding road, the waves surged and crashed against the mountain side. There were dark clouds overhead, and the whistling sound of the wind indicated that heavy rains were soon about to fall.

But Isabella Lou could notice nothing else but the dark storm that was brewing in her heart.

Her sister stole her fiance. On top of that, it turned out that her fiance only took interest in her because of the money. And how could it be that even her father was in on the plan? Why did he help them lie to her?

With all these in her thoughts, Isabella Lou stepped harder on the gas. In her entire twenty-five years of existence, the only thing that hadn't betrayed her yet was her beloved car.

She reached out and briskly wiped away her tears. 'Thomas is just a man,' she thought to herself. 'So what if my stepsister stole him away from me! There are so many other men in the world, men who are more decent than that jerk.'

Given the fact that she had just been named as one of the best racers in Tianyun City, it would be impossible for her not to find another man.

Isabella Lou took another sweeping, sharp turn, channeling all her anger on the wheel. It

was reasonable for her to feel this way since Thomas Wen had screwed over her and used her for her money. He even had the audacity to defend his actions by saying that she was too enchanting and dangerous.

"Bella, just look at yourself in the mirror! You were born to be a vixen. No man would dare to marry such a woman."

From everything that happened, it wasn't the complacent smile on her stepsister's face that shocked Isabella Lou the most, nor was it the pitiful eyes of her father and stepmother, but the way Thomas Wen looked at her as he said those. That was like a knife to her back.

He had cheated on her, and took away her money to save his own company. As if that wasn't enough, he had even shone a bad light on her, intending to destroy her entire career.

Taking a deep breath, Isabella Lou tried to calm down and focus on the road ahead. There was a hairpin curve coming up. Slowly, she applied pressure on the brakes. However, the car was still going in full speed. At this point, she was going over two hundred miles per hour.

Isabella's heart sank. From what she remembered, her car had gotten a full tune up in preparation for tonight's race. 'How could there be something wrong with the brakes? I've never even left the car...'

And then, it suddenly occurred to her that she did.

She once left the car and rushed into the luxurious cruise when she saw the banner on the cruise congratulating the engagement of Evelyn Lou and Thomas Wen.

Panicking, Isabella stomped on the brakes as hard as she could, but the car still wouldn't slow down. Looking at the dashboard, she was starting to regret that she had filled up the tank with gas today. Thinking quickly, she tried to change her tactics, hoping that she would be able to consume up all the gas until the car came to a halt.

Every muscle in Isabella's slim body tensed. All the things she had previously been thinking about--the engagement, her backstabbing stepsister, her deceiving father--had disappeared. The only thing in her mind was that sharp curve on the road. With a determined and solemn look on her face, she loosened and tightened her grip on the wheel.

As she approached the curve, she stepped on the accelerator. The modified Porsche jumped out in an instant like a cheetah.

Isabella tried her best to hold the steering wheel tightly. It all happened in a brief second, and soon, the car was past the intimidating curve. Looking back on her rearview mirror, she let out a relieved sigh.

Suddenly, a big bolt of lightning flashed in the sky, making her heart tremble.

'Was that lighting?

Is it going to rain?'

Isabella's face suddenly turned pale, and her hands holding the steering wheel began to tremble. The tears in her eyes had been replaced by trepidation.

In front of her, the road was coming to an end, and she was about to crash head-first against the mountain. It was very much like her mother's car accident.

It happened on a cold, rainy night like this.

Isabella's body couldn't help trembling.

A solid mountain was a nightmare for one driving at full speed.


Under the dark night sky, the short bursts of lighting revealed slick blood on the pavement. In the end, her car had also betrayed Isabella.

Who could've possibly been behind this?

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