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   Chapter 32 You don't love him!

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~~~ Don't ever come back to me again, trying to forget you the best I can. It hurts too much to say you threw us away, nothing that could make you stay. Don't ever miss me anymore, you gave up on us when you closed that door. I wish you all the best, thought you were my last, just please can you let me pretend... to forget...~~~

-Emma Heesters-


I ran out immediately when I got David's call. I was finding a place where I can talk to him without loud music and noise as a background and my feet brought me to the hotel garden.

I sat in the long chair and stirred slightly when the cool wind blows against my skin.

"Hi, babe." the first thing I said the time I swiped the answer button, unaware of the figure standing in a dim area... watching and listening to every word that comes out of my lips.

"Hello, my beautiful girlfriend, how are you and how's the party going?"

I couldn't help but smile at the word he used for me.

"Well, I'm fine I mean, a little worn out."

"Hmm... just a little?" I could imagine the crease on his forehead.

"Yup, just a little and regarding the party..." I glanced at the entrance where I could see the kids playing fun games that Jack suggested. "...well, the kids enjoy dancing and playing games, especially Cali."

"Wow, that's good, please tell our little girl that Uncle David has a surprise for her when we see each other."

"Wow, really? She would get excited about it, babe." My smile widened when I heard the word 'our' that refers to my daughter. That's just one thing I like about David, he treats and cares so much for Cali like his own daughter.

"I wish I could be there too."

"Hmmp... didn't I tell you to file a vacation leave?"

"Babe, you know how much I wanted to do it, right? But I can't, today is one of my VIP patients' heart surgery and I'll be the head of the surgery team."

"Hmmp! I know, " I sighed, looking up at the stars spreading across the dark sky.

"But I promise after all my commitments this month, I'll be by your side 24/7."

"Okay, I'll remember that, babe."

And we talked about random things like we always do when it comes to the point that we no longer have topics to discuss. David is a doctor, one of the outstanding heart surgeons in New York. He's three years my senior and the first time we met each other was so memorable.

Jack and I went to the ne

et married this year."

That made his sneer disappear and I silently cheered inside.

And since he didn't say anything, I decided to get up and go back inside, but I was just taking a few steps when I heard him shout.

"You can't get married!"

I turned to him, couldn't help the laugh that rose in my throat.

"You can't marry him, Samantha!"

"Why? Are you going to stop my wedding like what I did to yours 8 years ago?" I asked, still laughing. "Come on, Mr. Williams, we're both adults and mature now, so let's act like one."

"Trust me, you can't get married!" He stood up, his face held seriousness as he put his hands inside of his pockets.

I hissed and a sarcastic smile curled up against my lips.

"Wow! Did you just say the word 'trust'? You want me to trust you? But I did! Believe me, I've done it before. Actually, it's the only thing I had back then but you have broken. You lost it, so why would I trust you again this time?"

And that made him shut in his place.

"Nice meeting you again, Mr. Williams, have a good day--- I mean, night." I gave him a forced smile before finally leaving him dumbstruck in his spot.

I immediately ran to the nearest ladies room, entered one of the cubicles and sat down on the lid of the bowl. I rested my elbows on my knees and let my hands take the weight of my head and even my heart that was currently pounding fast inside my ribcage as if I had just come from a marathon.

I breathed... long and deep... and then I closed my eyes, wondering how did I take talking to him without my voice shaking? How did I get such confidence?

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