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   Chapter 31 De Ja Vu

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~~~Never thought that loving you would hurt me this way, but I'm the one to blame 'cause I'm always saying 'it's okay, it's alright, I put the pain away and let it slide. I forgive and forget it. And then you promised me I won't regret it, but I do. It's not right because I turn around and let it slide. And I'm crazy for thinking that someday, you'll change things when you keep on crossin' the line...~~~

-Nikki Flores-


Present time...

"So, how would you plan to surprise your daughter?" Jack asked me while we were unpacking our things from our bags.

In the meantime, we have decided to stay in her old apartment as I don't want to spoil my surprise for my daughter.

"I'll just tell you later, but for now, I think you should go take a shower and I'll follow when you're done."

"Huh?" She immediately got up, wrinkling her forehead. "No, you're the one who should take a bath first while I'm preparing our dress for the party."

"Jackeline! You take an hour in the shower, so you must go first and I need to call mom to inform her that we're now here in San Francisco."

"Haist, fine!" She huffed, taking her towel and stomping her feet like a child as she goes to the bathroom.

I just ignored her and took my phone from the front pocket of my blouse. I have to call mom and ask her if the huge box that I will need later to surprise my daughter is ready.

My daughter asked me a month ago if I can fly to San Francisco to celebrate her birthday and I just told her I'll try. So she didn't know I was coming. It's only mom who knows that I'm going to surprise her.

I'm planning to hide in a huge box and ask Jack to come to the party alone and tell Cali that I couldn't come because of work and to make up for my absence, Jack will get the huge box and will tell her that it's my surprise gift for her.

* * *

At the party...

My heart was pounding faster as I was getting near in the middle. I was inside the huge box and the waiters that Jack hired were pushing me. There was a small hole on the side of the box which was enough for me to see the person we were passing by.

I can hear my daughter's screams when she saw the box. She's so pretty with her natural brown and wavy hair which she got from me.

"Wow, Untie Jack, this box is so big! I wonder what's inside of it, I'm so excited!" She even claps her hands in excitement.

My mom and dad were behind her, but

Dale." I hugged him back.

"Yeah, I know." he just laughed when I hit his back. "By the way, why didn't you tell you're coming or even Luke, so we could have picked you up from the airport."

"Nah, it's okay, I was with Jack." I winked at him before pointing out my best friend who was currently choosing which food she's going to add in her large plate.

"Tss! I wonder how she maintains her body. She eats a lot, I think she could even eat a whole cow!"

And because of what he said, I unconsciously glanced at Luke and we laughed together. I was just pulled back to reality when Cali held my hand and asked me if she could now blow her candles.

Luke called everyone's attention as he lifted Cali into his arms and stood next to me while I was lighting up the candle.

De Ja Vu

That's what I felt when we all sang the old song 'happy birthday' and Cali blew the candles.

"Happy birthday, Cali."

"Thank you."

She was still in her father's arm when Luke asked her what she wanted to eat and she then pointed the bowl of sweets. And a few seconds later, Jack appeared in front of me holding the large plate full of pasta, meatballs and barbecue.

Tears were blurring my vision when she asked me.

"Hey, what's going on with you?" She pointed my face.

"Uhm... n-nothing, I just can't believe my little Cali is now 8 years old. Time has flown so fast, Jack."

Although what I said was true it's not the reason why tears formed around my eyes. It was because what was happening at that moment had happened before... and the memories of them seemed to have just happened yesterday and not four years ago.

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