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   Chapter 29 She kicked my ear, Mommy!

One More Chance By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 7693

Updated: 2020-06-26 01:23

~~~I can't hold out, I can't hold back now like I've done before. Darling look at me I've fallen like a fool for you. Darling can't you see I'd do anything you want me to. I tell myself I'm in too deep, then I fall a little farther every time you look at me...~~~

-Carrie Underwood-


I felt so exhausted that night that I didn't notice I had dozed off sitting on a couch in my baby's room. I was waiting for Luke to show him the ultrasound result I had this morning, but because of tiredness, I decided to take a sit on the single accent chair and put the papers on the small table in front of me.

I don't know how long I slept, but I was awakened by the slight movement in the room and I was surprised to see Luke standing in front of me, holding the ultrasound results. His lips were curled into a smile as his eyes showed admiration while looking at the papers in his hands. It was the first time I had seen that kind of emotion in his eyes and I couldn't help my heart to wish that someday, he would also look at me wearing the same expression.

I held my breath when he suddenly turned to me.

"H-Hi." I smiled at him but he immediately masked his face again with a serious expression.

'Goodness! How can he easily do that? Is he bipolar?'

"Why are you sleeping here? Your muscles will cramp again with that position."

"Uhm... actually, I was waiting for you to show the results, but since I felt exhausted arranging the stuff our moms bought earlier, I didn't notice that I had already fallen asleep."

"They did buy baby stuff again?" He asked, surprised also laced in his voice.

"Yeah, I already told them that baby Cali has all the stuff she needed but they kept buying them."

"It's okay, we can donate them to the orphanage or to the charities when baby Cali doesn't need them anymore."

"That's also what your mom told me." I smiled, I couldn't help it when I heard him say 'baby Cali'. "Anyway, have you eaten dinner? I'll ask Rory to prepare food---"

"No, I've already eaten at the restaurant."

"Ahh... that means your meeting lasted until this evening." It wasn't a question but a confirmation and maybe he noticed the sudden change in my voice because the next thing he said shocked me.

"Yeah, it lasted until 6:30

I think she's more playful now than this morning in the clinic.


"Uhuh, maybe because she knew her daddy is playing with her. Do you know what I read from one of the pregnancy books that Doctor Mary gave me? The babies inside the mother's womb could recognize the voice of their father first than the voice of their mother."

"I will remember that." His short response before bringing his ear back close to my belly. "Hi, baby, your mommy told me that you would recognize my voice before her."

The second time he mentioned the word 'mommy' and I don't know if he noticed it or maybe he's doing it on purpose.

"I don't know if it's true, but I'm sure you know my voice now and I promise you'll hear it every day and until you were born."

As long as I wanted to ask him if he's thinking of reading different stories for his daughter every night, but I kept my mouth shut. I don't want to ruin this memorable moment of my life.

But then fate or whatever you may call it seemed to be on my side from that night he heard my his daughter's heartbeat and felt how strong her kick was. He always comes home the time I was about to sleep. And every morning before he going to his work, he always made sure to see me eat the food he personally cooked and prepared.

I just wished I was living in a fantasy, so our story would have had a happy ending or will never have an ending. I wish it wasn't just a dream that when I wake up tomorrow or after my short nap, everything will fade and will turn to normal again.

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