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   Chapter 27 Oatmeal for breakfast

One More Chance By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 7065

Updated: 2020-06-24 23:55

~~~ Yes I told myself I'll always stay the same, even if you hurt me I would take the blame. You are all I'm living for, I would love you even more, I would keep the pain inside my door. It's enough for me that I have come to love you I see, because the heart I have could only want you. I just want you to remember even if it takes forever, I would wait until the world is through when all that's left is only me and you...~~~

-Donna Cruz-


I don't know what did Doctor Mary said to Luke that day... I had no idea and I also didn't try to ask him. But since that day, I noticed his changes. Although he's still the cold-hearted Luke I married a few months back, but the way he treated me had changed.

He always leaves instructions to our maids to cook my breakfast and never let me do the things that will make me weary. He asked them not to give me any alcoholic drinks--- which I haven't tried to drink since I knew I was pregnant--- and all the kinds of drinks a pregnant woman is not allowed to drink.

Even though hasn't come home early every night, but I really appreciate what he does every morning. I never saw him again with bottles of beer in the living room or in the minibar near the kitchen and not to mention that apart of those changes that I noticed from him, he never brought any woman back into the house to fuck every other night.

At first, I thought I was just dreaming, until one saturday morning when I went downstairs, I found him cooking breakfast at the kitchen counter. A wide smile painted on my lips that morning and even though I still wanted to watch him even in his back, I guess he knew that there's someone watching him from behind.

I held my breath, walked inside the kitchen and pretended to be oblivious of his presence. I was in my 7th month of pregnancy and my belly was kinda round and big, so I couldn't walk faster.

"Sit down."

I was stopped from opening the fridge when I heard his voice. His voice wasn't sounded mad but it was deep that gave me chills down to my spine.

"A-Are you talking to me?" I asked, not s

lear things up between us. I'm not doing this for you. I'm doing this for the baby."

I gulped as his words echoed repeatedly in my head. 'I'm not doing this for you. I'm doing this for the baby'.

"Uhm... y-yeah, o-of course I know you're doing this for the... baby." I smiled, trying to hide the disappointment in my voice.

"Doctor Mary told me that you should avoid eating too much sweets while you're pregnant and monitor your daily meals. The nutrients you get from the food you eat will help the baby's development."

"Ahh..." I murmured, nodding. "Is that what she told you, I mean the reason why she talked to you in the hospital?"

"Yes." He replied shortly and all I could do was nod... nod... and nod.

"I see." I shoved the first slice of banana in my mouth. "Actually, you don't really have to tell me this thing, I already know about it and I understand, " I said, not looking at him but at the bowl of oatmeal which suddenly became delicious and interesting to eat.

I didn't hear him talk again, but I continued to eat the food he prepared for me. But deep inside me, I wanted to ask him if she explained to him if my emotions will also affect his child, but since he already turned to silent, I just decided to swallow that question together with the oatmeal and drank it down with milk.

Well, what should I expect? Of course, he'll only do this for his baby and not for me.

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