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   Chapter 24 Because I love him

One More Chance By Jaycelle Anne Rodriguez Characters: 6851

Updated: 2020-06-22 23:42

~~~ Don't cry out loud, just keep it inside and learn how to hide your feelings. Fly high and proud and if you should fall, remember you almost had it all...~~~

-Rachelle Ann Go-


"Okay, I got it. You don't want your best friend to know all this, but why do you have to face the pain if you can go and free yourself from this hell?"

I shrugged. Tears started to form around my eyes. She's right. Why do I have to take all this if I can easily free myself? And then the answer is...

"Because I love him."

Her expression softened.

"I love him and I think I couldn't live without him but on top of that, I don't want my daughter to grow up without having a father beside her. So yes, I could face all the pain and this hell just for her. But you know what, I'm still hoping that one day, Luke will change even if it's not for me but for our baby."

I didn't get back to sleep or should I say--- I could no longer go back to sleep because even if I hadn't heard them, their image kept dancing in my head every time I closed my eyes.

The next morning, everything seemed to return to normal... I mean, new normal. He has a deep frown when he met me on the stairs. I was going up to my room with my pillows and my favorite fleece blanket as he came down wearing his office attire. He's currently training to manage their business.

I ignored him and didn't even try to spare him a look as I headed directly upstairs and into my room. But the moment I entered my room, I ran immediately to the bathroom and it was only then that I allowed my tears and heaviness of my chest to explode.


When Dale and Luke's graduation came, mom and dad agreed to celebrate it in my in-laws' house. On the same night, his father announced to the public that his son was already married which caused my world to suddenly stop for a few seconds.

Everyone's eyes were on me and I gulped when his father called us to be in the middle. He told his son to hold my hand and they all cheered, shouting a loud 'con

p and realize their feelings? They're a cute couple if that happened.'

Her rants suddenly stopped when we heard the doorbell ringing outside.

"I think that's my pizza. Hmm... yummy!"

"You ordered a pizza?"

"Yup, wait for a while." She stood up to open the door and to pay for the pizza.


"Uhm, Jack?" I called her after we finished eating and while she's already cleaning the mess on the small table.


"Can I sleep here--- again?" She was stopped by taking the box of pizza and looked at me with narrowed eyes. "Please?"

"Sam, it's not that I don't want you to sleep here, but what would your husband say to you---"

"He's not at home!" I lowered my head and sighed. "I mean, he's been gone again for almost a week and I don't know where he stays."

"He's doing it again, tss! That pathetic bastard!"

It's enough that I told her about his disappearance rather than telling her what Luke was doing every other night.

"I just wanna have someone to talk to apart from the four corners of my room and all the displays and furniture in the living room. You know what, honestly, I think I could walk around the house even in closed eyes."

"Hmm... well, let's have a girls night tonight--- and you can stay here as long as you want!"

"Wow! Thanks, Jack."

"Tsk.tsk... no worries, it's for baby Cali." She winked at me.

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